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VET Stock Analysis of July 2007

July 20th, 2007 | Category: Stock Tips

On the 20th of each month, the VE Today will present an analysis of the current market and give a prediction of how the stocks will change in the coming month. This is the first of the Stock Analysis articles, the start of an entire series of informative articles designed to increase your profits!


Safe Pick of July 2007
ICS ~ Imperial Center Store

Imperial Center Store Chart

Steadily climbing for over a year, the Imperial Center Store has caterred to the needs of virtually every Imperial in Vast Empire space.  With the expanded wiki page for it, the ICS may see some a rise in its stocks, by making parts of its operations, namely the ICDF, public knowledge.

Although the ICS may grow profits slowly compared to many stocks, it does not take a roller coaster ride to get those profits, and more conservative inverstors tend to make ICS a staple of their portfolios.


Gambler’s Pick of July 2007
HNET ~ FES Holonet Stock (Thanks to Aeos for the suggestion)

FES Holonet Chart

The FES Holonet stock recently took a steady decline, flatting out for a while before engaging a very nauseating roller coaster ride that can drive the investors that fear the slightest drop in value insane.  If one times it properly and pays attention, it is even possible to buy the stock and sell it within 24 hours for a profit over 5 Imperial Credits per stock purchased.  The true potential of this stock however lies in the long run. 

With a large member count, the Holonet has its times when that it will make rapid gains before crashing once again.  It will be steady for a while then crash once again, to see this, view the two year chart at Imperitrade Financial.


Most Undervalued Stock of July 2007
DJBND ~ Dark Jedi Order Bond


Although it may have a hold period of 90 days, which tends to discourage many investors, the DJBND is primarily undervalued for the simple fact that it covers the most secretive organization of the Vast Empire.  There is no sure way to know the activity and membership of the Dark Jedi Order, at least there was not a way to do so.   Yes, their boards may still be hidden to the prying eyes of hopefuls, but with the introduction of the Comnet Statistics, one can see a general overview of the activity within the Dark Jedi Order.  At time of publication, there were 14 posts total made by six DJO members in the past seven days.  All 14 of these posts were on boards hidden from the public.  Looking at the chart for this stock, we can see that these 14 posts raised the stock approximately a quarter of an Imperial Credit.  Although this may not seem like much, the activity was once higher as can be concluded from the chart.  This stock should see some profit in the coming month, and even more before the 90 day hold expires.  I estimate at least 15% profit by 90 days.


Crash and Burn Stock of July 2007
CNET ~ Comnet

Comnet Chart

Perhaps an unusual choice to make for a crashing stock, the CNET is a popular stock to be kept for excellent, if not decent, profits.  However, the comnet stock seems to follow an interesting pattern, rising for a couple months, then falling for a couple months, before repeating the pattern all over.  The CNET has approached its alltime high and it is beginning to drop.  By August 20th, I predict a drop of 15 Imperial Credits (to about 115 ICs per share).



Suggested Portfolio of July 2007
With a mere 2500 Imperial Credits to spend, I decided upon the following porfolio for the month of July 2007:

  • IMTF ~ 10 shares ~ 87.80 each = 878 ICs
    • With the increase of attention towards stocks, IMTF promises a reliable profit.
  • PPC ~ 9 shares ~ 84.53 each = 760.77
    • Pay Per Click generally provides the shareholder the easiest way to improve his or her stock.  You simply click and vote, all while getting paid for the vote and helping the stock.  No purchasing, or writing involved.
  • DJBND ~ 5 shares ~ 55.95 each = 279.76
    • Although it is a 90 day hold stock, its low price and decent potential (see Most Undervalued Stock) make it a good choice for the investor that does not mind waiting three months
  • HNET ~ 5 shares ~ 108.46 each = 542.3
    • Though I normally tend to stay away from stocks that have a share value over 100 ICs, I also tend to try a little risk even in a conservative portfolio to try and increase my gains.  (See Gambler’s Pick)

TOTAL = 2460.82 ICs
Suggestion:  If you have more than 2500 ICs, say 5000 ICs, try doubling the amount of shares to fit your investment fund.

