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Better then Twi’leks?

January 01st, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars

Another zeltron female


When you’ve been in this business as long as I have, you learn a few things: Nothing’s more dangerous than arguing with a Wookiee, nothing’s more foolish than gambling with a Jedi, and nothing’s more alluring than a Twi’lek dancer. But I’m here to tell you that last one is wrong. If you like your humanoids flexible, svelte, enthusiastic, and in multiple shades of red, then the most beautiful people in the galaxy are on Zeltros. Who needs Twi’leks?” ―Ruudi Buundaz 

 Zeltron female

As quoted there by the near human species called the Zeltron. Thee most physically visible trait that separates them from the humans is by their skin and hair. It ranges in different shades of red, from almost white to pink to deep red. Humans considered them Highly attractive. Even the near humans and others alike agreed


Zeltrons are also be considered a new species based of the human genre instead of being  considered another sort of alein.. They possessed three traits.The first was that all could produce pheromones ( chemicals secreted by one life-form to influence the behavior of other lifeforms, most often to attract members of the opposite sex. Prince Xizor of the race of Falleen is another that has this abailty.)

The secondwas that they could  project their emotions into their target or whatever. Thus adding a type of control on the subject (kinda scary). The third is their empathic ability, allowing them to read and even feel the emotions of others, becoming highly useful in certain situations.


 Their home world of Zeltros is known as a luxury world “party planet”. If anyone wasn’t having a good time on Zeltros.. well lets say they would know it and make sure whatever was wrong was taken care of. In other words.. perhaps the best sort of correction that one could have..


Now their culture is at most very interesting.The Zeltrons are highly influenced by sexuality and pursuit of pleasure in general. Most of their art and books were devoted to it.. It was natural to them then to many others who probably found their way of life to be revolting.. If their different shade of skin color or hair wasn’t an indication that you have ran into one of the species, their clothing certainly is a dead give away. They dress in high wild colors for the evening such as bright shades of diffrent neon colors that would hurt the eyes; as well as wild patterns and shapes on their clothing.


A few of the most famous Zeltrons are as follows:


Luxa –Luxa

Worked for the Exchange’s branch on Citadel Station over Telos IV. She was a high-ranking member who reported directly to Loppak Slusk.

Dani -adventurer and a master thief as well as once was a once a member of the Rik Duel gang


Unnamed Zeltron Sith General of the Dark Underlord – member of the Black Knights under the command of the Sith Lord known as the Dark Underlord, he faced Mandalorian mercenaries who intruded upon the Underlord’s fortress on Malrev IV.

Unnamed Zeltron Sith General of the Dark Underlord




So the question asked in the end, are the Zeltrons better then the Twi’leks? You as the reader will have to decide….



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Falleens and their Society

January 01st, 2008 | Category: News

Prince Xizor

The Falleen is a sentient species native to the planet Falleen. These humanoid’s are known mostly for their pheromones, which they are legendary for being irresistable to the opposite sex, other species, and even the same sex. The Falleen are known to live for around 250 years, they are reptilian in nature, making them cold-blooded. The Falleen were also partially aquatic, allowing them to hold their breath for long periods of time, having some believe that their ancestors were completely aquatic. Some believe that the Falleen have some sort of mammal ancestor, since they have breasts and other mammal traits. The species blood wasn’t red, like humans and some other species, instead it was green. The Falleen have small scales all over their body, clawed feet and hands, and prominent facial and spinal ridges, these were often smaller in females.
The Falleens were excellent at hiding their emotions. Their features were sleek, making them one of the most gorgeous species in the galaxy. Also, they Falleens were resistant to some mind control methods, making them a dangerous foe. Another fun fact is that the Falleen had the ability to change skin color from green to red, the purpose is to display moods, but the species mastered how to change it willingly long ago, using it as a covert weapon in war and politics, allowing them to put on great game faces, appearing calm when they really weren’t.

Society of the Falleen

The Falleen society was feudal in nature (Meaning the noble houses ruled over lower classes) Falleen’s upper class and monarchies was filled with arguments and politics, but they settled it before it went to war usually. The Falleen respected discipline and control, mostly self control. They are a very patient race, and shun public displays of emotion, they usually looked down upon the openly passionate ones of their society, seeing them as having a lack of self-control. They hold themselves superior to all other species, since they have enormous discipline and self control. This led most Falleen to believe that their homeworld was the capital for cultural and civilized society. This led them to be isolationist in nature.

Falleen nobles often traveled the galaxy, doing little good since it just made them think of themselves as superior and wish to return home. Even though they feel superior they are die hard followers of the Galactic Empire.

