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Return of the Xenophobes

Reports from Corellia have shown an increasing amount of activity in an ‘up-and-coming’ human supremacy movement. More and more disgruntled members of society are actively speaking out against many of the non-humans that live within Corellian space. Those of us who were more self-aware of the ‘glorious’ empire in which we used to inhabit would remember the Humano-centrism and ‘Human High Culture’ which permeated much of Imperial society.

Here at the VE, it’s hard to imagine an upper class elitist system, where non-humans were segregated and even discriminated against. Iconified as the “Non-HuMan” or nHm classification, this purist attitude started to die out after the death of Emperor Palpatine in 4 ABY. However, a group of individuals calling themselves the “Human League” are apparently trying to re-live this ideology.

With Corellia still reeling from the Battle of Tralus, and with the entire sector suffering from a post-empire slump, disgruntled individuals serve as excellent recruits for this charismatic and extreme movement. Who better to blame than the aliens?

This new move is bizarre as it is unwelcome. ‘nHm’ classifications also included females and droids, but the “Human league” seems to be more lenient with the former. The League also holds a deep hatred for the growing “New Republic”, and the self-appointed ‘Jedi’ Luke Skywalker. People who have come into contact with the League have speculated that this group is trying to iconify everything they thought the Empire stood for, as they seem to hero-worship Palpatine and Vader.

This is not to say that this group is Imperial friendly. Ignoring the fact that the VE does not condone racism or xenophobia of any kind, since the Human League at the moment is comprised mainly of Corellians, the fanatic isolationism that most Corellians secretly harbour is a key point to the League’s manifesto.

We here at VE Today have decided to issue a general warning to all citizens that frequent Corellian space. The resident Imperial government is friendly with the VE, and have said they will try and protect any visitors, but please, if for no-ones sake but ours, please be careful.

We will keep and eye on this troubling movement, and keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings.

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Incident aboard the ISD Supense

January 09th, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing,VE Today

Naval Command was put in a state of high alert yesterday when the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Suspense was damaged in what looked like an act of terrorism.

The Suspense had entered the Abrea system at approximately 10:00:00 local time, having just returned from a mission in the Rakata Prime area. Naval Command refused to comment on the nature of the Suspense’s mission, but it is believed that the destroyer had been trying to deal with the reported pirate activity in the area.

At approximately 10:45:00 local time, all contact with the Suspense was lost, and about 5 minutes later, an internal explosion ripped through the outer hull. Apparently fearing that the ship had been overrun by pirates, or worse, New Republic agents, high command dispatched elements from the local defensive fleet to surround the Suspense, and prevent it from heading any further into the system.

At 11:05:00 local time, the Victory-class Star Destroyer Desjani, along with two Dreadnoughts, the Scorpio and the Hercules, intercepted the Suspense just before it reached the orbit of Abrea. Firing across the bow, the Suspense was brought to a halt whilst a stormtrooper detachment from the Desjani was despatched to board the ship, and if necessary, take it back.

Once on board, the stormtrooper commander managed to track down the ships captain, Commander Shodon, and he was informed that the ship had not been overrun. With the situation resolved, the defence fleet retreated, and the Suspense on continued towards Abrea.

In an official statement later that day, naval high command revealed that the loss of communication was due to a simple malfunction due to ad-hoc repairs, and that the explosion was merely a ruptured power conduit. Naval XO Riel Fury commented that it was “Two simple coincidences that lead to some unnecessary and unfortunate panic.”

However, sources from within the crew of the Suspense have confirmed that after the mission, codenamed “Trojan Horse”, the Suspense had uncovered some mutineers, and were transferring them to Abrea for processing. He hinted that, whilst the loss of communication was a malfunction, the explosion was defiantly not a power conduit, and that it may have had something to do with the prisoners.

 The Suspense has since been into dry dock for repairs, and awaits redeployment. No further information regarding an alleged mutiny has turned up, and Naval Command refuses to comment on the subject.

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From the Frontlines: An overlook on contemporary war reporting.

