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Melee Weapons

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Probably one of the more useful weapons in the Star Wars Universe. While the blaster and other such weapons are good for major combat and or fire fights, it is also good to have a few of these in hand. One can’t just depend souly on such things. If the weapon malfunctions the situation can turn deadly for the user. Also, if the opponent uses Melee Weapons they may have the advantage over say a blaster for close-range combat. There are many different kind of Melee weapons such as follows…

The Vibroblade – These range anything from swords to ax’s and normally in the hilt there is a ultrasonic piece of equipment that made the weapons(s) vibrate at an extreme rate. So even the slightest hit could do some major damage.


Electrostaff – These had electromagnetic pulse-generating tips and were lightsaber resistant. Most people recognise these from Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. Used by the MagnaGaurds that Obi-Wan and Anakin fought against during the clone wars. Not the greatest melee weapon out there sense theses were more used for blunt-force.


Stun baton – These look more like a short stick to beat on someone. It is a short range weapon that requires that the user have to get close enough to touch his/her opponent. It would then give off an electric shock to stun them. So it was used more to control someone. Much like in real life with say a tazer.



There’s many more different weapons out there. These are just a few of them listed. Each one has it’s personal uses and range of pain or death. The use of such weapons can be found just about anywhere in the Universe.

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