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Pirate Lords Uniting?

January 28th, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing,VE Today

Recent news updates tell of a possible alliance of all pirate lords throughout the universe. If this is true then the universe as we know it may be in some very serious trouble. It has been centuries since an occurrence like this has happened. It seems that all around the the universe pirates, assassins, criminals, mercenaries, etc are all pouring into the Xellon Nebula. This nebula was for decades abandoned, once the base of the last alliance of pirates, criminals and so forth known. Officials have tried for just as long to figure out a way to get into the nebula and have been unsuccessful every time. Many are starting to feel worried about what this could mean.

Are the pirate lords really uniting? What for? How will it affect us? Well, officials from all over the universe are all holding a closed conference to discuss the matter. From all over the most ruthless, dangerous, sly, devious and deadly scum are gathering into the criminal nebula. But what for? Well top secret sources have shed a little light onto this dark and disturbing subject. It appears that the fall of Xavior the Ruthless was more than we ever though it would possibly be. As you may know Xavior was the ruler of the most ruthless and powerful criminal gang of our time. Once Xavior was captured the PCM Alliance fell into turmoil and utter chaos. Everything they had ever known was brought to a complete and abrupt halt. We soon found that without their leader the organization was helpless, everything had almost completely depended on Xavior. But the chaos was son capsized and finally order was brought to insane criminals.

Some how a very sly mercenary who’s name is still unknown was able to rally the organization into order. Even more surprising he immediately won them all over with a small speech. The whole organization seemed to be once again rising back to power, and indeed it was. The mystery mercenary seemed to have calmed down the ruthless gang, and even more he seemed to have gained their respect, and himself a very powerful position. The only name we could find for the devious mercenary was a name he might have gone by many years ago which we believe the name to be X. Krozor. It took a while to dig the name up, and even longer to find what little information we have about him. Krozor is a highly dangerous criminal, who may have been some sort of a former politician who later became a very powerful, and not to mention successful mercenary. Officials have issued an arrest warrant for this man, and all are suggested to take extreme caution with this situation. With such a dangerous gathering things could get dangerous and chaotic quickly.

For more information on the recent pirate gathering, it has been discovered that soon after Krozor’s quick rise to power he then made his position official, and possibly permanent. Surprisingly there seems to have been little objection to this sudden and maybe even potentially dangerous act. Although we do not at this time know much about Krozor’s plans, we hope that they will not affect us all too direly. Then after Krozor made his position official, he then did the one thing that nobody would expect, he called a universal meeting for all pirates, mercenaries, scum, criminals, assassins, well I think you get the picture. Not only are all the pirate lords attending this mysterious meeting, but they are also bringing all of their own personal legions and armies of pirates and so forth. The nebula is vast, but nothing on the inside has ever been seen by officials, so they have not even a glimpse of hope to solving the situation.

It seems inevitable that every single pirate lord and all other leaders of scum will arrive to the meeting. But this could like said before bring immanent danger to all citizens in our galaxy, for the nebula is just outside the empire itself! We have no doubt that as the criminals arrive they will attempt to vandalize anything in their paths. With such a gathering even the empire could meet its match. Forces from all over the galaxy are also coming in hopes to capture some of these famous and ruthless titans of chaos. Even bounty hunters are pouring in also in hopes to claim numerous bounties. But it seems that the pirate lords may have anticipated this as they are hiring highly trained guards from the best of their very own ranks to guard the nebula even as we speak. Some predict that a great war may break out, and if one does, it will not be very pretty at all.

Officials from all over are issuing warrants to anybody brave enough try to capture these criminals, but can any of them be captured? With such a vast number can they even be stopped, or will we have to wait for the plan to unfold? Well much to our dismay it seems that this may be to much to handle. Already thousands of reports from several hundreds of planets are spreading about. It seems that the not all the pirates just want to attend this meeting. They also seem to be taking this as a very good time to plunder any place they can possibly reach. They have left several large numbers of cities on planets from all over the galaxy in ruins from the shear numbers of criminals pouring into our galaxy. Already galactic prisons are filling up from all the pirates and criminals that officials have been able to capture. But even with all these captures, there are still more than almost four fifths still out there. Despite their efforts compared to the number caught and the number out there still, sadly it seems the officials really don’t have much.

But there still may be some hope. Galactic Patrol forces from all over have also been uniting in an attempt to secure our galaxy, and maybe even more as well. Things in this situation are happening on such a massive scale, it is really hard to picture what is really going on. Patrol units are trying to secure all areas in order to try and stop any more of the masses of criminals from getting anywhere near the Xellon Nebula. Whatever Krazor may be up to, it no good can be made of it.

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January 28th, 2008 | Category: News

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