Wars have always been commonplace in Galactic Society. From small tribal wars on undeveloped planets, too full scale engagements between empires, war is, and will probably always be, one of the few constants in the universe.

But how do we find out about them? How does a society find out about these things? Obviously there are Government announcements: friendly, reassuring statements saying everything is fine and that you’re not all going to die. Whilst these statements are about as useful as an angry wookie, they at least can guarantee that the populace are mildly aware as to whether or not they’re at war.

But what of the rest? What of the details? And how do people who don’t even care get told about these events that they are so busy not caring about? Enter the Journalist: a creature of such a rare breed, that their one single craving is information, details, events… The Journalist will strive to find out what happened, and tell you about it, whether you want to hear about it or not. Why? Probably because he or she has nothing better to do.

When it came to wars, Journalist would in days gone by simply sit on the sidelines, gleaning what information they could, and constructing a report over what they heard, or were told. Unfortunately, this still meant that the authorities were the main source of information. Whilst this would rate as slightly more useful than an angry wookie, it was still pretty poor, especially when an average Journalist could have found out more about the person they were interviewing, as opposed to the subject matter of the interview – If the public cared little for conflicts between foreign leaders, they would care even less for the detailed breakdown of sexual affairs conducted by said leaders.

Classic examples of how this style of reporting simply didn’t work can be seen from reports of the Clone Wars. Reports on the war were sporadic at best, especially when the military took over the Holonet News service in 22 BBY. Independent news networks on a galactic scale were still rare during these days, and so an overall view of the war was lacking. Some sector wide news agencies managed to get coverage, but only because it was their sector that the war was taking place in, and the coverage was mainly one sided. During a shoot of the popular talk show Coruscant Today, a guest on the show famously commented:

“Despite scouring the Holonet every day, listening to government updates, surfing the web and Vid shows, I have absolutely no clue how the war is going”

As time went one, there was a shift in attitudes towards war reporting, especially after the formation of the Galactic Empire. As atrocities such as the Great Jedi Purge and the Ghorman Massacre tried to go unnoticed, reporters were suddenly struck by a bad case of conscience. Did events really happen as Imperial Centre told us? What is the REAL story? Reporters from around the galaxy started hunting down the truth, and when the Declaration of Rebellion was realised in 1 BBY, reporters suddenly realised that there was a different side to the story. News corporations such as the newly formed Galactic Press were becoming fed up with the propaganda machine, and started to find ways to get independent reports, especially when it came to wars. And so led to the rise of the ‘Frontline’ reporter.

Frontline reporting went through serious growing pains in the early years. Skirmishes with the Rebellion were kept on the quiet-side as much as possible, so that not too much attention was drawn to their cause. Reporters who did manage to work up more objective works had their work stamped out, or simply refused distribution. A lot of reporters died during the fights, especially in later years as the Empire got more and more forceful. However, Journalists were given a break with the defeat of the empire at the battle of Endor. As the Imperium disintegrated, and the Rebels became more prominent, Journalists were given more of a free reign. The biggest break through in war reporting was with Zahn Sim, and his report of the ‘New Republics’ liberation of Courascant in 7 ABY. From start to finish, Zahn was there, giving a blow by blow account of the liberation. Once NR forces touched down on the surface, Zahn went all over the place, reporting as he went. His reports are generally considered one of the best pieces of Journalism in history.

A couple of years on, and Journalism is generally considered to be on a high. Reporters are going from place to place, tagging along with one army or another, and constructing comprehensive reports. News company owners predict a shift in how reporters are employed, moving from a more company ethic to more freelancing. HoloNet and Galactic Press bosses have especially commented that they tend to ‘hire’ people who are on or near the conflict, rather then send someone out.

What does the future hold? Who knows. Here at VE Today, the ethic is that all of our information is first hand. Many of our reporters were there during the Third Outer Rim War, telling a tale that needed to be told, and I hope that they will continue serving the people in such a selfless and courageous way.

