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Mandalorians, a threat subsided

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Long ago, lived a prosperous, strong, warrior race called the Mandalorians. This race lived for battle. Nomadic in nature, there was only one way to gain honor according to Mandalorians, through war and battle. When no war was happening, they were usually hired guns, so they could have honor no matter what. The leader of these people usually took the title of Mandalore. These people usually allied with the Sith faction, in fact the largest recruitment was done by Exar Kun, and much later the Mandalorian race would donate it’s own DNA to create Clone Troopers in the Clone Wars.


Mandalorians were a very straight forward society of Nomads. They were influenced by other planets and peoples of the galaxy. Mandalorians weren’t prejudice to any species, as long as they fought in battle and had kept Mandalorian Principles at heart.

Mandalorians were nomadic, even though they had a home world called Mandalore. The reason they kept being nomadic was for defensive purposes. If there was an attack, there would be no easy way to kill every Mandalorian. They also built no roads on Mandalore, making it easier to ambush invaders.

Mandalorians were seen as Individiuals, pinned together through the same culture. Each piece of armor was specially crafted for that Mandalorian and their level of skill. Their armor was seen as a cultural icon, and told a story about the Mandalorian in it. There was a saying the Mandalorian’s had “A warrior is more then his armor.” Meaning they relied on their armor, but they also relied on their skills as well.

Not all Mandalorians fought, some were farmers, factory workers, engineers, and doctors. All Mandalorians were warriors to the core, and knew how to fight.

There were six things the Mandalorians lived by. They were

1. Wearing Armor.

2.Speak Mando’a, the Mandalorian language.

3. Raise Children as Mandalorians

4. Defend Families and Themselves

5. Help the clan

6. Rally to the call of Mandalore


Mandalorians had another language other then Basic, called Mando’a. This was their main language, though they knew numerous others, because they fought on many planets and interacted with many different cultures, picking up their languages. The language was far more complex the Basic, and every word in Basic was given a word in Mando’a


The Mandalorians had their own religion, and at one time were very religious, but through fierce combat and other factors, they began to look at the galaxy more logical.
Brief History

These people were originally called Taung, a gray skinned near-human species. These were among the first sentients that battled for control of Coruscant. The Taung lost, and were exiled into Darkness. This exile caused them to rename themselves Warriors of the Shadow. The Warriors of the Shadow ran away to a planet called Roon, where they stayed until the rise of Mandalore the First. Under his leadership, they captured a planet and named it Mandalore, after him. After they took the planet over, they again renamed themselves Mandalorians. Under the name Mandalorians, they became known for using the most up to date and superior weaponry, making them feared across the galaxy.

The Mandalorians fought in many wars, and thus, someone should explain their role in them.

The Old Sith Wars: After they took over Mandalore the planet, they began to take over other planets, gaining foes and building a crusade against the galaxy. One planet they had interest in was the Empress Teta System, which was currently controlled by Krath, a secret society of Warriors that believed in magic (Only way to really describe them simply)

The Mandalorians had become allied with the Sith Faction under their newest leader Mandalore the Indomitable, who only joined the Sith after they beat him in combat wi th a famous warrior in the Sith ranks, Ullic Qel-Droma. Mandalore thought he was only pledging his allegiance to Ullic, but Ullic was an apprentice, therefore his Master gained Mandalore allegiance as well. Once they joined the Sith, the Mandalorians began taking over dozens of worlds. This hostile takeover got the Republic’s attention, which also got the attention of the Jedi, a now dead religious sect.

Exar Kun lost, even with the Mandalorians on his side, and ten years later, many Mandalorians were arrested and executed after a maniac bounty hunter called Jigger Wraith used Mandalorian technology that was seen as rare. The Mandalorians would come back together and reform under Mandalorian the Ultimate, and begin assembling large Mandalorian forces to make a come back. They would also reconstruct Dxun, a defense planet they had used previously. Once again, the Mandlorians were persuaded by Sith’s again, told they would gain great honor for facing the Republic.

