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“Swoof” closes doors after accusations of dirty dealing

June 18th, 2010 | Category: News

Lotaith; Rheagent System

Local star-fighter dealer “Swoof” has removed itself from Lotaith Market Place, the center of trade for Rheagent System.  Stocks were on the rise for Swoof when accusations were made early last week that the company had issued shipments to local crime group “Dim-back,” said to be responsible for over a thousand sector felonies.  Swoof’s Spokesman, Mr. Ehell, said this about the situation:

(Translated: Originally Durese)

“Amid the controversy created by these accusations, our company has felt that it’s in the best interest of it’s stockholders, as well as all of its customers and employees, that we cease sales for the upcoming trimester.  Legal action is being taken before sales of any kind can be continued.”

When prompted by one reporter as to whether or not the accusations had any truth, the Duros replied “of course not- these are lies- they have no proof…”  Swoof will be entering legal contest with two other competing star-fighter traders- “Liggel” and “Zmmm”- both of which accused Swoof last week of “dirty dealing.”

-Carissa Toocooth (Trades and Stocks)

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Comet destroys Orbital 22jN; Sianat loses contact

June 18th, 2010 | Category: News

Tadath; Sian System

At 14:42 Galactic Standard Time, veteran communications station “Orbital 22jN” ceased signal relays with Tadath’s central communication system.  The station, responsible for 68.325% (avg. annually) of communications out of the capitol city of Sianat, was in use for 20 standard years before it met a sudden end last evening.  According to Tadath’s communications director, Icu Stilli Rsi, 22jN was struck by an undetected, un-registered comet.  The comet, nick-named “Zip,” was roughly the size of a small personal starship and was traveling at 7,251 kilometers an hour when it connected with 22jN.  “Zip,” according to a spokesman from the Central Astrological Databank [CAD], is officially the fastest of any space-rock ever detected in Sian System.
Officials are still speculating as to where precisely the rock came from.  Dr. Urum of the Lesurad Academy on Abrae (not affiliated with the Naval Academy on Abrae) speculates that the comet may have been the product of a massive volcanic eruption.

(Transalation: Originally Sullustese)

“The fact that the comet was undected tells us that it’s not orbiting around a system; probably not even a sector.  Rather, it’s possible that the comet was a projectile from a volcanic eruption.  If it were an especially ancient volcano, like those on the nearby planet of Endoven, the projectile could escape the atmosphere.”

Volcanic eruptions on Endoven have rarely resulted in space-rock, say other analyst, but they admit that the possibility exist.  The most likely volcano, they say, would be Endoven’s “Izsh Tu-an,” the mother volcano. Renu Kelch of the Naval Academy on Abrae had this to say:

(Translated: Originally Murachaun)

“It’s the only volcano that could theoretically produce space-rock.  While eruptions can happen almost daily on Endoven, most eruptions don’t have the kind of strength that Izsh Tu-an does.  Furthermore- the mother volcano has erupted at least three times in the last month.  This seems the most likely origin.”

Kelch went on to mention that, with the existance of Zip, “it’s possible that more comets of equal speed and size could be traveling in space at this very moment…”

Other theories abound, but for the meantime Sianat is only now back on-line with the rest of the system.  Details as more comes out.

-Yee Oo (Volunteer Journalist- Sianat)

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Reeho Birds escape from Lexil Zoo, prey on visitors

June 13th, 2010 | Category: News

Lotaith; Rheagent System

Early yesterday morning, visitors at the famous Lexil Zoo (named after lengedary anthroplogist, Ini-Ini-Ini-Ini Lexil the 18th) were disturbed by the sudden attack of several escaped Reeho Birds.  Reeho Birds, colorful predators from Gelgalar that usually prey upon young fat monkeys, were seen picking up visitors, flying away, and then returning minutes later for more.  In all, some seventy visitors are still missing while another 200 are injuried from various peckings, fly-bys and other near-death incidents.


“We were getting ready to give them their morning bazarre when one of the staff members realized that the main latch hadn’t been fastened all the way…  By that time it was too late though.”

