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Separatists Rise from the Republic

February 05th, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing,VE Today

Stunning reports show a devastating attack on Vega Minor, a small but significant planet just on the outskirts of the empire. It supplies much of the galaxies metallic ores for the building of ships, buildings, and just about anything else our galaxy uses for metal. We still have no idea why the Republic would do such a thing when they themselves are supplied get one fourth of their supplies by the Vegans. This is a huge movement for the republicans and only time can tell how this can really affect our galaxy.

Reports are showing that the Vegans are in turmoil trying to repair what little they have. Local planets around Vega Minor are sending the Vegans supplies and help, but it may not be enough. Vega Minor is a small planet, about the size of t the Milky War galaxy’s planet Mars. Vega Minor is a planet with very little usable land. Instead the Vegans found extremely rich metals on what little land usable on Vega Minor, so they built massive robot controlled mines to get the rich minerals, ores and such.

Where do the Vegans live? Well they have built structures much like the cloud cities on Bespin. The air on Vega Minor is toxic to everyone but the Vegans who have adapted to the planets harsh conditions. The rest of the planet is covered in molten lava, though the bodies of lava are far enough away from the mines that the ground is cool enough to walk on though.

Vega minor is now in ruins, most the air-cities are now disintegrated in the lava. Few cities managed to stay air born, but half did not. Only just over a fourth the population of the Vegans was killed. Those who were not killed escaped from their cities in time. Only less than a third of the mines were destroyed, but the damage had been done. Vega Minors government is and has lost billions of credits, but they are rapidly trying to regain what ever they can.

More reports lead to suspicion of a new separatist group that may be forming up inside the Republic itself. In the Republics own reports shows that a separatist group is indeed forming, and that they are showing radical activity. For now this group is definitely nothing for the Empire to worry about, the new group is the Republics worries not ours. However the Vegans are indeed something for us to worry about.

Somewhat recent studies have shown that much of the empires metal resources come from the Vegans, not directly of course but still the resources originate from Vega Minor. This could affect the empire quite a bit in the very near future, but we can always try to gather resources from other systems and planets, just maybe with a higher import price. The Separatists even took all the resources from the mines before they destroyed them.

Vegan air forces were finally able to get the Separatists out, but not in time to save most of their air structures or mines. Local authorities are however investigating the attack that surprised everyone so far. They want to be able to find out this new group and if possible they want to exterminate this new group before it gets any more cute ideas. If this new group that calls themselves Separatist X, who will son be classified as galactic terrorists if they do not cease their radical behavior.

Republicans say themselves they are tired of the new group who has vandalized much of their buildings. The group is not growing as fast as it was, and its growth has slowed down quite a bit. But the fact remains that it is a fairly large organization. This takes us back to the empire wanting to investigate the group themselves, and if needed take down this Separatist X.

They have never been reported to have done anything as radical as this attack, and some fear that maybe they will get out of hand. But once again they are still not too much of a threat to an empire. But the question still remains; will they do anything like this again? If they do, who will they dare to attack? Will they grow to be a larger organization? If they do attack how might it affect us and the rest of the galaxy?

These questions have been in hot debate for days now, and nobody is any closer to the truth than the rest of us. One thing has become certain: recently recovered intelligence reveals that another planet may be in danger. Certainly Separatist X has gotten some what larger, and of how will another attack on another planet affect us? If they attack another important planet like Vega Minor, then how exactly that will affect the empire.

Already prices in metallic resources have risen significantly, and can everybody afford another attack. Planets that have agreed to help the Vegans are slowly wiping themselves out as they continue to supply such a needy planet. Vega Minor may be small, but it has a fairly vast population, and the air-cities were not just grown on hypo genetic trees you know.

So what can we do? Well at this moment maybe nothing, except maybe try to find this groups base, investigate, or even just bring them down. No they are not a direct threat to the empire, but they are a threat in a ways. By taking out one planet that definitely is needed by the empire, they sure can affect us indirectly, but surely. We need to try and prevent this group from spreading and growing, and definitely from attacking again.

While authorities do not have names or places yet, the organization does hold some power over the planet Estillar X. It is an icy planet that holds colds so extreme extensive care must be taken, as well as specialized gear as well. This clue allows authorities to do a minor and quick scan to most cargo ships, just in case they might be smuggling this gear. Finding these ships could lead to a big break through in the case.

All in all this can be a very serious matter, and also a matter with very little significance to the empire, at least for now. So as we go about our lives, lets remember this new Separatist X, and hopefully take them down.

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