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Terrorists Strike Fear into Imperial Citizens!

November 22nd, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars,Star Wars Role Playing,VE Today

Terrorist’s Strike Fear into Citizens Hearts!

We have new reports in various sectors throughout the empire. Galaxies have been stating that a new rising group of terrorists has been becoming more and more active. The UTAE (United Terrorists Against the Empire) have been slowly but surely been working their way up into our most wanted lists. Not only have they been causing citizens to fear, but also they are growing at a pretty good rate. With the already growing rate and mass gathering of space pirates, criminals and mercenaries, terrorists are all the empire needs right now.

One good thing is that they force nobody to join, but they have other ways of getting their members. Apparently citizens fear them enough that they feel that if they join the group they can keep their families safe. Sadly enough this has worked. To make sure that these newly recruited terrorists don’t just turn on them and run, they place tiny microcomputers into their brains. Yes these are not just microchips but microcomputers without the screen.

These microcomputers literally act as a second hidden brain. The host is literally unaware of their tiny little friends. The computers can be activated and deactivated at will, although not by the hosts will. That in my opinion is that this is just sick and wrong. Plus the computer makes sure that the host can’t know about it being in its brain. Even if you tell them it, the computer will just wipe the memory of it. If the host makes and action in which defies the terrorists then the computer sends an encrypted signal that will bounce around the massive galactic satellites until finally it hits home where it can report to the boss.

Once the boss has the signal he then sends one back out, which then tells the computers to “correct the hosts thinking/actions.” Now I don’t know about you but that’s as close as you get to mind control. These recruits literally have no choice but to do their masters bidding. Now why don’t we just remove these chips? Good question, and the answer is we have tried. Once we open up the poor guy’s (or girl’s/it’s) head and try to remove the damn thing, the little parasite self-destructs! These things are truly a second brain and a bomb all in one. What a good combo!

That’s not only the host’s life lost but also the life of anyone within a few feet around him. It’s also not a very pretty mess to clean up. Even droids have refused to do it. Droids don’t even have feelings or brains, as you can imagine it’s pretty sad when they are the ones refusing to clean up a mess. Now, back to the report. These terrorists claim that they will one day rid the universe of the empire. What makes them so different from the Rebellion? Well the rebellion for one didn’t go around killing people or planting microscopic computers in people’s heads.

Plus these guys don’t help people either. One of their highest goals is also that once they rid the universe of the empire, they want to implant these little computers in everyone’s heads. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Another thing they don’t have is trained soldiers or Jedi Knights for that matter. So what can we do to stop these fiends? Well currently nothing at the moment. The Galactic Law Enforcement is still looking into it. So far they have found nothing that will help. It’s going to take deep knowledge on how these little parasites work.

We all know it can take a while before the Galactic Law Enforcement get something done, so the empire and their own specially trained secret service have stepped in. They plan to help get rid of the terrorist group before one of our own gets “bugged” as we have come to call it. Currently law enforcement has set up outposts to monitor various galaxies where activity is the highest. They hope to at least catch some of the terrorists without a bug in their head and interrogate them. The outposts have only caught more and more that have been bugged.

On another note a growing debate has been popping up and really heating up some pretty good debates too. The question is: Do we treat those who have been bugged as criminals? Well, although they have been bugged they still have some kind of self-control don’t they? Can they not just fight it somehow? Well it’s hard to tell when the only ones who have been bugged can’t be separated from the parasites and live to tell us if they can fight it or not. My guess is no they can’t. So wouldn’t it be the computer that makes them commit the crimes why not blame the leaders! Spectators rant and rave for hours on the subject and they still end up getting nowhere. The terrorists have bases throughout the empire. Right now the empire has no idea where any of them are but they plan to change that soon.

The terrorists have gone from smuggling drugs, weapons, aliens, people, etc to murder and chaos. They’d stop at nothing to murder an imperial officer or even one among our ranks. A couple weeks ago there was a suspicious crash and the death of an imperial pilot, and the empire has reason to believe it was a suicide bombing ordered by the UTAE. These guys are so committed to uprooting the empire that they will even sacrifice their own members or even murder them in front of other members just for laughs.

They are cruel and very dangerous. If you come into contact with them please contact and imperial officer. There are warrants for several criminals wanted for questioning. If you spot one please notify an imperial officer immediately. As for the warrants official copies of them have been dispatched to all imperial officers and local law enforcements. Here is a local copy for citizens. The official copy is classified and has information only for officials. Pictures will be included with the wanted posters, which have been posted throughout the Galaxy.

Note: These warrants are for planetary ID and for planetary law enforcements that did not obtain a copy that was dispatched. These are to hold law enforcement off until they get their official copy. Citizens do not go after a criminal! Let law enforcement take care of it!!

Imperial Warrant #1:

Name: Alcantor, Gallen
Age: Aprox. 33
Height: 5ft. 11
Weight: 200lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Jet-black
Wanted: Alive
Details: Alcantor has a peculiar scar below his right eye, and has a tattoo on his left hand. He often visits pubs and bars. He’s skilled with weapons and torture. Was once a medical doctor.