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Corporation’s Stop making new HK’s, A brief look at History

January 01st, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing,Star Wars Trivia

The known HK (Hunter Killer) droids have stopped being made.  Apparently the newest unit HK-77 was recalled because it was short circuiting whenever it accessed it’s advanced programming on rifles.  After the HK Corporation fixed the faulty programming, it did a full diagnostic’s check on the Droid.  Apparently, the Droid’s were unsafe near children, targeting them for being potential threats.

HK-Series Assassin Droid’s were Assassin droids designed to look and speak like Protocol Droid.  Having the same language function as a Protocol droid, they doubled as such.  The HK Droids took pride in what they did.  Some even developed personalities that were Sociopathic or sadistic.  Others never really thought Independently and were usually just Protocol Droids.

Assassin Droids were made illegal to purchase in large quantities a long time ago.  People looking to buy Assassin droids can still buy them for Personal use, mainly only buying one or two. The HK models are one of the oldest Models still in use, the first called HK-01.

HK-01 was more of a prototype, to see if there were any logistical errors.  There was, HK-01 had developed his own personality and became self aware and tried to start a Droid Rebellion.  He “fixed” droids so that they would attack sentient “meatbags” (the HK’s word for Human or Sentient life) on sight.  The Old Republic put it down, although it lasted for some time.

The next model was was HK-24.  Most of these models were purchased by Adascorp to find and retrieve a man by the name of Gorman Vandrayk (a mechanic on the run with a fugitive) and used for security personnel on the ship Arkanian Legacy.  The HK-24 model seemed to be fine, and only reason it was replaced was for improvements.

The next model was  HK-47.  This model was the most famous model, since it did many things that benefited the galaxy.  This droid was constructed for hunting a certain religious sect that doesn’t exist anymore, it helped protect the Old Republic, but it also tried to take over the Galaxy, starting with Mustafar a few years ago.   HK-47 had a few personality traits and flaws that weren’t common in other HK droids.  He loved to kill, almost to excessive tendencies, The Droid also thought he was vastly superior to all other Droids and all other life forms, and another odd trait that now all HK Units seem to share was his speech.  He would add a label onto all his sentences.  This model was mistaken for a Protocol droid the most, so much in fact that he called his Assassination programs, his “Assassination Protocols” .  This model also described love and some other words falsely, saying that love was shooting someone in the knee caps with a sniper rifle.

The next model was HK-50, the exact thing as HK-47 just more having more programs and a self destruct sequence.  Another HK model was made called the HK-51, nearly identical to HK-50 only more adept at killing members of a certain religious cult
The HK model should have ended exclusively there.  However, HK-47 had survived 3000 years on Mustafar.  He created 3 other Models,  HK-58 Aurek, HK-58 Besh, and HK-77, each one designed to do something else.

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Wanted: Han Solo Dead or Alive

December 31st, 2007 | Category: News,Star Wars,Star Wars Role Playing

The Vast Empire has put a bounty out on Han Solo, a Smuggler with known ties to the Rebels. His ship is a YT-1300, heavily modified. We now know that he has compartments in his ship big enough for people to hide in, so be on your guard Bounty Hunters.

Ship’s Name: Millennium Falcon

Chewbacca, a Wookiee smuggler,
Lando Calrissian
Past History:
Worked for Jabba the Hutt (Fired)
Pilot for the Ylesian Dream
Used to be an Imperial Pilot (take caution in the skies)
Smuggler (Started on Nar Shaddaa, worked for Jiliac the Hutt and Jabba The Hutt
Han Solo stopped an invasion at Serpico. The Imperial Army tried destroying Serpico by smashing another planet into it to destroy the local Wookiee population, Han evacuated the Wookiees and got away safely. There was only 1 casualty, his faithful friend Chewbacca.

Reward for Dead: 10,000 Credits
Reward for Alive: 50,000 Credits

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Star Wars Role Playing

November 26th, 2007 | Category: Star Wars Role Playing

So, you are sitting in front of your computer, browsing the World Wide Web for Star Wars Role playing organizations. It can be a long search of almost unlimited amounts of sites. Believe me, we have all been in that situation, but after reading this article, you shall see there is a solution. The Vast Empire is a Star Wars Role playing Organization that was created in 1998, that’s founds itself on the basis of Fan Story Writing, Gaming, IRC, and many others.

