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Euceron; Galactic Games

July 02nd, 2006 | Category: News

The Galactic Games have been the main story mission of the whole army excluding the Wraith squad. Our very own Colonel Rizzit brought up the Games. The Colonel explained that the Galactic game refers to like a star wars version of the Olympics in real life.

Unlike other stories, Army members are undercover in search of any disturbance in Euceron; was a planet known for its smugglers and illegal activities were the galactic games are being hosted. Colonel Rizzit as Platoon commander began the post with a magnificent Introduction that soon led each group separated into the city streets of Euceron. The Mission Began back at the Army’s base, in Tadath.

Each squad began to pack up there weapons, armors and auxiliary items. Each squad took off, and landed on Euceron. Concetta, The representative and Ruling power of Euceron allowed the Vast Empire to be undercover for the Galactic games. They must guard and make sure nothing goes wrong between the contestants or the crowd. Some of the troopers will be contestants undercover, there are also willing to be part of the crow means of necessary.

As the troopers got safely to Euceron, Colonel Rizzit began his briefing as soon as he gathered his fellow troopers. Rizzit being the head of the mission separated troopers into groups. Each group will have a specific activity at there hands. SLS, ASLS, FTC’s will each lead a group of five people or so depending on the amount. The Galactic Game rituals where soon to start, But until then the troopers each went along there group and patrolled there assigned areas with there leaders. With only a few hours the groups were encountering there first threat. The streets had midnight Crooks lurking around, along with the Foggy, hasty climate it all soon began to scare even the bravest of them all. The Galactic Games were far from beginning.

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