Imperial Warrant #2

Name: Dragor, Dannus
Age: Aprox. 49
Height: 6ft.
Weight: 180lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Wanted: Alive
Details: Dragor has been known to sit in Strip Clubs for hours. He has pale white skin and no visible scars. He has been known to be charming, sly and intelligent.

Imperial Warrant #3

Name: Ukraius, Talinn
Age: 67
Height: 5ft. 7
Weight: 150lbs.
Eye Color: Pearl Grey
Wanted Alive
Details: Ukraius looks a little younger than his age. He is hard working but has been known to kill when something gets in his way. He has a bad temper that he does a pretty good job suppressing until something annoys him.

Imperial Warrant #4

Name: Valgon, Zen
Age: Aprox. 28
Height: 5ft. 9
Weight: 150lbs.
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Wanted: Alive
Details: Valgon knows his way around. He is a very good talker able to get people to listen and often agree with him. He has been known to rally hundreds for various causes. He has served as a spokes person for caused throughout several galaxies.
Note: Rewards will be given for capture whether it be rank or promotion or other.

Once again if you see or know anything contact an imperial officer immediately before the situation gets out of hand. Remember these men are highly dangerous. They are skilled in hand-to-hand combat and know how to handle weapons extremely well. Use caution when attempting to confront them. Under no circumstance should anyone besides law enforcement attempt to arrest or confront these men. Should anyone who is not in law enforcement of any official kind attempt it, the empire, its officers, or any other law enforcement assume responsibility.

Should any law enforcement officer or imperial officer arrest one of these men please contact Imperial Headquarters and secure for questioning. These men are not to be harmed unless in a life or death situation. Do not provoke! For any information known about these men please use your local law enforcement number and contact them immediately. Any legitimate information gathered must be reported to an imperial officer immediately; remember we want these men alive and unharmed. They are needed for questioning and again are highly dangerous. Please report it if you see or know anything about them or their whereabouts. Remember you could be the next one to be bugged!

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HIMS Unrepentant Vanishes-Second Such Incident in Two Weeks

November 14th, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars,Star Wars Role Playing,VE Today

HIMS Unrepentant Vanishes on Routine Escort Mission 

At 03:12 Galactic Standard Time, the Naval Public Relations office released an official statement stating that the Imperial-II Star Destroyer Unrepentant had failed to report in while the cruiser was escorting a convoy of transports to Tadeth, the second such incident in two weeks. After the as of yet unexplained disappearance of the Imperial-I Star Destroyer Krayth Dragon, some claim that a faction is deliberately targeting Imperial ships. Officials urge family members of the crew not to panic, stressing the possibility that the loss of contact is due to a communications network malfunction.

Under the command of Captain Dregson Ferdis, the Unrepentant normally serves as part of the Tadeth defensive fleet, but was reassigned to temporary escort duty three weeks ago due to heighened Republic activity near Imperial hyperspace lanes. Ferdis first joined the Vast Imperial Navy four years ago after defecting from the Republic and served with distinction in the Sixth Fleet before being reassigned.

Admiral Reglan Sarn replied to our holo-call with the following:

“Panic is counter-productive and uncalled for. Transmitter malfunctions are not unknown, and this sort of thing has happened before. I’m sure the Unrepentant will report in soon enough once they’ve fixed the defective equipment. Again, it’s probably nothing serious.”

A complete failure of primary and backup broadcasting equipment on a standard Imperial-II Star Destroyer has a 1 out of 323,000 chance of occurring on any given flight. The Unrepentant and its convoy are expected to arrive in the Tadeth system in approximately three standard hours. (HP)

OOC: Inspired by Deritosuwn’s “The Mericlo”.


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Biological Experiment goes wrong on Science R&D Platform, Vectra System

August 12th, 2008 | Category: Star Wars Role Playing

Earlier this morning, Naval High Command released a statement confirming the rumors that there was an incident aboard a Naval Research and Development Platform within the Vectra System. The incident resulted in the quarantine of the section of the system, along with the eventual destruction of the platform. While Naval High Command declined to give a statement for the Vast Empire Today, a surviving over-watch guard from the platform accepted our offer. He had this to say,


“It started out like any regular day, the higher-ups of the platform were conduction experiments on fighters, pilot gear, weaponry, and medical equipment. It was looking as though it would be normal throughout the day, no major tests or experiment going on. There was one experiment in the medical field, one that damned us all.” The guard said during the interview.


“They were trying to create a system that would put the pilot and the medical droid in a linked form, one that would allow the pilot to fly the craft, and an onboard medical droid to immediately assess, determine, and treat and ailment. They had a few volunteers to test it on, a few brave pilots, none of them are alive right now. The pilots went into a simulator, to fight against each other during the test, up to that point, nothing looked wrong … nothing at all.” The man said during the interview, as he said it though, he got tense.


