Feb 4

Remembrance Week

Citizens throughout the Vast Empire have come together this week to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the Third Outer Rim War, a conflict that cost the Empire dearly and one that shall never be forgotten. Shorter than most wars, the third battle for the Outer Rim, which was localised in the Subterrel sector lasted only two months, but it was a bloody 2 months. The Imperial coalition lost over 2 million lives in total, and as many wounded. Most of these lives were lost when the planet of Teyeong was re-taken from Imperial forces. Several VET reporters were also killed in this battle.

The main confrontations were between Imperial and Rebel factions; however a third faction soon entered war, hell bent on claiming the area for their own dark desires. These mysterious invaders are known only as the “Sith”, and little is known about who they are, what they want, or what they do. Anonymous reports sent to this paper have hinted at links between the Sith, the Jedi, and a rumoured “Order” that exists within the VE. Unfortunately we can confirm none of this, and so must sit back and pray that the brave men and women who were lost in the war didn’t die in vain, or at the behest of some secret agenda.

As the name suggests, there had been two previous wars in that sector, but the Vast Empire didn’t get involved until this conflict, answering the call to arms from its valued allies amongst the other splinter factions.

The week’s Remembrances started with a minutes silence at noon to mark the first day of the conflict, with another one scheduled later in the week to honour the Second battle of Teyeong, where so many servicemen and women were killed. The intervening time will be filled with a multitude of honour parades, and solemn services by local parishioners. Ceremonies will also be held to honour the living heroes of the war. Commander Shodon, captain of the ISD Suspense will receive especial accreditation for his actions at the Derxes route, a battle that saw the Imperial Coalition firmly routed from the sector. This will be broadcasted live on the Holonet.

Grand Moff Kadann has announced that the day marking the Imperial rout from the sector will be claimed a public holiday, dubbed “Derxes Day”, and no-one is obliged to work that day.

We here at VET will honour our fallen comrades by reciting a motto that we believe sums up the Vast Empire, and all who serve in it:

Loyalty, Honour, Courage.

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