The Mandalorian Crusaders were led by Mandalore The Great, and sparked the Mandalorian Wars. The Mandalorians now all wore the same armor, instead of wearing whatever they could scavenge. A famous Mandalorian, Canderous Ordo wore armor that was silver and black. They lost the war, thanks in large part to two Generals, Revan and Malak. Because of these two people, the Mandalorians were crushed, and were forced to decline into a state of hired guns once again. Revan had destroyed all their supplies, including their battle droids, and scattered the clans and tribes among the Outer Rim. Apparently a strong Mandalorian presence was on Tatooine at one point, but faded away.

Some Mandalorians became pirates, raiding locals on various planets to get by. Later on, Canderous Ordo would gain a small remnant force and try to reunite the Mandalorian clans once again on Dxun.

The New Sith Wars: During this War, the Mandalorians picked no side, instead attacking both the Jedi and Sith factions. They opposed the Sith, attacking The Underlord, the then Leader of the Sith, main camp, while the Jedi attacked other places, thus splintering his forces and making it easier on both the Mandalorians and the Jedi’s. Their plan worked, and a Sith general was assassinated by the Jedi’s general, later defecting to the Sith.

The current Mandalore of this era was deceived into a war, but the outcome of the war is still unknown, no one even knows who fought.

Later excavation at the Battle of Ambria showed Mandalorian armor, meaning either Mandalorians were there, or the Armor was purchased for its good quality.

With the New Sith War closing, the Mandalorians became more of a Mercenary culture, rather then a clan based culture.

The Mandalorian Civil War: 100 years before the Battle of Yavin, Durge (A Gen’Dai bounty hunter) had assassinated that era’s Mandalore. Mandalorians captured Durge, and tortured him severely, only to have him escape and heal through an induced hibernation.

With no leader, two factions emerged. The Death Watch, and The Loyalists. The Loyalists were led by Jaster Mereel, and the Death Watch under the leadership of Vizsla. They two split because Jaster wanted to reform their way of combat back to an honorable, less mercenary way. Eventually the war hit other places, like Concord Dawn.

At Concord Dawn, Vizsla tried to assassinate Jaster, however Jaster was saved by the now famous and notorious Bounty Hunter, Jango Fett, who Jaster took care of as a child. Later on, Jaster would be killed by Vizsla and another Mandalorian Bounty Hunter by the name of Montross, Jango’s arch nemesis. With Jaster dead, Jango took over as leader and Mandalore. His reign however, was cut short. A Jedi Task force was sent to exterminate the Mandalorians, and every Mandalorian was killed. Except for Jango. Dooku, leader of the task force, would later ask Jango to be the template for the clones during the Clone War.

Mandalorians still surprisingly survived, on different planets and such, but played little role in the galaxy and were little threat to the galaxy.

The Clone Wars: The Clone Wars gave rebirth to the Mandalorians. Jango Fett was the Prime Clone for the Kaminoans, therefore every clone was a Mandalorian. In fact, there were also Mandalorian Training Instructors, so the troopers would fight like Mandalorians as well. They were also instructed in the History of the Mandolrians.

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Melee Weapons

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Probably one of the more useful weapons in the Star Wars Universe. While the blaster and other such weapons are good for major combat and or fire fights, it is also good to have a few of these in hand. One can’t just depend souly on such things. If the weapon malfunctions the situation can turn deadly for the user. Also, if the opponent uses Melee Weapons they may have the advantage over say a blaster for close-range combat. There are many different kind of Melee weapons such as follows…

The Vibroblade – These range anything from swords to ax’s and normally in the hilt there is a ultrasonic piece of equipment that made the weapons(s) vibrate at an extreme rate. So even the slightest hit could do some major damage.


Electrostaff – These had electromagnetic pulse-generating tips and were lightsaber resistant. Most people recognise these from Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. Used by the MagnaGaurds that Obi-Wan and Anakin fought against during the clone wars. Not the greatest melee weapon out there sense theses were more used for blunt-force.


Stun baton – These look more like a short stick to beat on someone. It is a short range weapon that requires that the user have to get close enough to touch his/her opponent. It would then give off an electric shock to stun them. So it was used more to control someone. Much like in real life with say a tazer.



There’s many more different weapons out there. These are just a few of them listed. Each one has it’s personal uses and range of pain or death. The use of such weapons can be found just about anywhere in the Universe.

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