“The pilots started the simulation, no problem … until the first shots were fired.  Then all hell began to rise. The Pilot’s adrenaline began to go up, and it kept going up. It got to the point where the medical droid began to think it was a ailment and began to pump stuff into him to make it go away. Each of the pilots had this happen to them. The stuff the droids pumped stopped the adrenaline … and each pilot’s heart. They all died, or so we though. After their hearts stopped, the droids went insane, trying everything to revive them. The droids began to mix combinations of chemicals together in a vain effort to revive them. It worked, but horribly failed. All six of the pilots rose back up, but the monitors showed no heart beats, and limited brain waves. They were dead… but alive.” He said and then stopped, and stood up. “That’s all I know. They put the section of the platform into lockdown after that; Moved up all away, and eventually to shuttles and escape pods.”


To continue this story, recently lowered from the highest classified levels is are the incident reports from the platform. It shows vague information as to the events that happened, but explains the story a bit as well. As per the documents, after they moved everyone away, two doctors approached the once dead pilots, they stood near them, trying to get a reaction from them. Then, almost instantly, they did. As if it was instinct, one of the pilots bit into the doctor’s arm, taking a small chunk with him. The remaining guards opened fire onto the pilot who attacked. It took over 30 rounds to put him down. The injured doctor was rushed out of the area, where later a plague spread like an infection across areas of the base, first the simulator room, then the medical room where the doctor was, then after that the surrounding halls. People apparently died and rose up as reanimated corpses. VEN-HC sent out rescue craft, and evacuated the non-infected survivors. Once the survivors were rescued, the platform was destroyed, and all chunks of it were decimated to destroy all signs of the infection. Within the next weeks, VEN-HC is expected to declassify the names of the personnel lost on the platform from this incident. To which the VET will make a report to, when it happens.

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View from the Top: Merrick

March 05th, 2008 | Category: Star Wars Role Playing,Uncategorized,VE Today

My next interviewee for the “View from the Top” series will be Merrick. Long-standing Army veteran and infamous IRC Moderator, not many people may know of Merrick, her role within the VE, or even the person behind Merrick. Well now you do.


Hello Merrick. First of all, on behalf of the VET, I’d just to welcome you here, and thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Now, according to the roster you are Colonel Skyalin “Merrick” Tel’sha, Second in Command of the Vast Empire Stormtrooper Corps, can you tell us more about who you are and what you do?

Being second in command means that I have a number of responsibilities including generally overseeing everything that happens in the army, approving medals and promotions and being around to help any other command staff with their queries or problems. I also act as the head of the army in General Fury’s absence and have the power to approve – or not – any projects that the leaders of the squads and platoons would like to take on.

You’re also one of the chief moderators on the VE IRC channel, why did you decide to take up this role, and do you enjoy it?

Initially I took on the role as a favour to Fury, but I was not the Army Executive Officer at the time. Being in a vastly different time zone meant that I was – in general – around at the times that the other mods weren’t, and so it was hoped that I could rein in some of those who were taking advantage of these more relaxed times. Having been subjected to a lot of inappropriate banter in the channel myself, I was at the time keen to keep the channel friendly, especially to younger members.

I don’t enjoy the role, I never really have. People see me as the fun police when all I am really trying to do is keep the peace between members. I do not enjoy being forced to kick or ban people – though I have been known to do it as a joke when I know that the “victim” won’t be offended by it – as I like to think of the main channel as an opportunity to meet and get to know people from all over the world.

You’re known to take a very “tough” line when it comes to moderating, yet you also have your funny side. How do you choose your stance when faced with different situations?

It’s never easy to have power over people and there are always those who will differ in their opinion of what went on. In the end I have the trust of General Fury in all matters of channel moderation. I try my best not to take complaints personally, and to keep all decisions fair. There are times when humour is called for, but in general I choose the path that is most likely to defuse the situation and have the best outcome for all parties concerned. There are people who continually question and test my authority, and it’s a matter of course that they end up with the worst punishments – and usually the loudest complaints. There’s also the odd occasion where someone forgets that what they are saying is inappropriate and so I will choose not to be as hard on them as I might be on a repeat offender.

Obviously you would have had to have been around a long time to attain such a rank; when did you join the VE, and what positions have you had in the past?

I actually sat around in the VE channel for roughly a year before joining, as I was in a club with whom the VE shared an IRC channel. I officially joined in February of 2002, making my start in the army in Wraith squad. I can’t recall who was squad leader at the time. For a long time I sat in Wraith waiting for things to get interesting, posting and developing my character. Then when Kiption got his own squad (Jester) I was invited to join; I was still a PFC at that stage. Once in a squad that was getting somewhere, I rose through the ranks relatively quickly to become the ASL of Jester squad until I was promoted to Leader when Kiption went on indefinite leave. After a brief stint away from active duty – spent away from VE in general and on the roster as Fury’s assistant – I was promoted to the position of Executive Officer. A number of times I have held Squad Leader positions concurrently with the XO position with a couple of different squads; Jester a couple of times and Nightstalkers for a time. I recently retired once more from active duty with Jester squad, though this time simply as a trooper.