Famous Falleens

Xizor, leader of The Black Sun
Obs Kaj, Follower of a now defunct religious cult
Xist, a Black Sun Vigo (Top Leader of the Black Sun, answers only to Xizor
Xishel, A Treasure Hunter
, Intel Gather for the Bothan Information System
Zennex, Crime Lord on the Wheel Space Station
Zurros, Senator of the Galatic Republic
Thann Mithric, also a follower in a now defunct religious sect
Zule Xiss, Another Follower in a now defunct religious sect
Zuur, Tried to assassinate Darth Vader
Savan, Niece of Prince Xizor, and member of Falleen Royal Family
Kamlin, yet again, another follower of the now defunct religious sect
Livinitus Sazent, Intelligence Operative for the Galactic Republic

An Imperial research facility located in a major Falleen City was researching bioweapons, an accident happened and the populous got infected by it. The Imperial Army killed 200,000 Falleens to contain the virus, most of which were related to the Royal Family.

Falleens learn to speak Basic as the leave, but speak Falleen while they are on their home planet Falleen, mostly populated by Falleens.

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A Little Fact/History of the Blaster

January 01st, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars

Now we all know what a blaster is. A  really cool weapon that fires out  blaster bolts from a  power cell.  It is the most common weapon used in the Galaxy. The oldest known type of blaster was used by some kind of old droid. The model is not known but it was  employed by the Rakatan Inifinite Empire. That weapon was actualy considered the best and up-to-date when it was made.

Other then that the oldest blaster by far was the tripple Blaster. It worked by using three separate blasters connected to the system,and fired at a target. However by the rise of the Empire these weapons had become extreamly rare. Prior to this weapon beam tubes were used.They consisted of backpacks with a hose coming out of the side. All of the equipment that was used to create the blaster beam in the backpack and was fired out of the hose. By the time the Empire had rosen to power the blaster in itself was the most commonly used weapon. Not only did the military use  the blaster but also by civilians as well for protection. Places such on Tattooine over in the Cantina were these items were supposadly not allowed. Actually,  it was commonly  shoutd out “No blasters” when a fight broke out. Not that anyone ever listened to begin with

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Corporation’s Stop making new HK’s, A brief look at History

January 01st, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing,Star Wars Trivia

The known HK (Hunter Killer) droids have stopped being made.  Apparently the newest unit HK-77 was recalled because it was short circuiting whenever it accessed it’s advanced programming on rifles.  After the HK Corporation fixed the faulty programming, it did a full diagnostic’s check on the Droid.  Apparently, the Droid’s were unsafe near children, targeting them for being potential threats.

HK-Series Assassin Droid’s were Assassin droids designed to look and speak like Protocol Droid.  Having the same language function as a Protocol droid, they doubled as such.  The HK Droids took pride in what they did.  Some even developed personalities that were Sociopathic or sadistic.  Others never really thought Independently and were usually just Protocol Droids.

Assassin Droids were made illegal to purchase in large quantities a long time ago.  People looking to buy Assassin droids can still buy them for Personal use, mainly only buying one or two. The HK models are one of the oldest Models still in use, the first called HK-01.

HK-01 was more of a prototype, to see if there were any logistical errors.  There was, HK-01 had developed his own personality and became self aware and tried to start a Droid Rebellion.  He “fixed” droids so that they would attack sentient “meatbags” (the HK’s word for Human or Sentient life) on sight.  The Old Republic put it down, although it lasted for some time.

The next model was was HK-24.  Most of these models were purchased by Adascorp to find and retrieve a man by the name of Gorman Vandrayk (a mechanic on the run with a fugitive) and used for security personnel on the ship Arkanian Legacy.  The HK-24 model seemed to be fine, and only reason it was replaced was for improvements.

The next model was  HK-47.  This model was the most famous model, since it did many things that benefited the galaxy.  This droid was constructed for hunting a certain religious sect that doesn’t exist anymore, it helped protect the Old Republic, but it also tried to take over the Galaxy, starting with Mustafar a few years ago.   HK-47 had a few personality traits and flaws that weren’t common in other HK droids.  He loved to kill, almost to excessive tendencies, The Droid also thought he was vastly superior to all other Droids and all other life forms, and another odd trait that now all HK Units seem to share was his speech.  He would add a label onto all his sentences.  This model was mistaken for a Protocol droid the most, so much in fact that he called his Assassination programs, his “Assassination Protocols” .  This model also described love and some other words falsely, saying that love was shooting someone in the knee caps with a sniper rifle.

The next model was HK-50, the exact thing as HK-47 just more having more programs and a self destruct sequence.  Another HK model was made called the HK-51, nearly identical to HK-50 only more adept at killing members of a certain religious cult
The HK model should have ended exclusively there.  However, HK-47 had survived 3000 years on Mustafar.  He created 3 other Models,  HK-58 Aurek, HK-58 Besh, and HK-77, each one designed to do something else.