The Story of the Vast Empire takes the role of an Imperial Faction during the Thrawn Era (Nine ABY). In this time, the galaxy is split into Factions, still locked in the state of war. The Emperor has been dead for Nine Years; the Empire has split into Factions fighting for control. Grand Admiral Thrawn rose to power and has control of the Imperial Remnant, the main faction in the Galaxy. Meanwhile Across on the other side of the Galaxy, Grand Moff and Dark Lord Kadann has formed an equally formidable force of his own.

Joining the Vast Empire is easy, just go to the Vast Empire Application and go to the “Join the Empire Now” Link at the Bottom of the page. Once you fill out the necessary information, you get your choice of Division. Your Primary Choices, through others will be available later, are the Storm trooper Corps or the Imperial Navy. In the Storm Trooper Corps, you will do everything from Stealth Recon, to Attacking New Republic Bases, to Guarding the Kitchen for your Barracks. In the Imperial Navy, you will go anywhere and everywhere enemies of the Vast Empire try to hide in space, Fight off New Republic and Pirate Fighters and keep the peace allowing for a safer travel through space. The Choice is yours

Regardless of the Division, you will progress from a trainee to a member of a squad/squadron and then into command positions. Along the way, there are many other opportunities to go different ways. There is the Engineering Corps, home of the Vast Empire Today. In addition, there is the Dark Jedi Order, home to the elite of the Writers in the Vast Empire. Neither of those two side divisions are required, but they allow people to continue their story in new and exiting ways that the main divisions cannot do.

Through Story, you build you character, their personality, their soul. You are in Direct Control of how they act, talk, behave, and how their do their duty. The galaxy is changing and your character can have a direct effect on the balance of Imperial control over it. Millions of star systems are at stake, an almost endless amount of lives hang in the balance. The New Republic, the Pirate Forces, the Imperial Remnant under Thrawn. The work of a trooper/pilot is cut out for them, never a moment where there is no conflict. If it is not a Raid on an outpost, it is an attack on trade routes. The Galaxy is always changing, evolving, growing.

Through Gaming, you can show you competitions, and your skill in the battlefield. Almost all Star Wars Game Titles are supported by the Vast Empire, along with a few non-Star Wars Games. At times, there are competitions that go on, anything from the Outer Rim War to the Elite Squadron Competition and many more.

Through the IRC server and its many channels, you will be able to communicate with the Vast Empire’s Members, gain knowledge, plan gaming matches, coordinate Story Posts; it is limitless as to what you can do. With channels ranging from Squad/Squadron to channels for gaming and general communication; IRC is a major element of the Vast Empire that every member should use.

The Imperial Network is the keystone that ties it all together, with its many elements. It has many sites in the network, all with different purposes.

* The Main Vast Empire Page, where VE News is displayed along with links to the other pages
* The Storm trooper Corps and Imperial Navy websites, where Division Specific News is displayed along with links to Division Pages
* The VE Wiki, a newer element that has grown into a crucial part of the VE
* The First Galactic Bank and Roster, where Account information is stored. Along with The List of Squad/Squadrons and lists of members to them.

* The Imperial Center Store, where members can purchase, using Imperial Credits, items like blasters, armor, and star fighters.

* ImperiTrade, the stock market of the Vast Empire. Stocks Vary with activity and other misc. things.

* And Many More

There are many Star Wars Role Playing Elements awaiting you in the Vast Empire, the galaxy is waiting; but are you ready for it.

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Naval Ranks: Part One of Three – Enlisted Ranks

October 15th, 2007 | Category: New Recruit Tips,Star Wars Role Playing

Through the life of any Enlisted Imperial Personal in the Imperial Navy, from a Cadet in the Vast Empire Imperial Naval Academy to life in one of the Star fighter Squadrons of the Imperial Navy, a pilot will go through many ranks all with different rewards and responsibilities. When a Person first joins the Imperial Navy, they are entered into the Vast Empire Naval Academy (VENA) and given the rank of Crewman. As a crewman, their responsibilities are entirely based on graduating from the VENA Flight School and then after taking the Aviators Exam, Being placed into a star fighter squadron. They make Six Hundred ICs per month; Five Hundred for having the rank of Crewman, and One Hundred for having the position of a Trainee.

