Jun 13

Naval Medics look at higher cost, lower pay

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Abrae; Vectra System

As the amount of budgetary funds are given in larger allotments every trimester to aid for the inter-galactic plague, funds have been consistently lowered in many areas: public education, species public peace projects, and even- medic compensation.

The many levels of medics in the Naval forces allows it’s members to specialize and make more money, but that overall amount has been reduced for the upcoming fiscal trimester.  Where 50,000 ICs was seen as normal compensation five galactic years ago, the total trimester compensation has fallen to 35,000 ICs.  While the fall is dramatic and has forced many in the field to cut expenses, the situation is worsened yet further by the rising cost of trade-tuition.  Apprentice-ships have risen in price as medics already in the field are forced to recoup financial losses.

From a strictly financial perspective, the market for Naval medics is expected to shrink (according to a messenger from the medical division of Abrae’s labor department).  However, dedicated species and genders of all kinds have continued to answer the call; as one rodian put it: Translated “It’s never been about the money.  If we don’t do this job- who will?”

Still, benevelont as the volunteers were, some expressed concerns about the possibility of taking on heavy loans to pay for their apprenticeships. Translated “If I have to take 200,000 ICs in loans to make 35,000 ICs a trimester…  Who do I help by going bankrupt?”  The situation remains terse, but many of the students at the medical wing on Abrae’s Naval Academy seemed hopeful.  Translated “I just hope we can get out there and do some good in the middle of all this madness…”

-Stocko Lighten; Veteran Journalist (30 years)

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