Jun 13

Reeho Birds escape from Lexil Zoo, prey on visitors

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Early yesterday morning, visitors at the famous Lexil Zoo (named after lengedary anthroplogist, Ini-Ini-Ini-Ini Lexil the 18th) were disturbed by the sudden attack of several escaped Reeho Birds.  Reeho Birds, colorful predators from Gelgalar that usually prey upon young fat monkeys, were seen picking up visitors, flying away, and then returning minutes later for more.  In all, some seventy visitors are still missing while another 200 are injuried from various peckings, fly-bys and other near-death incidents.


“We were getting ready to give them their morning bazarre when one of the staff members realized that the main latch hadn’t been fastened all the way…  By that time it was too late though.”

Lexil Zoo has received mixed reviews from the public; praise in their treatment of the victims, but utter contempt in their timeliness and reactivity.  Many families have filed suits against the zoo, already, claiming incompetence and negligence on the part of staff and procedure, hoping for rewards in personal damages.  One of the zoo’s administrator’s tried to explain the slow reaction time in the following way:


“When some of these beasts escape, however rarely it happens, it’s usually not because of negligence, but because of something we couldn’t expect to happen.  In this case, the Reeho birds had pre-meditated the incident; several of the long, thick leaves in their habitats were found in the latch mechanism of their cage.  We could not have predicted that they would act in such a way…”

Never the less, the search continues for the survivors of the Lexil Zoo disaster; some experts suspect that the search party look toward the towers of the great capital city.  It’s likely, they say, that the victims have been placed in large nests, where they will be held captive until the birds’ eggs hatch.  Then, the experts say, they will be used as free kills so that the most birds may survive.  Rescue crews are working into the night…

-Tqi Vnoo; Junior Reporter (4 years)

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