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Navy High Command just moments ago have issued an arrest warrant for Kale Anon.This is the first such warrant since the Istivaan V incident.

Little is known about Kale Anon, other than that he is a high ranking mercenary among the pirate clans, and that he sells his services to the highest bidder. Strangely enough though, he has never worked with an Imperial employer, suggesting some old animosity towards us.

Information on his movements as of late is scare, however scattered reports placed him in the Xyouju system a few weeks ago, and other unofficial sources have put him on the planet Volek, a well known hideout for Pirates.

Rumours have also been circulating around the Government, suggesting that this warrant is connected to the supposed disappearance of Rear Admiral Riel Fury, the Naval Executive Officer.

Whilst it is true that the Admiral has not been seen in a few weeks, High Command refuses to comment on his whereabouts.

We will keep you up date on this mystery as more information come to light, but for now, we have supplied a copy of the warrant.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

From the Office of Fleet Admiral Japeth
Naval High Command

Name: Kale Anon
Species: Human
Known aliases: Kaan Leon, Kanon.

Description: When not using a disguise, it is believed that Kale is around 5’10, with cropped red hair, medium build, several facial tattoos, and his left hand is a prosthetic. He has Blue Eyes, with no facial hair.

Reasons: For acts of piracy against the Vast Empire and for the Murder of Vast Empire Citizens.

Details: This is an open contract, anyone may take it up, however no payment will made until confirmation. Payment will depend on the individual.

Upon Completion: Bring Kale, either dead or alive, directly to Tadath, where he will be handed over to VE Security.

The thanks of the Vast Empire High Command are with anyone who completes this task

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