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~To know a Gen’Dai ~

January 01st, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars

This would be one species that is probably the most intresting by far. The Gen’Dai were a seemingly immortal species with distributed nervous and vascular systems.  They Lacked  the vulnerable vital organs that most races needed to survive.  These included the brain, lungs and naturally the heart.  The species was even known  to take  major hits that would kill most anything else  and survive. Among one thing they could survive was total dismemberment. So unles someone could vaporise them  they would live. Though many of the species if taken that hard of a hit it eould be a while before they could get up and fight. They would go into hibernation until the major injuries would heal or be regenerated.

Now no one knows were the homeworld is or was. It had been lost a long time ago. It’s also not stated wether they live on one planet another. That information seems to have been lost. Most of this species are non-aggressive save one name that comes up in the history chronicles.  The average years of life that a Gen’Dai can live is up to four-thousand years. Some can even live and have been known to live up to seven-thousand years making them look  as if they are immortal. Because of this as they age, their minds would weaken and would be left open for mental diseases. Another intresting fact is due to the nature of their nervous systems, they had very good senses, and are able to feel a Human‘s heartbeat from ranges of up to 200 meters.

The most well known Gen’Dai was the bounty hunter and CIS commander, Durge. One of his more intresting  quotes gives a little more on how he looked at the universe.


I was once buried alive—for 60 years! If that didn’t kill me… if the Sith and the Mandalorians and the Bloodboilers of Kragis couldn’t kill me—then you won’t kill me!“―Durge



Durge was a bounty hunter in the galaxy for a good number of years. Two thousand years to be more precise. Durge was able to survive several near-death situations  due to his species regeneration and his armor that was highly enhanced. But that’s getting ahead  so we need to start from his early life and work on how he became involved in several major wars and made a name for himself.


In his early life Durge was in great Physical shape but he also had a natural aggression uncharacteristic of the Gen’Dai species. When he had watched some bounty hunters in action this had  filled him with love or a lust for the hunt. He would then one day leave his tribe and had ventured out to be trained under various bounty hunters. It wasn’t until he met the Madalorian training master Jaing, who taught him everything  he needed to know in the feild of the madalorian combat and tactics skills.


At some point, Durge was  approached by a doctor  who offered to complement their bodies and armor suits with advanced cybernetics. Durge traveled to his  lab on an unknown planet, where he was  introduced to a woman who  who had been disabled to the point where she needed cybernetic enhancements to function. The female had talked Durge into taking in the same technology that kept her alive. Jaing was also there with Durge and both decided to take the risk and let them have it done. Thinking that it would make them more powerfull in battle the risk as a whole was worth it to them.After recovering, Durge and Jaing tested out their new abilities in a sparring match.As they were battling, a group of Mandalorians loyal to Ung Kusp attacked. The doctor that had initially brought them to the lab ordered them to fight the Mandalorians to pay back the debt they owed.In the middle of the battle Jaing was taken out and thought dead by a thermal detonator.Durge, thinking that his friend was dead had left to chase after the remaining Mandalorians, more specific Mandalore himself. After he had left the doctor had gone to Jang who was now dying and revealed to him that the whole point of them being there was to spark a war with the Sith and all the Mandalorian clans.


Further exploits

Durge fought for the Sith in the New Sith War. He faced  several Jedi in combat and learned  their techniques. Durge then became experienced at killing them. In order to avoid the Jedi reprisals, he  went into hiding after the Sith’s defeat at the Seventh Battle of Ruusan.

 He however, did continue  to hunt under a series of aliases and false names, earning the ire of the Bloodboilers of Kragis. Yet his most fateful mission came in 100 BB. Durge was hired to kill the then-Mandalore. Durge compleated the mission , but was captured by the Mandalorians and tortured. In the amount of time they had him the torture  slowly drove him past the edge and into insanity. Durge eventually was able to escape his captors but it took alot of time to regenerate. Nearly a century, and sixty of the years he spent buried underground.

Once he resurfaced, Durge ended up hired by count Dooku to go hunt down Boba Fett. iIs search ended up with him on Tattooine a couple months down the road. By that time Durge ended up taking another bounty by Jabba Desilijic Tiure. He eventually met up with Fett and tried to kill him. Not suceeding as the young man escaped he went back to Jabba and found out that the Hutt had assigned Fett to the same bounty he was on! After knocking Fetts helmet off Jabba halted the fight. Jabba, wanting to give Fett a short lead on the bounty gave Durge another task to hunt down combat archanids, while the young hunter left. In the end they both met up as Durge had quickly took care of the first task.The chase led them both into the heart of Libkath’s operations. After a long  fight, Fett fired at an air tank, blowing up both Durge and Libkath. Needless to say Fett became his number one on his list afterwards.