I have taken long leave from VE twice in my career, and a couple of shorter breaks. After one such long break I returned mid-story to save the day as the undercover thief that stole the plans to an important rebel military asset.

Now, these days you tend to prefer spending time as the IRC channel mod, then posting in the stories. Why did you decide to take a back seat?

It’s not so much that I prefer not to be in active duty, but that I have many more time constraints than I once had. In the end it was the good of my respective squads that has seen me leave – to make room for someone who could be more active. It’s always a tough call to leave your comrades in such a fashion, and I have never liked doing so.

Would you ever consider getting back into posting?

I have made a few attempts to return to active duty, but as I mentioned getting the time to do my squad the justice of being active is a hard hurdle to get over. I know that everyone suffers from the burdens of real life considerations, and many are much more active than I am, but I have lately lacked the motivation to make more time for VE. I hope that once my real life situations calm down this will be resolved and I can enjoy the benefits of being a more active member of the army, whether in a squad or simply as a member of the command staff.

In terms of where you are in the VE, do you have any more ambitions, or are you happy in the role that you’re in? Is there anything else you would like to do?

I recently made an attempt at the Dark Jedi Order, but as I mentioned time is not something I have in large quantities. I think that any part of the Vast Empire deserves more dedication than I can give it at the moment. So I guess my ambition is to become more of an asset to particularly the army, but also to the VE as a whole. Who knows, perhaps I will one day succeed Fury as the Prefect of the Army.

And finally, as some of our readers may not know, you currently reside in Australia – What is it like living in the future?

I don’t live in the future, you guys just live in the past.

I love my country, despite the recent government changes. I have considered living in the United States but in the end this is my home. I’ve lived in many towns and cities throughout the country, and realised that the particular city doesn’t matter so much as the people I am surrounded by. I also love my job too much to leave it and I think that I lack the strength of character to be content if I were to move such a great distance from everyone I care about. While I have some great friends in America, they are spread quite far from one another. Besides, it gets way too cold in most US states!

Once again, thank you for agreeing to this interview, and we look forward to seeing you around on IRC.


Stay tuned for more interview’s in “View from the Top”. Thanks for listening.

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Launch of the new I.S.O.A. Satellites

February 10th, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing,VE Today

Yesterday the marks the day for the launching of the new satellites by the space program called ISOA, or the “Intergalactic Space Observation Association.” They are an old but very important space program that has circled the universe for centuries observing everything they can. To them it is a big deal to observe space, its unlimited sources of life, and just about anything about space and such.

Many things we know about space today are because of the ISOA and their uncanny abilities for finding rare and very useful information. The ISOA has launched the satellite, or rather 20 different satellites to circle the universe for the next century. The ISOA have several rather big bases all across the universe, and several space stations some which are also mobile. As stated before, the ISOA gather thousands of terra-bytes of data in only one year. The data they gather happens to include some things such as anything related to space, its living/non-living beings, etc.

Last year they launched the new UPS, or Universal Positioning System, which has out dated any thing like it. UPS is made up of millions of rather small satellites and planetary satellite bases which work much like Earth’s own GPS system. The only differences are among the fact that it covers most of the universe instead. It has been a revolution for any pilot that has been able to acquire it for no longer will they be lost in the cold oblivions of space.

These new satellites will not only attribute to the UPS, but also gather massive amounts of data as well as many other very useful things too. Each one is auto-controlled by the main ISOA base. Data is collected by these satellites and then relayed all the way back to the ISOA main base, then distributed to all the other bases across the universe. We can not disclose the location, or rather locations of these bases for most are unknown, and the few we do know help us out quite a bit, and it would be a great loss to lose them.

Intergalactic medicine has been revolutionized because of the ISOA, so has technology, resources of all kinds, life all over the universe, as well as many more things that have also forever been changed because of this organization. Anything put out by the ISOA is usually heavily guarded and always highly revered by many. The projects put out by the ISOA have always been able to help many numerously.

The project has taken an estimated 150 billion credits to do, and has been building up to this point for just over a decade. These satellites have very high and dangerous security features for those of you who get any cute ideas. These satellites have been equipped with nano-technology to self-repair themselves, and such. The Empire has put some credits of their own into this massive project so that they too can have access to some of these gargantuan satellites.

The President of the ISOA made a quick statement at the unveiling today at the unveiling after celebration as well: “I as the President of the ISOA am getting old. But to know that a project that I have overseen has once again been completed, especially one on such a massive scale, well it has been a pleasure. May future generations be able to prosper from this project, and let us hope we ourselves also benefit as well.”

The President of the ISOA did not stick around long after his speech, but at least he gave one. These past few years it has been reported that the president has been quite ill, and he may not be around these next few years. It has been a tradition that when the president dies, his vice president will take his place, so there is no worry on how or if they will get a new president though.

