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What makes a good story

March 25th, 2009 | Category: New Recruit Tips,News




 We all here love writing. Theres all diffrent styles. Yet when the piece comes together you want to capture the readers. To make the story pull them into it as if they were that favorite character they are reading about. Many of us do that here with Vast Empire. We place bits and pieces of ourselves into our characters. Writing with a group pulls things together and makes it intresting. Alot of times writers (Or shall I say most times)  take things from other books or life experiences to create stories. It’s much the same with music composers such as John Williams.  It all inspires us in one way or another.


Age: 24
Hair : Dark Brown, short to shoulder’s
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’5”
Breasts: 44D
Weight: 150

Great.. Why do I always get myself into these situations?

The creaking sounds of the trees didn’t help the young girls mood one bit. It was dark and cold. Even with the moon creeping out from the clouded sky it was making it impossible for her to see the path she was following. For all she knew she was off the path and walking in circles. At least she had a cloak draped over her shoulders and her backpack filled with her cell phone (which didn’t get any signal where she was at), some food, girls needs and a few extra batteries.

“Ugh.. I’m going to kill those guys.. ‘ Let’s go play Jason out in the woods’ . Ugh… I should have stayed at the camp and roasted marsh mellows.”
Rubbing her hand over her face she slapped the head of the flashlight against her dark blue jeans. It flickered and only made Jaina sigh. Her green eyes and dark brown hair was hard to see as her body shivered. God, where was she?




Not far from where the young women was, stood an old man. Dressed in garb one considered for cos play or going to a mi devil convention he watched her through grey sad eyes.
Yes.. its her.. After all these years.. Its the one.. She who will save our land..

The old man made sure he was hidden. Wishing he could go up and explain why she was walking in circles an was off path. He confounded her friends and they were off playing their game. They didn’t even know she was missing. In fact, after he was done, Jaina Mariea wouldn’t exist on this earth anymore. It took him years going through the Vail. Making sure he was on the track. He had found her once and then lost her when her family moved. Yet, the girl was only eleven and too young. Now, now he was sure it was her. She had the stance, the eyes, and her aura glowed golden. She had the power to lead and be a dragon rider of the only Queen egg left. The power to save a world she was suppose to be born into.
“I’m sorry my lady…”

He whispered and uttered a spell. Up ahead a portal opened. Unseen to her. Once she walked in there would be no common back. He only hoped that the Knight of the great Bronze would find her before terror of their land did. He knew the dragons would sense her arrival. But, there was good and bad. A dead root that needed to be chopped. The wind picked up and he watched her walk closer. It was the last spell he could muster and it would kill him. The old man wouldn’t regret it. In a last effort he mustered a spell to give the red ruby ring of the family power to appear in her right pocket before he fell to the ground and took a last look.

“Good luck.. My Daughter….”
With that.. the old man and her true father died. His body vanishing into nothingness.
“God I have to be lost…”
She walked on and felt a ripple of something go down her spine. It was almost painful as she stepped into the portal without knowing. There was no blur. Only a slight change of scenery. It was still dark but the trees were different. Something made her feel odd and panic started to fill her. A prickle down her back as she heard a howl in the woods and animals scurry around.
“Ok.. This isn;t working. I need to find a safe place to sleep and then re-trace my steps in the morning..”
Without further speaking she found wood and a place near a large oak tree that held a hole in the bottom she could fit it.. barley. But it would be enough to let he be safe from larger predators.. she hoped. Jains then took her lighter out and started a fire, only to gaze up into the sky as the clouds cleared and she couldn’t recognise any of the constellations.
“That’s odd.. At this time I should be able to see the big dipper and Orion.. huh..”

Thinking she was just tired from the strain and the mean trick her friends played on her she warmed herself by the fire and then climbed inside the tree trunk and fell asleep.




That’s only an example. Everyone has their own ideals and styles. I only hope this helps others on ideas and gives another view for those that are new and those of us that need to look outside the box. While things arn’t perfect, when it all comes together its down to the story and how much everyone enjoys writing.



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