(Trading fees are ignored for simplicity)

The VE Today, its authors, the Vast Empire, and any asociated party of the Vast Empire, henceforth refered to as ‘advisors’ are not responsible for any loss of credits, personal possessions, life, or any boredom that may result from tracking stocks daily by any who follow the advice given in this article, henceforth refered to as ‘those wanting advice.’
Those wanting advice accept all risks, stated, implied, and non-implied in following advice given by the advisors.  Under no circumstances may the advisors be attacked, verbally or physically, threatened, lynched, hung, or hassled in any form due to the advice they gave in this article.
Thank you and have a good day.

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Stocks for Dummies

July 16th, 2007 | Category: New Recruit Tips,News,Stock Tips,VE Today

Simply put, I usually stay away from those that requires a certain hold time period, in case there was any sudden drops in prices, it won’t hurt me a lot. But occasionally, it would be smart to buy certain division stocks such as navy or army when you know that there’s going to be a period of high activity coming up, i.e.: ESC. Those are almost guarantees that the prices will go up. But when those times come around, those stocks go fast, so you gotta buy fast, else they’re gone before you know it. Another thing i watch out for is the actual prices when I buy them. I try not to buy anything that’s over 100 ICs, unless there’s a good reason for me to. Much less ones over 200. There are very little growth on those stocks that are that high. The idea is to buy them when they’re low and then sell when they’re high. The Quotes section provides very good information to how the stock has been doing in the past. If a certain stock has always been high, and it suddenly starts dropping, then that would be a good time to start watching it, and once it flats out, that would be the time to buy it. I would usually give a stock a week or so to make sure that it actually does flat out instead of keep dropping after a couple of days. The same goes for when to sell the stocks. Given that it’s a 0 hold time stock, it’s a good time to sell it when it flats out for more than at least a week.


But that only goes if the price is based upon activity. As you all know, another way the prices change is based upon the number of shares in circulation. The more people buy, the higher it goes, and the more people sell, the lower it drops. And that greatly changes when people with a large number of shares buy and sell stocks. For example, Kadann, Talon, Fury, or Japheth, these four hold the most shares in some stocks. When they buy or sell, you can usually tell. They are the ones that are buying or selling millions of shares at once. And once they do, then it would usually be a good time to follow. When they sell, it would probably be a good time for you to sell as well, given that you hold the same stock and are sellable. Same goes for when they buy, it’s a good time for you to buy. Because the prices on the stocks are bound to change when that many number of shares are sold/bought. But how do you tell when they’ve bought a stock or sold? You look to the Quotes section. When you see that the number of shares for sale is more than the number of shares in question, then those were sold, if there’s less, then they were bought. And even if you don’t catch up to that, the prices will probably change within a day, or at least by the end of the day. But even if they do sell a large number, it’s usually a good idea to hold it for at least half a day or so. From my experience, stock prices tend to go up a bit, even if shares were sold, solely from the influx of activity of the stock.

And if all else fails, do PPC. It is what provided as the financial base for me. By the time the new Imperitrade was opened, I only had less than 3 million ICs. I was able to use that to climb to 5, 8, 10, 15, 20 million, and later onto 30, 40, and now, over 60 millions total.

What contributed greatly to that was back when the stocks first started, they started low, usually around the 20’s and 30’s in price, and have climbed to over 100 in some. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen all the time anymore. So you’ll just have to go with the lowest ones possible sometimes, which is around 50 or 60 ICs.

In conclusion:

  1. Stick with 0 hold time stocks.*
  2. Buy low, no higher than 100ICs in stock price.*
  3. Sell/buy when the stocks have flattened out. See quotes for info.
  4. Look out for big sale changes.
  5. Last but not least, be smart, think for yourself. I’m not the greatest stock broker, so my experience may not be the most money productive.

*Unless given a good reason to act against those two basic principles.

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