These satellites will hopefully enlighten all future generations, but it may be hard when some people have actually taken to destroying these multi-million dollar satellites. Since the unveiling of the satellites, and the launch, 3 of these massive monuments have been destroyed. This puts the lost credits still piling quite high, so to counteract this extra measures have been applied because of these profane acts. But there is no telling even with all these precautions whether or not these great satellites will still be safe.

When the thought of these satellites actually being destroyed ran through the Presidents mind, he then sent out his own private navy, which isn’t quite as big as the empires though. But several planets and solar systems have offered up their own troops to contribute to the mighty cause and its protection to make the protection for these satellites that much better. One thing is for sure, nobody knows who is doing the destroying, but they will indefinitely be punished.

The satellites normally are able to take a full scale, high quality hologram recording of anything around them which includes potentially dangerous foes. But even the fact that the three satellites were blown up, should not have stopped the CPU’s ,and the other most critical components of the satellites from being lost in the explosions for they have been encased in several hundreds of pounds of the strongest metal the ISOA has access to. Plus after the blast a homing device goes off to alert the ISOA that the encased components are floating around in space.

Right after the destruction of any of these satellites, it is standard procedure that a highly specialized team would dispatch from the ISOA to recover the data. It also just so happens that inside would also be the hologram recording of the destroyers for use of evidence in a galactic court. Strangely the homing device went off, but when the team went to recover the data from the satellites, the encased shells from all three satellites were gone. This was strange, but even so after the first time it happened they simply dismissed it. But when it happened a second and third time, the alert went out, and investigations began.

Currently many are investigating this issue so that those who are responsible will be apprehended and dealt with by the galactic court of law. Little is still known, but the info is however growing at a fairly steady pace. Officials hope that within a few days or even weeks enough information will be known to put any responsible for the destruction of these gigantic satellites are put behind electro-laser bars in a galactic prison.
We hope that no more of these great monuments of space will be destroyed, but only time will tell. Wishing the President of the ISOA the best wishes,and the investigations being put out, this concludes the article.

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Separatists Rise from the Republic

February 05th, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing,VE Today

Stunning reports show a devastating attack on Vega Minor, a small but significant planet just on the outskirts of the empire. It supplies much of the galaxies metallic ores for the building of ships, buildings, and just about anything else our galaxy uses for metal. We still have no idea why the Republic would do such a thing when they themselves are supplied get one fourth of their supplies by the Vegans. This is a huge movement for the republicans and only time can tell how this can really affect our galaxy.

Reports are showing that the Vegans are in turmoil trying to repair what little they have. Local planets around Vega Minor are sending the Vegans supplies and help, but it may not be enough. Vega Minor is a small planet, about the size of t the Milky War galaxy’s planet Mars. Vega Minor is a planet with very little usable land. Instead the Vegans found extremely rich metals on what little land usable on Vega Minor, so they built massive robot controlled mines to get the rich minerals, ores and such.

Where do the Vegans live? Well they have built structures much like the cloud cities on Bespin. The air on Vega Minor is toxic to everyone but the Vegans who have adapted to the planets harsh conditions. The rest of the planet is covered in molten lava, though the bodies of lava are far enough away from the mines that the ground is cool enough to walk on though.

Vega minor is now in ruins, most the air-cities are now disintegrated in the lava. Few cities managed to stay air born, but half did not. Only just over a fourth the population of the Vegans was killed. Those who were not killed escaped from their cities in time. Only less than a third of the mines were destroyed, but the damage had been done. Vega Minors government is and has lost billions of credits, but they are rapidly trying to regain what ever they can.

More reports lead to suspicion of a new separatist group that may be forming up inside the Republic itself. In the Republics own reports shows that a separatist group is indeed forming, and that they are showing radical activity. For now this group is definitely nothing for the Empire to worry about, the new group is the Republics worries not ours. However the Vegans are indeed something for us to worry about.

Somewhat recent studies have shown that much of the empires metal resources come from the Vegans, not directly of course but still the resources originate from Vega Minor. This could affect the empire quite a bit in the very near future, but we can always try to gather resources from other systems and planets, just maybe with a higher import price. The Separatists even took all the resources from the mines before they destroyed them.

Vegan air forces were finally able to get the Separatists out, but not in time to save most of their air structures or mines. Local authorities are however investigating the attack that surprised everyone so far. They want to be able to find out this new group and if possible they want to exterminate this new group before it gets any more cute ideas. If this new group that calls themselves Separatist X, who will son be classified as galactic terrorists if they do not cease their radical behavior.

Republicans say themselves they are tired of the new group who has vandalized much of their buildings. The group is not growing as fast as it was, and its growth has slowed down quite a bit. But the fact remains that it is a fairly large organization. This takes us back to the empire wanting to investigate the group themselves, and if needed take down this Separatist X.

