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VEA Overhaul!

August 04th, 2006 | Category: News

The VEA has been in a downfall of inactivity during the past 4 weeks. The Galactic Games has confused many returning members and new ones. For that matter, posting in the Galactic Games has become a burden.

Now VEA is trying to get themselves organized, and updated. Company Commander Colonel Rizzit Blackheart is trying to get the VEA back up and running again. As the only Platoon Commander Active in the VEA, is hard to get things together without any help from an adjutant. However, as determined he is, the VEA will shine once again into the activity spotlight.

The VEA thanks to Colonel Rizzit Has gone into an overhaul. A period of Adjustments and repairs has begun. The shift of squad members, and Updated roster changes will set the VEA into a period of durability and organization. Along with new trainees graduating from drill squad, The VEA will take pride among the rest of the VE organization.

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