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Astral Guard

September 12th, 2008 | Category: Interviews,News

Recently, I was looking at the roster and I clicked on VEEC just to look at who all was in it. I was looking at it when I noticed something called the Astral Guard. I was curious about it so I asked around and found out that the best person to ask would be Riel Fury.

Hunter: What exactly is the Astral Guard?

Riel Fury: It was a small group of privateers in the pay of the VE that performed things that the VE couldn’t be linked with like piracy, sabotage, etc.

Hunter: Who formed it?

Riel Fury: Me primarily. I got assistance from Fury and Tal on some of the planning stages and a little help from Darkhawk as well.

Hunter: When and why was it formed?

Riel Fury: Ummm…. don’t remember when exactly. The why was we were bored and we thought it’d be cool. It was a handpicked group of members that were going to really focus on good storytelling.

Hunter: Why is it not active?

Riel Fury: Well… RL and laziness got in the way.

Hunter: What plans are in store for it?

Riel Fury: Ummm… none really. I was toying around with bringing it back, but decided against it.

Hunter: Why?

Riel Fury: Mainly because I don’t think the type of person who would excel in that situation are numerous enough in the VE right now.

Hunter: Who would excel in that? And by that, I mean why would they excel? Would they need certain skills?

Riel Fury: Most people need to be browbeaten into posting, or think that their posting is for a certain reason (a la getting promoted, or winning a comp, etc.) and, frankly, not enough people have the writing skill necessary. You have to want to write a good story just to write a good story and while those members are to be found, most of them have so much on their plate that it’s not feasible to get them to do it.

Alright. Now that we know about the Astral Guard, we can hope that it will reopen sometime in the future.

Until next time everybody. Goodnight.

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Behind the scenes with Major General Rizzit

July 12th, 2008 | Category: Interviews,News

Now, here is an exclusive interview with Major General Rizzit, the Army Company Commander.  


Hunter-Morrell: Has there been any major changes?

Rizzit: Well, I want to say no: having just returned not too long ago, I can’t fairly make that call. I’ve seen a few command changes in Storm and I’ve seen some more guidelines become rules and being enforced, but aside from that, no not really.

Hunter-Morrell: What is the status of the division?

Rizzit: I would say the status of the army is uprising. I have high hopes for what the future brings especially if things continue the way they are going. Currently, we have six squads practically full. Two platoons that continue to challenge each other to be greater. Of the full squads, each of them push activity to the brink. I don’t think there is enough praise for them, but that isn’t to say that we haven’t seen better time for dealing with the times that we are….I would say that this is an extremely good overall result we are seeing.

Hunter-Morrell: Has there been any changes in the number of recruits joining the army?  

Rizzit: An interesting question. Recruits fluctuate and therefore we never really have a set number that we can say join every month. I think the real number is the number of recruits that leave the academy.

Hunter-Morrell: So, what about the recruits you just mentioned? The ones that leave the academy.

Rizzit: I think it would be safe to say that it has diminished somewhat from about say 6 months ago?

Hunter-Morrell: Are there more members quitting than joining?

Rizzit: No. Unfortunately, members do leave us. Its usually never a happy time for either side of the spectrum. There used to be a time when we had people refusing to leave. But now, our numbers are just at the point where people are coming in and it still seems a bit dwindled.

Hunter-Morrell: You may not have as many recruits coming in as you did before, but what recruits you do have are so much better at writing and have the needed general skills that make a good member on here than some of the past members.

Rizzit: I disagree with you. It is true that some of them have a hell of a good style of writing, but some of the old veterans could still run circles around them. Though, this newer variety of troopers has developed a new habit which the platoon staff has called “quote-posting”.

Hunter-Morrell: What is your opinion on the current state of Vast Empire? The Army?  

Rizzit: Like I said earlier I do have high hopes for the Army. Things show a lot of promise, but as far as the current state of things…I still feel they could be better. That really isn’t to say anything on any one person or thing because we all have lives, but things just aren’t how they used to be.

There it is. The interview with Major General Rizzit. I hope it has been an enlightening experience. I have to thank Rizzit for giving me a chance to interview him.

Until next time everybody. Goodbye.

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