They have never been reported to have done anything as radical as this attack, and some fear that maybe they will get out of hand. But once again they are still not too much of a threat to an empire. But the question still remains; will they do anything like this again? If they do, who will they dare to attack? Will they grow to be a larger organization? If they do attack how might it affect us and the rest of the galaxy?

These questions have been in hot debate for days now, and nobody is any closer to the truth than the rest of us. One thing has become certain: recently recovered intelligence reveals that another planet may be in danger. Certainly Separatist X has gotten some what larger, and of how will another attack on another planet affect us? If they attack another important planet like Vega Minor, then how exactly that will affect the empire.

Already prices in metallic resources have risen significantly, and can everybody afford another attack. Planets that have agreed to help the Vegans are slowly wiping themselves out as they continue to supply such a needy planet. Vega Minor may be small, but it has a fairly vast population, and the air-cities were not just grown on hypo genetic trees you know.

So what can we do? Well at this moment maybe nothing, except maybe try to find this groups base, investigate, or even just bring them down. No they are not a direct threat to the empire, but they are a threat in a ways. By taking out one planet that definitely is needed by the empire, they sure can affect us indirectly, but surely. We need to try and prevent this group from spreading and growing, and definitely from attacking again.

While authorities do not have names or places yet, the organization does hold some power over the planet Estillar X. It is an icy planet that holds colds so extreme extensive care must be taken, as well as specialized gear as well. This clue allows authorities to do a minor and quick scan to most cargo ships, just in case they might be smuggling this gear. Finding these ships could lead to a big break through in the case.

All in all this can be a very serious matter, and also a matter with very little significance to the empire, at least for now. So as we go about our lives, lets remember this new Separatist X, and hopefully take them down.

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Remembrance Week

February 04th, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing,VE Today,VE Wiki

Citizens throughout the Vast Empire have come together this week to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the Third Outer Rim War, a conflict that cost the Empire dearly and one that shall never be forgotten. Shorter than most wars, the third battle for the Outer Rim, which was localised in the Subterrel sector lasted only two months, but it was a bloody 2 months. The Imperial coalition lost over 2 million lives in total, and as many wounded. Most of these lives were lost when the planet of Teyeong was re-taken from Imperial forces. Several VET reporters were also killed in this battle.

The main confrontations were between Imperial and Rebel factions; however a third faction soon entered war, hell bent on claiming the area for their own dark desires. These mysterious invaders are known only as the “Sith”, and little is known about who they are, what they want, or what they do. Anonymous reports sent to this paper have hinted at links between the Sith, the Jedi, and a rumoured “Order” that exists within the VE. Unfortunately we can confirm none of this, and so must sit back and pray that the brave men and women who were lost in the war didn’t die in vain, or at the behest of some secret agenda.

As the name suggests, there had been two previous wars in that sector, but the Vast Empire didn’t get involved until this conflict, answering the call to arms from its valued allies amongst the other splinter factions.

The week’s Remembrances started with a minutes silence at noon to mark the first day of the conflict, with another one scheduled later in the week to honour the Second battle of Teyeong, where so many servicemen and women were killed. The intervening time will be filled with a multitude of honour parades, and solemn services by local parishioners. Ceremonies will also be held to honour the living heroes of the war. Commander Shodon, captain of the ISD Suspense will receive especial accreditation for his actions at the Derxes route, a battle that saw the Imperial Coalition firmly routed from the sector. This will be broadcasted live on the Holonet.

Grand Moff Kadann has announced that the day marking the Imperial rout from the sector will be claimed a public holiday, dubbed “Derxes Day”, and no-one is obliged to work that day.

We here at VET will honour our fallen comrades by reciting a motto that we believe sums up the Vast Empire, and all who serve in it:

Loyalty, Honour, Courage.

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Pirate Lords Uniting?

January 28th, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing,VE Today

Recent news updates tell of a possible alliance of all pirate lords throughout the universe. If this is true then the universe as we know it may be in some very serious trouble. It has been centuries since an occurrence like this has happened. It seems that all around the the universe pirates, assassins, criminals, mercenaries, etc are all pouring into the Xellon Nebula. This nebula was for decades abandoned, once the base of the last alliance of pirates, criminals and so forth known. Officials have tried for just as long to figure out a way to get into the nebula and have been unsuccessful every time. Many are starting to feel worried about what this could mean.

Are the pirate lords really uniting? What for? How will it affect us? Well, officials from all over the universe are all holding a closed conference to discuss the matter. From all over the most ruthless, dangerous, sly, devious and deadly scum are gathering into the criminal nebula. But what for? Well top secret sources have shed a little light onto this dark and disturbing subject. It appears that the fall of Xavior the Ruthless was more than we ever though it would possibly be. As you may know Xavior was the ruler of the most ruthless and powerful criminal gang of our time. Once Xavior was captured the PCM Alliance fell into turmoil and utter chaos. Everything they had ever known was brought to a complete and abrupt halt. We soon found that without their leader the organization was helpless, everything had almost completely depended on Xavior. But the chaos was son capsized and finally order was brought to insane criminals.