The next step in their career is to take the Aviators Exam, which then sets the first crossroad for their career, the opportunity to skip one rank entirely. It all depends on their grade on the Aviators Exam. If the pilot passes the Exam they earn the rank of Leading Crewman, they are placed into a star fighter squadron, and receive the certificate of (=A=). As a Leading Crewman, their responsibilities are simple, to be active in the squadron and in the Vast Empire as a whole. Their pay is raised from Five Hundred to One Thousand ICs for the increase of rank, and their pay is raised from One hundred to Five Thousand for the increase of position from Trainee to Flight Member. Also Depending on whether or not they are placed into an Elite Squadron also affects their position pay. If they are placed into an Elite Squadron as an Elite Flight Member, their position pay is raised from One Hundred to Seven Thousand Five Hundred.

If they pass the Aviators Exam with Distinction, their rank skips Leading Crewman and jumps directly to Senior Crewman. As a Senior Crewman, their responsibilities also are simple, to again be active in the squadron and in the Vast Empire as a whole. The major difference is in their pay rate. They are paid Two Thousand ICs per months for their rank, though they still have the pay of Five Thousand for being a member of a flight in their squadron.  Also instead of receiving the basic certificate for completing the exam, they receive the Certificate with Distinction, (=*A*=). If the pilot does not pass it with distinction, then they are able to receive the rank of Senior Crewman by showing consistent activity in their squadron. Once the pilot reaches this rank, they have a feel for how things in the Vast Empire and the Imperial Navy function. They then begin their Journey to the ranks of Petty Officers, growing and gaining leadership as they go. In addition, while a Crewman they have the verbal addressing of Crewman or Mr. (or Ms. when it applies)

Once a Senior Crewman gains the experience in their squadron, they are no longer called a rookie pilot, and they begin their journey into the rank of a Petty Officer. This begins with the rank of Petty Officer Second Class. This begins their time where the go from learning the ropes, to teaching them to newcomers. Their responsibilities also shift from learning to being active, story writing for their squadron, and getting in reports weekly. Their Pay rate also changes again, as it does with every rank, the Pay raises to Three Thousand for Rank, with no change to position. In addition, with this rank they gain the ability to take the Senior Aviators Exam. This sets the next crossroad in their path, with another ability to skip a rank.

The Senior Aviators Exam, the second of the VENA exams, gives questions relating to a pilot in a squadron (as apposed to the Aviators Exam, asking questions about basics of the Imperial Navy.) and the Imperial navy. If a pilot passes the Senior Aviators Exam, they receive the rank of Petty Officer First Class, and have the ability show that they have experience in their squadron. In addition, they gain the certificate that goes with completing the Exam, (=SA=). With limited changes in responsibility, the change shows in their pay, where their pay changes to Four Thousand ICs per month for their rank, with again no change in position pay. However, there is always a way to skip this rank, and more onto the next higher rank up the chain.

The rank of Chief Petty Officer is given to those who passed the Senior Aviators Exam with Distinction, and gives them the certificate of (=*SA*=). In addition, this rank can be achieved my showing major amounts of activity while in the rank of Petty Officer First Class. In this rank, there are major changes in responsibility and pay rate. If they only keep the rank, position, and its limited change responsibilities, their pay is raised to Five Thousand for the Rank Pay. However, with the new rank they gain the minimum rank needed to hold the position of Flight Member of a squadron. If this is so, the position pay is dependant on the element of being in an elite squadron or not. If they are not in an Elite Squadron and are a Flight Leader (FL) their pay for position is raised from Five Thousand to Ten Thousand. If though they are in an Elite Squadron and are one of the squadrons Flight Leaders then their pay is raised from Five Thousand to Fifteen thousand for their position. However, while a flight leader is not all about the increase of pay, you now command four other pilots into combat, guiding them with all you have learned. Nevertheless, you are under the watchful eye of your Squadron Commander, who will be there when you are asked something that you do not know. This also requires a more detailed report to be sent, that keeps your Squadrons Executive Officer and Squadron Commander informed in how the Flight is functioning.

