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Formation of an Outpost in the 501st

October 05th, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars

The 501st Legion of Imperial Stormtroopers has been around before George Lucas was given the rights of the name. Starting out as a small group on Yahoo it would soon spread to all over not only the United Staes, but all over the world. A group that not only has fun going to conventions, but also charity events to help others and even hospital visits for the children. They are in opinion the best in the fandom. Giving back to their community despite others who haggle and think they are no more then children who live in their mother’s basement. Those are far from wrong. While some might, there are those that are in the military who are members. Doctors, nurses, police officers, lawyers and parents who belong to this group.

As the group grew, it had also outgrown the typical use of the yahoo group and formed a proper website; . Also formed were garrisons. Members of 25 or more who supported their area. They all had their own separate websites and named themselves to pull their group closer as a family. Now as time had it there was also outposts. Members not large enough for garrison size, but small enough to be ran on their own. Sometimes, as groups do they split. On one such occasion was the Southern Outpost. They consisted of Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. Alabama wished to be on their own. Creating conflict for mainly Mississippi, who was in the middle and held only about five members at the time.

The Legion council members wanted Someone to take Mississippi. Being treated as the black sheep per say as the members felt. Tennessee finally took Mississippi to be part of Mid-South Garrison. Still, things wern’t great. Hardly any members in the state made it hard to do anything and most were in TN. So less was even done to make it possible for members to travel. gas of course didn’t help. It wasn’t until 2007 that things started to be pushed by Mississippi members. The split from the original garrison left a bad taste in mouths and they wanted to be independent. With only a hand full of members and being spread out , it was hard to manage a meeting and discuss what to do. There were talks then threw Email and phone and things began to form.

At first a squad was talked about. Having a small number they could become a squad and be attached to the garrison. This, while a nice idea wasn’t what the members truly wanted. To be independent, and show everyone that Mississippi could prevail and become strong was the idea. Not to be latched on to another group, even if it was for support. It also didn’t help that there were pulls in all directions. What they should be called? Designs? Should they be allowed their own board? In the end the groups voted CO managed to get through to the others. The Mississippi outpost was finally formed. It’s motto would be chosen once they were past the six month probation. As for the initial design we decided to be different then the rest. The colors Green and black with a hint of brown.. and use of the Tie Crawler. After the long months of what seemed like agony, the memberships grew and as of October 2008 the members stand at nineteen and will continue to grow and become one of the best they can be! The motto was only recently decided to be ”The Rancor Raiders,”





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