Some how a very sly mercenary who’s name is still unknown was able to rally the organization into order. Even more surprising he immediately won them all over with a small speech. The whole organization seemed to be once again rising back to power, and indeed it was. The mystery mercenary seemed to have calmed down the ruthless gang, and even more he seemed to have gained their respect, and himself a very powerful position. The only name we could find for the devious mercenary was a name he might have gone by many years ago which we believe the name to be X. Krozor. It took a while to dig the name up, and even longer to find what little information we have about him. Krozor is a highly dangerous criminal, who may have been some sort of a former politician who later became a very powerful, and not to mention successful mercenary. Officials have issued an arrest warrant for this man, and all are suggested to take extreme caution with this situation. With such a dangerous gathering things could get dangerous and chaotic quickly.

For more information on the recent pirate gathering, it has been discovered that soon after Krozor’s quick rise to power he then made his position official, and possibly permanent. Surprisingly there seems to have been little objection to this sudden and maybe even potentially dangerous act. Although we do not at this time know much about Krozor’s plans, we hope that they will not affect us all too direly. Then after Krozor made his position official, he then did the one thing that nobody would expect, he called a universal meeting for all pirates, mercenaries, scum, criminals, assassins, well I think you get the picture. Not only are all the pirate lords attending this mysterious meeting, but they are also bringing all of their own personal legions and armies of pirates and so forth. The nebula is vast, but nothing on the inside has ever been seen by officials, so they have not even a glimpse of hope to solving the situation.

It seems inevitable that every single pirate lord and all other leaders of scum will arrive to the meeting. But this could like said before bring immanent danger to all citizens in our galaxy, for the nebula is just outside the empire itself! We have no doubt that as the criminals arrive they will attempt to vandalize anything in their paths. With such a gathering even the empire could meet its match. Forces from all over the galaxy are also coming in hopes to capture some of these famous and ruthless titans of chaos. Even bounty hunters are pouring in also in hopes to claim numerous bounties. But it seems that the pirate lords may have anticipated this as they are hiring highly trained guards from the best of their very own ranks to guard the nebula even as we speak. Some predict that a great war may break out, and if one does, it will not be very pretty at all.

Officials from all over are issuing warrants to anybody brave enough try to capture these criminals, but can any of them be captured? With such a vast number can they even be stopped, or will we have to wait for the plan to unfold? Well much to our dismay it seems that this may be to much to handle. Already thousands of reports from several hundreds of planets are spreading about. It seems that the not all the pirates just want to attend this meeting. They also seem to be taking this as a very good time to plunder any place they can possibly reach. They have left several large numbers of cities on planets from all over the galaxy in ruins from the shear numbers of criminals pouring into our galaxy. Already galactic prisons are filling up from all the pirates and criminals that officials have been able to capture. But even with all these captures, there are still more than almost four fifths still out there. Despite their efforts compared to the number caught and the number out there still, sadly it seems the officials really don’t have much.

But there still may be some hope. Galactic Patrol forces from all over have also been uniting in an attempt to secure our galaxy, and maybe even more as well. Things in this situation are happening on such a massive scale, it is really hard to picture what is really going on. Patrol units are trying to secure all areas in order to try and stop any more of the masses of criminals from getting anywhere near the Xellon Nebula. Whatever Krazor may be up to, it no good can be made of it.

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Hostile Pirate Lord Captured at Last!

