Welcome to the Vast Empire Today (VET) official website. The VE Today is a newsletter that is  released every two weeks. Our material consists of everything from:

  • Internal Affairs
  • Member/Non-Member Interviews
  • Game updates (New games, release dates, competition updates, etc.)
  • The official VE Today Show hosted by Mr. VE
  • Insiders information on new projects in the works

The VE Today is composed of three main divisions: Reporters & Interviewers, Gaming Reporters, and Mr. VE (The VE Today Show). A brief description of each is below:

Reporters & Interviewers
The writers in this division have the duty of interviewing the various Vast Empire members (or non-members) and reporting on the various events within The Vast Empire (ie: Competitions, Promotions/Awards, etc.)

Gaming Reporters
The duties of the gaming reporters are to scour the ‘net to bring you the most up-to-date information on new game releases, updates, skin packs, mods, game levels, etc. These individuals also report on the various events with our StarWars Galaxies players.

Mr. VE
Probably the most popular and entertaining position in all of The Vast Empire, Mr. VE and his show, The VE Today Show, have the not-so-easy task of interviewing members/non-members, gathering humorous material and images, and squashing them all together to create the best show you’ll ever see.

The webmaster is the person that publishes the issues and updates this site whenever needed. the Webmaster takes all of the articles sent to him, put them on the site, and make them look a little nicer.

The overseers are also the editors for their division. They oversee the progress of their reporters and then collects the finished articles and edit the articles if needed.

Be sure to check this website every couple of weeks for updates on the various events of The Vast Empire and gaming news! Thanks for visiting!

Chief Editor Cosmic
VE Today Administrator

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