The next two ranks are very similar in responsibility and rewards. The Rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer is given to experienced Flight Members and Flight Leaders showing leadership in their Flight. The Pay for a Senior Chief Petty Officer is raised to Six Thousand for the rank pay. Similar to the Rank of Master Chief Petty Officer which is given to Pilots and Flight Leaders who have a long history of leadership and activity. Though the responsibilities only slightly change, the pay raises to Seven Thousand ICs per Month for the rank pay. Nevertheless, as with any rank after taking the Senior Aviators Exam, there is the opportunity for Pilot Skills and Studies. (Also, you can have the verbal addressing of “Master Chief”.) This is the last rank in your time as a Petty Officer, and it makes way for a stronger role in squadron operations, the ranks of the Warrant Officer.

The beginning of your time as a Warrant Officer begins similar to that of a Petty Officer, with the rank of Warrant Officer Second Class. Pilots receive this rank by showing great conduct and activity. In addition, as always there is an increase in your pay rate. It changes from Seven Thousand to Eight Thousand ICs per month for rank pay. Thus, this rank is where your leadership is to show, by going back to the VENA to take a trip on the “Road to the Master Aviator Exam”. It begins with the technical Exams, where you learn the in-depth parts of the equipment you carry and fly; it also includes a section of a Tactical Exam. Then you move into the Leadership Exam, where you show how you would handle leadership situations to the best of your ability. Once the Technical Exams and Leadership Exams are Complete, you have the opportunity to move onto the Master Aviators Exam. This is where you skill as a pilot is tested to extreme levels; its purpose is to see what you know and how you handle situations. Once you complete that, you are awarded the proper certificate and rank.

Depending on if, you pass with distinction or not you go to different ranks, positions, and get different certificates and pay. This is done in a very similar way, if the pilot passes the Master Aviators Exam he/she is moved up one rank, but if he/she passes with distinction, he/she is moved up two. If they pass without distinction, they receive the Master Aviators Exam Certificate, (=MA=), they will be raised to the rank of Warrant Officer First Class, the second highest rank a pilot can receive without commission. At this point, they have to take a leadership position before they can move up any more into the chain of ranks. Also with passing the Master Aviators Exam, they become eligible for the position of Squadron Executive Officer. That would bring your pay rate to, Nine Thousand ICs per month for rank, and again depending on whether they are in an elite squadron or not, Fifteen Thousand for a Non-Elite squadron Twenty-Two Thousand for being the XO of an Elite Squadron. Although there is always the change that happens if they pass the Exam with distinction, If this be the case then their rank will be raised to the highest possible without distinction.

Now, the pilot will look at their career, and they will be at one of their most proud moments. They have reached the point of the highest rank a pilot can receive without commission, Chief Warrant Officer. They can achieve this through activity or distinction in the Master Aviators Exam, and by doing the distinction they earn the certificate of distinction, (=*MA=). At this rank they would already have a leadership position in their squadron, the changes to responsibility would be small, mostly just being a good example for the younger crewmen who will look up to them. They pay again would change though, going up to the Enlisted Maximum Rank Pay of Ten Thousand ICs per month. This is also the time where Command Internships are available, which get future officers out of their squadrons and onto capital ships to learn how to command to the highest ability. Either way, at this point in a pilot’s career, leadership is necessary. They must show massive amounts of activity and leadership to continue on their trail to a Commissioned Officer Rank.

