Jun 13

Avoss Clarem wins election to Senate on Abrae

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Abrae; Vectra System
After a year-long battle with the Mon-Calamari incumbent, Mi-yen Cuaq, Clarem pulled off an astounding win, claiming some 80 percent of the vote.

Translated (Original Language: Bothawaui)

“We’re extremely proud to have been chosen by the great populace of lower Sector 2 for the grand senate of Abrae,” Clarem told supporters last evening.├é┬á “With your continued help, we can bring aid to victims of inter-galactic plague.”├é┬á Clarem ran on a platform of intensive support for funding to research, as well as aid in fighting the ever-present “plague,” that has affected much of the galaxy in the last several years.├é┬á The death toll is in the billions, some researchers say, but exact figures are widely argued.

Some commentators have suggested that Cuaq’s accusations against Clarem from earlier on in the race probably hurt him most.

Translated (Original Language: Mon Cal)

“Humans, like Clarem, have only one agenda: a human agenda.├é┬á If they truly wished to help out the many sick and dying, they would put aside their petty human self-importance and give equal aid to all species.”├é┬á Cuaq’s accusations were never directly addressed by Clarem, but it would appear that his lack of elaboration on the topic did not hurt him so much as it hurt his competitor.├é┬á Either way, the planet of Abrae may be in for tumultuous times as the issue of aid for the seperate species warms up…

-Lo Coa; Veteran Reporter

Mr. Coa has been an active reporter for many than two hundred years, and is well known for his accuracy and attention to detail.├é┬á You can see his editorial “Kirshing Kirkashuans” every second day of the binary week.

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