I will sharpen my teeth upon this boy’s bones!” ―Durge, referring to Boba Fett 

Not long after that blast he was back to work. This time he was paired up with Asajj Ventress on one of Naboo’s moons. They tested a new chemical that became very effective on killing Gungans and thus then started to plan for a full scale effort against the Gungans on Naboo. Soon after a strike team with Jedi Obi-wan, Anakin, Glaive and  Zule Xiss arrived to invistigate. Durge, who was very eager to battle Jedi again revealed himself to the Jedi and even clubbed Obi-wan down with his magna bolas. Durge continued to attack the three other Jedi despite having been stabbed in the gut with a Lightsaber. Seconds later he was shot in the eye by one of the clones and was forced to call Ventress in for backup. As she fought Obi-wan he was preparing to to shoot the Jedi in the head when he was attacked by one of the other Jedi and sustained yet again another Lightsaber wound. Ventress then ordered him to flee and make sure that the swamp gas plan went as planned. Yet when he got back he saw the shuttles meant to bear the toxin destroyed. Angered that the plan was foiled by the clone Mandalorian Alpha-17 he threw him into the fire. Anakin Skywalker then  hit him from the side with his own magna bolas. Shocked and injured, Durge fled the battle, vowing to kill Skywalker later down the road.


You know, it’s been over a century since I killed a Jedi… and today, I’ll get to kill four of you. Add that to the Gungans I already murdered, the hostages I’m going to kill later, and all the Naboo who will die tomorrow, and it’s a damn good week.” ―Durge 



After that defeat both Ventress and Durge knew the Jedi would want to find the source of the swamp gas. So they set up a trap on volcanic planet Queyta. To lure in the Jedi they used the antidote for the gas to lure them into an abandoned factory on a lava river, filled with Skakoans. The Skakoans were strapped with explosives and they thought that whatever the Jedi threw at them they could kill between them and the creatures in the lava. The Jedi did show up and as soon as they were known  Durge shot one of the Skakoans, causing a mass explosion and severely damaging the factory, sending it sinking into the lava. One of the Jedi used the force to absorb most of the explosion and took her own life to do it. In the end only one Jedi remained, Obi-Wan who had the antidote…


Near the end of the Clone Wars Durge was able to Lure Obi-Wan and Anakin into a trap in the Karthakk system.Kenobi was  searching for  Ventress, whom Anakin had defeated earlier in the war. Near the planet Maramere, Durge took a large number of battle droids and  killed the entire crew of a ship. Kenobi was then lead  into believing he would encounter Ventress on the ship.

 Both the Jedi  Boarding the ship,where  they started to head towards the bridge, where they were almost blown up by a thermal detonator. Obi-wan took a hard hit fromt he explosion and then  Durge immediately appeared,attacking the wounded Jedi. He was stopped by Anakin , who used the Force to impale Durge on hundreds of jagged metal pieces. He  shrugged this off as if it wasn’t a big deal , but was electrocuted from behind by Kenobi. Durge then started  to trigger some of the many explosive devices with which he had placed all over the ship.As Obi-wan ran off to look for clues to Ventress’s whereabouts Anakin started to fight Durge one on one.

Durge naturally was stronger then Anakin and overtook him. Yet he was severly hurt  when the Jedi  used the Force and sent  a large amount of the explosives at the Gen’Dai. One of the explosions took of his helmet and that sent him over the edge and into a dark fury. Anakin used just that and ended up forcing Durge into an escape pod. Again, using the force he was able to jetoson the pod and guide it into the Maramere’s star and thus defeated  Durge. 



Now it wasn’t clear but some say that durge hadn’t really died. 1.5 ABY a group of scientists were were assigned to “Project Durge,” an attempt to repair a grievously injured being. The scientistswern’t told any information as to the origins of the life form. One of the scientists  was astounded at the way the being was recovering once they had started to put the thing back together. Sccess fufilled as they  revived “Project Durge,” yet they couldn’t restore it to what it looked like before. They then equiped the being with a suit of heavy battle armor. “Project Durge” eventually escaped  and started collecting bounties once more. After beating one of Boba Fett’s associates to a bounty, the bounty hunter  ordered his associate to track down “Project Durge” and destroy it. Doing as he was orderd he defeated “Durge” on Naboo. Boba though had a feeling that he hadn’t seen the last of Durge.



So have we trule seen the last of this Gen’Dai? Agreeing with Fett I am sure somewhere out there the bounty hunter lays in wait. Probably regenerating and waiting for the perfect time to come back to his blood lust for killing. All I can say is that these are intresting creatures  and god willing no one in the VE ever has to face them. Taking in all read here it would take a lot of fire power to even kill on of these guys. Making an enemy from one such as Durge wouldn’t be a good idea…..

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