January 23rd, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing,VE Today

Recent reports of a deadly pirate lord yesterday stated that the famous pirate “Xavior Alekaine,” also known as Xavior the Cruel was finally brought into custody. Xavior was known for capturing helpless victims and holding them for ransom, among many other devious things. Xavior has been classified as an extremely dangerous criminal for years, and has evaded capture for even longer. Xavior is also the founder of the ruthless criminal, mercenary, and pirate organization called The PCM Alliance. F.W.I. by the way, PCM stands for the Pirate (the most ruthless), Criminal (of the highest rank), and Mercenary/Assassins (of the very best), all formed together as the P. C. M. Alliance. The PCM Alliance has plagued the galaxy for decades, and not even the Empire has been able to do much about them. A governor of a nearby planet, Alekai Dromak once stated, “The PCM Alliance has grown too big, they are buried to deep in the societies around the galaxy. They have become a part of the galaxy whether we like it or not, all we can do is fight and keep our ground, then hope they do not grow so big they can take over the Empire.”
But as you can see, that really won’t be happening any time soon anyway, and probably never. Although The PCM Alliance has grown to a vast number beyond what anyone would have imagined, the Empire is still very much larger and still growing just as fast. Plus the Empire will not go down without giving a hugely considerable fight back. The Empire has lasted this long, why would it not last even longer? Like many we feel that the Empire is going nowhere, so what is there to worry about again? There will be many organizations, alliances, etc, that come along, but unlike all of them, the Empire is going nowhere. It will be here longer than any organization, or whatever else apposes us. Now for the latest news on Xavior:
It has been revealed that Xavior was arrested in Corellia. Apparently he was heading to a “business meeting.” Reporters later discovered that Xavior was actually one of the key contributors to the Human League Organization on Correllia. In fact he was actually meeting with the one of the highest ranking officials in the Human League, and his meeting was in a way was after all, “A business meeting.” Apparently Xavior and his multitude of deadly pirates, criminals and assassins had formed a treaty with the Human League, supplying it with weapons, armor for the wars, money, and much more. You can probably see how this could potentially be a problem for the Empire, and the rest of the Galaxy. But lets not forget of course the Corellians, who have been affected most of all by all of this.
While the Corellians in the Human League announced war with various races, and planets, Xavior and his gang supplied everything including back up when things got troublesome. Xavior has never been known to make any kind of deals with anyone before, and hopefully later reports will be able to discover why he would even consider forming an alliance with an organization so much smaller than itself. The PCM has even recruited some of Corellias most prized assassins for their own ranks. Many fear that with the help of the PCM, the Human League may grow too strong to touch, just as the PCM Alliance itself has. One good thing out of all of this is that yes the resident Imperial government is friendly with the VE, and has not wanted to form any kind of Alliance with the PCM, or really with the Human League for that matter. They have agreed to investigate this matter further and report anything they find worth telling.
Xavior is now halfway across the galaxy on his way to the best prison possible in our galaxy. Officials want to make sure that Xavior does not escape, or be able to have anyone break him out. He is sentenced to life, with absolutely no chance of bail. He will be placed in a specialized Maximum Security section of the prison that will ensure he will never see another living being again. Officials wanted to make sure that all his crimes for the past few decades will not go unpunished, if that is possible at least. But they can at least try right? The Empire now waits to see how the PCM Alliance will be affected by the capture of their leader. Will it crumble, or will they elect a stronger more effective leader? Well one thing is sure they will probably fight for the sacred position and hopefully send the organization tumbling down. The Empire has already prepared to send troops in to help the Corellians so that nobody gets hurt.
The Corellians do have one thing to say out of all this and their words were these, “It was not easy to bring down Xavior, many died in the line of duty to bring down such a deadly criminal. But we are glad to have able to have done such a task for the rest of the galaxy.” Now as you can imagine not all Corellians were that glad to see Xavior captured, but the resident Imperial government was however very glad to have caught him. The Empire is grateful to Corellia for bring down Xavior, for we have been trying to that very thing for decades. Nobody can predict how this will affect Corellia where a lot of their population is involved with the Human League, which is then tied with the PCM Alliance, who in return supplies them with everything. Although we don’t like it the Human League is a big part of Corellia, and taking out the very thing that helps the PCM who in return helps them Human League.
This could seriously damage their economy if you think about it. But, however, the VE has agreed to help their Government when need be. This is quite a relief for the Corellians and perhaps it will strengthen our ties with them. But as you probably know only time will actually tell though. Hopefully we can help Corellia get themselves back on their feet. The Empire does do some trading with the planet and it would be a shame to lose all of that because of what all this has done to them. Well that concludes this article for now. We will have the next update on the growing situation soon. In other news keep on the lookout for the wanted Kale Anon, the Empire wants him in as soon as possible.

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January 21st, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing,VE Today

Navy High Command just moments ago have issued an arrest warrant for Kale Anon.This is the first such warrant since the Istivaan V incident.

Little is known about Kale Anon, other than that he is a high ranking mercenary among the pirate clans, and that he sells his services to the highest bidder. Strangely enough though, he has never worked with an Imperial employer, suggesting some old animosity towards us.

Information on his movements as of late is scare, however scattered reports placed him in the Xyouju system a few weeks ago, and other unofficial sources have put him on the planet Volek, a well known hideout for Pirates.

Rumours have also been circulating around the Government, suggesting that this warrant is connected to the supposed disappearance of Rear Admiral Riel Fury, the Naval Executive Officer.

Whilst it is true that the Admiral has not been seen in a few weeks, High Command refuses to comment on his whereabouts.

We will keep you up date on this mystery as more information come to light, but for now, we have supplied a copy of the warrant.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

From the Office of Fleet Admiral Japeth
Naval High Command

Name: Kale Anon
Species: Human
Known aliases: Kaan Leon, Kanon.

Description: When not using a disguise, it is believed that Kale is around 5’10, with cropped red hair, medium build, several facial tattoos, and his left hand is a prosthetic. He has Blue Eyes, with no facial hair.

Reasons: For acts of piracy against the Vast Empire and for the Murder of Vast Empire Citizens.

Details: This is an open contract, anyone may take it up, however no payment will made until confirmation. Payment will depend on the individual.

Upon Completion: Bring Kale, either dead or alive, directly to Tadath, where he will be handed over to VE Security.

The thanks of the Vast Empire High Command are with anyone who completes this task

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