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The Pirate Threat

October 14th, 2007 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing

There is a growing danger in the surrounding systems of the Vast Empire. Before you even begin to think it, no, it is not the New Republic or even planetary rebellion; it is the threat of Piracy, and it is beginning to make an impact on Imperial Trade and Transportation. Our systems are not safe from these criminal enterprises trying to make a profit by hijacking cargo and stealing ships. More recently, the Vast Empire’s Trade Convoys have come under siege by Pirate Forces. The allure of credits attracts people to their cause, which in turn costs the Imperial Tax-Payers millions of Credits in rebuilding and replacing ships and cargo. The Vast Empire is being forced to also pay millions of credits in the costs of building defenses for stopping this pirate insurrection. Theses attacks force them to build armed defensive forces on peaceful trading planets, to build space defense fleets orbiting planets with little to use to anyone. They must build these forces only if to keep the imperial presence in the areas. The troubles that these pirates have caused to the Imperial People have only become more visible in the recent weeks

      Recently, a Vast Empire Bulk Transport Convoy, made up entirely of Bulk Freighter Class Transports Crafts, was sent out to go and re-supply Out-laying Imperial Colonies and Outposts. It was scheduled to make a pass of Rakata Prime, when all contact with the Convoy was lost. The last message received from the convoy was an emergency distress signal. It read as following:

     “To any Imperial Friendly ships, this is the Vast Empire Transport Convoy Omega; we are under siege from unknown pirate forces. We are declaring a Code Zero, and are asking for re-enforcements, we are an unarmed convoy and are taking major damage. We have been driven off our original course and we are unsure of our location. Our last known coordinates place us somewhere near the planet ****** *** (location censored from public transmission).

     Though the exact location of this convoy is unknown, as shown above the Vast Empire Naval Command does has a last known location, in which to begin a search for the missing convoy. However, it is unknown how the situation will be handled. Nonetheless, this is just one of many recent pirate attacks in the outlaying systems of the Vast Empire’s Influence. One month ago, a medical supply convoy was attacked and destroyed near Rakata Prime. This leads most to believe that the majority of pirate activity is located in the space near and around Rakata Prime. The problem that faced now is that the area surrounding Rakata Prime is home to Imperial Colonies and Outposts that are in dire need of supply, and these pirate attacks leave the area defenseless to New Republic Expansion. This would throw the balance in the systems, putting power into the hands of the New Republic and Pirate Criminal Enterprises.

     The Vast Empire Imperial Navy declined to give a statement onto how they plan to handle this, but it can be expected that in the coming weeks, ad the attacks continue, action of some kind will be taken. Our Sources in the Vast Empire Imperial Navy tell us that the matter is being discussed inside the leadership of the Imperial Navy, and they may reach a decision very soon, at which time they will release a statement and beginning their operations to handle the situation.

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News on the March!!!

September 16th, 2007 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing

Life on the front lines isn’t easy, as any of our brave boys will tell you! But our fine soldiers and flyboys keep going strong, through all thrown their way. And now, with the largest battle of many of their lives looming over them, it seems that the Stormtrooper Corps and the Imperial Navy are about to get the test of their career. The Phase II Joint Mission is set to be a great trial for our armed forces, but they shall no doubt, come through victorious. Throughout this battle I shall be giving you, dear readers, direct coverage from the frontline, including squad by squad/squadron by squad/squadron reports, the overall success rate of each division and of the VE as a whole. So,without further ado, here is installment number one of “News on the March!”


Dark Dragoons

Yes these brave boys were one of the first to fight, their objective being an MC-90 in the New Republic shipyard. Led by squad commander Yillis, they have bravely battled their way to their target, with only one casualty, Sergeant First Class Zafo, who has been recuperating well.Now awiting further orders, this squad seems to have done admirably well.


Wraith squads target was a shipload of alchoholic beverages intended for Republic consumption. But no drink for the enemy today, no sir! Wraith squad has appeared to have boarded the ship and it is, although somewhat shakily, making its way towards the enemy fromation.


Raiders squad is a multi-enviroment squad, meaning that they often operate under zero-gravity conditions. Today was no exception as they swooped down upon the Golan II fire platform,exploiting a gap in the Republic shields that shall no doubt pove to be their un-doing!Reports from this section of the battle field are sketchy at best, although it is known that Raiders are close to their objective, which is to take the bridge and disable defensive systems. We’ll keep you updated folks!



