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Launch of the new I.S.O.A. Satellites

February 10th, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing,VE Today

Yesterday the marks the day for the launching of the new satellites by the space program called ISOA, or the “Intergalactic Space Observation Association.” They are an old but very important space program that has circled the universe for centuries observing everything they can. To them it is a big deal to observe space, its unlimited sources of life, and just about anything about space and such.

Many things we know about space today are because of the ISOA and their uncanny abilities for finding rare and very useful information. The ISOA has launched the satellite, or rather 20 different satellites to circle the universe for the next century. The ISOA have several rather big bases all across the universe, and several space stations some which are also mobile. As stated before, the ISOA gather thousands of terra-bytes of data in only one year. The data they gather happens to include some things such as anything related to space, its living/non-living beings, etc.

Last year they launched the new UPS, or Universal Positioning System, which has out dated any thing like it. UPS is made up of millions of rather small satellites and planetary satellite bases which work much like Earth’s own GPS system. The only differences are among the fact that it covers most of the universe instead. It has been a revolution for any pilot that has been able to acquire it for no longer will they be lost in the cold oblivions of space.

These new satellites will not only attribute to the UPS, but also gather massive amounts of data as well as many other very useful things too. Each one is auto-controlled by the main ISOA base. Data is collected by these satellites and then relayed all the way back to the ISOA main base, then distributed to all the other bases across the universe. We can not disclose the location, or rather locations of these bases for most are unknown, and the few we do know help us out quite a bit, and it would be a great loss to lose them.

Intergalactic medicine has been revolutionized because of the ISOA, so has technology, resources of all kinds, life all over the universe, as well as many more things that have also forever been changed because of this organization. Anything put out by the ISOA is usually heavily guarded and always highly revered by many. The projects put out by the ISOA have always been able to help many numerously.

The project has taken an estimated 150 billion credits to do, and has been building up to this point for just over a decade. These satellites have very high and dangerous security features for those of you who get any cute ideas. These satellites have been equipped with nano-technology to self-repair themselves, and such. The Empire has put some credits of their own into this massive project so that they too can have access to some of these gargantuan satellites.

The President of the ISOA made a quick statement at the unveiling today at the unveiling after celebration as well: “I as the President of the ISOA am getting old. But to know that a project that I have overseen has once again been completed, especially one on such a massive scale, well it has been a pleasure. May future generations be able to prosper from this project, and let us hope we ourselves also benefit as well.”

The President of the ISOA did not stick around long after his speech, but at least he gave one. These past few years it has been reported that the president has been quite ill, and he may not be around these next few years. It has been a tradition that when the president dies, his vice president will take his place, so there is no worry on how or if they will get a new president though.

These satellites will hopefully enlighten all future generations, but it may be hard when some people have actually taken to destroying these multi-million dollar satellites. Since the unveiling of the satellites, and the launch, 3 of these massive monuments have been destroyed. This puts the lost credits still piling quite high, so to counteract this extra measures have been applied because of these profane acts. But there is no telling even with all these precautions whether or not these great satellites will still be safe.

When the thought of these satellites actually being destroyed ran through the Presidents mind, he then sent out his own private navy, which isn’t quite as big as the empires though. But several planets and solar systems have offered up their own troops to contribute to the mighty cause and its protection to make the protection for these satellites that much better. One thing is for sure, nobody knows who is doing the destroying, but they will indefinitely be punished.

The satellites normally are able to take a full scale, high quality hologram recording of anything around them which includes potentially dangerous foes. But even the fact that the three satellites were blown up, should not have stopped the CPU’s ,and the other most critical components of the satellites from being lost in the explosions for they have been encased in several hundreds of pounds of the strongest metal the ISOA has access to. Plus after the blast a homing device goes off to alert the ISOA that the encased components are floating around in space.

Right after the destruction of any of these satellites, it is standard procedure that a highly specialized team would dispatch from the ISOA to recover the data. It also just so happens that inside would also be the hologram recording of the destroyers for use of evidence in a galactic court. Strangely the homing device went off, but when the team went to recover the data from the satellites, the encased shells from all three satellites were gone. This was strange, but even so after the first time it happened they simply dismissed it. But when it happened a second and third time, the alert went out, and investigations began.

Currently many are investigating this issue so that those who are responsible will be apprehended and dealt with by the galactic court of law. Little is still known, but the info is however growing at a fairly steady pace. Officials hope that within a few days or even weeks enough information will be known to put any responsible for the destruction of these gigantic satellites are put behind electro-laser bars in a galactic prison.
We hope that no more of these great monuments of space will be destroyed, but only time will tell. Wishing the President of the ISOA the best wishes,and the investigations being put out, this concludes the article.

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