Lexil Zoo has received mixed reviews from the public; praise in their treatment of the victims, but utter contempt in their timeliness and reactivity.  Many families have filed suits against the zoo, already, claiming incompetence and negligence on the part of staff and procedure, hoping for rewards in personal damages.  One of the zoo’s administrator’s tried to explain the slow reaction time in the following way:


“When some of these beasts escape, however rarely it happens, it’s usually not because of negligence, but because of something we couldn’t expect to happen.  In this case, the Reeho birds had pre-meditated the incident; several of the long, thick leaves in their habitats were found in the latch mechanism of their cage.  We could not have predicted that they would act in such a way…”

Never the less, the search continues for the survivors of the Lexil Zoo disaster; some experts suspect that the search party look toward the towers of the great capital city.  It’s likely, they say, that the victims have been placed in large nests, where they will be held captive until the birds’ eggs hatch.  Then, the experts say, they will be used as free kills so that the most birds may survive.  Rescue crews are working into the night…

-Tqi Vnoo; Junior Reporter (4 years)

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Naval Medics look at higher cost, lower pay

June 13th, 2010 | Category: News

Abrae; Vectra System

As the amount of budgetary funds are given in larger allotments every trimester to aid for the inter-galactic plague, funds have been consistently lowered in many areas: public education, species public peace projects, and even- medic compensation.

The many levels of medics in the Naval forces allows it’s members to specialize and make more money, but that overall amount has been reduced for the upcoming fiscal trimester.  Where 50,000 ICs was seen as normal compensation five galactic years ago, the total trimester compensation has fallen to 35,000 ICs.  While the fall is dramatic and has forced many in the field to cut expenses, the situation is worsened yet further by the rising cost of trade-tuition.  Apprentice-ships have risen in price as medics already in the field are forced to recoup financial losses.

From a strictly financial perspective, the market for Naval medics is expected to shrink (according to a messenger from the medical division of Abrae’s labor department).  However, dedicated species and genders of all kinds have continued to answer the call; as one rodian put it: Translated “It’s never been about the money.  If we don’t do this job- who will?”

Still, benevelont as the volunteers were, some expressed concerns about the possibility of taking on heavy loans to pay for their apprenticeships. Translated “If I have to take 200,000 ICs in loans to make 35,000 ICs a trimester…  Who do I help by going bankrupt?”  The situation remains terse, but many of the students at the medical wing on Abrae’s Naval Academy seemed hopeful.  Translated “I just hope we can get out there and do some good in the middle of all this madness…”

-Stocko Lighten; Veteran Journalist (30 years)

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Avoss Clarem wins election to Senate on Abrae

June 13th, 2010 | Category: News

Abrae; Vectra System
After a year-long battle with the Mon-Calamari incumbent, Mi-yen Cuaq, Clarem pulled off an astounding win, claiming some 80 percent of the vote.

Translated (Original Language: Bothawaui)

“We’re extremely proud to have been chosen by the great populace of lower Sector 2 for the grand senate of Abrae,” Clarem told supporters last evening.  “With your continued help, we can bring aid to victims of inter-galactic plague.”  Clarem ran on a platform of intensive support for funding to research, as well as aid in fighting the ever-present “plague,” that has affected much of the galaxy in the last several years.  The death toll is in the billions, some researchers say, but exact figures are widely argued.

Some commentators have suggested that Cuaq’s accusations against Clarem from earlier on in the race probably hurt him most.

Translated (Original Language: Mon Cal)

“Humans, like Clarem, have only one agenda: a human agenda.  If they truly wished to help out the many sick and dying, they would put aside their petty human self-importance and give equal aid to all species.”  Cuaq’s accusations were never directly addressed by Clarem, but it would appear that his lack of elaboration on the topic did not hurt him so much as it hurt his competitor.  Either way, the planet of Abrae may be in for tumultuous times as the issue of aid for the seperate species warms up…

-Lo Coa; Veteran Reporter

Mr. Coa has been an active reporter for many than two hundred years, and is well known for his accuracy and attention to detail.  You can see his editorial “Kirshing Kirkashuans” every second day of the binary week.

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