As an elite squadron, Kaph has a lot of pressure on it to be the best, but, according to predictions, this squadron shall not dissapoint. As I write this, pilots from Kaph are taking off from the SD Rishi, and are heading to battle.


Nazgul squadron is currently undergoing flight simulation training, readying themselves for the battle ahead. No doubt that they’ve got an ace up their sleeve.

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Imperial Probe Logs Reveal Dirtier Side of the Galaxy

September 13th, 2007 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing

The VEToday has recently called in several probe droids that were deployed many standard years ago, some dating to around the first Death Star. Several probes even predate the Galactic Empire. Contained within the memory banks of these droids are the mountains of data that has been collected. Unfortuanately so much data was recorded that the probes began to overwrite the video files with only sound clips. This we have several years worth of sound clips and no video to help us understand what is going on. Many sound clips are even broken up and static can be heard in several places.

A majority of the clips are just boring banter between people or nature sounds. Some of the clips are much more… questionable. We’ll let you be the judge.

  1. I haven’t seen him. It’s possible he came in through the south entrance.
  2. Ten thousand?? We could buy our own ship for that!
  3. Young fool… only now, at the end, do you understand
  4. I don’t care what you smell, just get in there you big lug!
  5. She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.
  6. Even I get boarded sometimes.
  7. They came from… behind!
  8. [static] lets blow this thing [static]
  9. credits will do fine
  10. Pull out Wedge, you’re not going to do much good back there.
  11. Look at the size of that thing
  12. I’m not afraid … Oh, you will be. You will
  13. Your father wanted you to have this when you were old enough, but your uncle wouldn’t allow it
  14. It’s no good down here, I can’t maneuver!
  15. “Goooooooooooooooooood….” *hissssss* “Gooooooooooooooooood….”
  16. There’s an awful lot of moisture in here.
  17. Stabilize your rear deflectors… Watch for enemy fighters.
  18. Impressive. Most impressive. Obi-wan has taught you well.
  19. You came in [static] -ing?
  20. Stay on Target, Stay on Target!
  21. Would it help if I got out and pushed?

Needless to say, most of us are disturbed here at the VEToday, There are a few rare reporters smiling strangely at some of the comments. I made a mental note to avoid them. Laughter is fine, but that look… *shudder*

Anyways, Imperial Intelligence has analyzed each sound clip and compared them to accurate historical files, we have determined the following:

  1. Rebel soldier in Hoth Base -> to Princess Leia on trying to find the entryway Luke used on Hoth. The context of the entryway is questionable.
  2. Luke Skywalker -> Obviously outraged at the prices of the Jawa “entertainers.”
  3. Emperor Palpatine -> We have no desire to determine what he means by “end”
  4. Han Solo -> Once again, we didn’t ask
  5. Han Solo -> We sure hope he was talking about his ship.
  6. Han Solo -> We had to run in circles for 5 days to get that image out of our heads
  7. Gold 5 -> We think there was something wrong with that
  8. Han Solo -> You can figure this one out
  9. Qui Gon Jinn -> Trying to get the prostitute to accept his form of credits most likely. Although jedi were forbidden to love, nothing forbid the other thing
  10. Luke Skywalker -> “Pull out” and “back there” says it all
  11. Luke Skywalker -> Do we have to explain this one?
  12. Luke Skywalker and Yoda -> It can explain itself
  13. Obi Wan Kenobi -> Passing on a family item… the vibration like noise that came after was not reassuring
  14. Gold Leader -> That is wrong.
  15. Lord Vader -> We are not quite sure what cybernetic enhancements he got
  16. Han Solo -> No comment
  17. Gold Leader -> Watch you hole in other words. Perv.
  18. Count Dooku -> We skipped this one
  19. Princess Leia -> emphasis on the second word
  20. Gold Leader -> So wrong. Did we mention Gold Leader is a perv yet?
  21. Princess Leia -> We are starting to think Leia might have been around the block

In addition, only one probe droid was able to provide us with an image. The sound clip that comes with it scares the living jeepeers out of us:

“and now, princess, we will discuss the location of your rebel base” *thwrum thwruuum thwruuuuum*

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