VE Today Handbook


1. Issues are due every two weeks. For exact dates on future publishing dates please visit the archives page.

2. All articles must be submitted to their overseers and the Webmaster two days before the publishing date if they want it on that issue. Failure to do so may result in the article being postponed until the next issue.

3. All articles must be in the format of:

By: Name, VE Today Reporter/Gaming Reporter
~ Reporter/Gaming Reporter Name [awards], VE Today Staff**

*Failure to provide a Title will result in a general title “From the desk of…”

4. All articles must be written based on true, reliable sources.

5. All visuals, pictures, or screenshots must be sent to the Webmaster with the article in either jpg or gif format. They should be separate files but in the same e-mail. Failure to do so will result in the picture not being published when the article is.

6. All visuals must be credited to the source. If the screenshot was taken by you then you must note it in the e-mail. If it wasn’t they the source must be on the picture.

7. Failure to provide an article for each issue will result in the removal of the member from the VET. NO EXCUSES

8. If for whatever reason***, you article for the last issue was not published, you are still responsible for submitting an article for the following issue. Failure to do so will result as Rule 7.

***Reasons may be caused by lack of articles or the article not turned in on time.

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