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Hostile Pirate Lord Captured at Last!

January 23rd, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing,VE Today

Recent reports of a deadly pirate lord yesterday stated that the famous pirate “Xavior Alekaine,” also known as Xavior the Cruel was finally brought into custody. Xavior was known for capturing helpless victims and holding them for ransom, among many other devious things. Xavior has been classified as an extremely dangerous criminal for years, and has evaded capture for even longer. Xavior is also the founder of the ruthless criminal, mercenary, and pirate organization called The PCM Alliance. F.W.I. by the way, PCM stands for the Pirate (the most ruthless), Criminal (of the highest rank), and Mercenary/Assassins (of the very best), all formed together as the P. C. M. Alliance. The PCM Alliance has plagued the galaxy for decades, and not even the Empire has been able to do much about them. A governor of a nearby planet, Alekai Dromak once stated, “The PCM Alliance has grown too big, they are buried to deep in the societies around the galaxy. They have become a part of the galaxy whether we like it or not, all we can do is fight and keep our ground, then hope they do not grow so big they can take over the Empire.”
But as you can see, that really won’t be happening any time soon anyway, and probably never. Although The PCM Alliance has grown to a vast number beyond what anyone would have imagined, the Empire is still very much larger and still growing just as fast. Plus the Empire will not go down without giving a hugely considerable fight back. The Empire has lasted this long, why would it not last even longer? Like many we feel that the Empire is going nowhere, so what is there to worry about again? There will be many organizations, alliances, etc, that come along, but unlike all of them, the Empire is going nowhere. It will be here longer than any organization, or whatever else apposes us. Now for the latest news on Xavior:
It has been revealed that Xavior was arrested in Corellia. Apparently he was heading to a “business meeting.” Reporters later discovered that Xavior was actually one of the key contributors to the Human League Organization on Correllia. In fact he was actually meeting with the one of the highest ranking officials in the Human League, and his meeting was in a way was after all, “A business meeting.” Apparently Xavior and his multitude of deadly pirates, criminals and assassins had formed a treaty with the Human League, supplying it with weapons, armor for the wars, money, and much more. You can probably see how this could potentially be a problem for the Empire, and the rest of the Galaxy. But lets not forget of course the Corellians, who have been affected most of all by all of this.
While the Corellians in the Human League announced war with various races, and planets, Xavior and his gang supplied everything including back up when things got troublesome. Xavior has never been known to make any kind of deals with anyone before, and hopefully later reports will be able to discover why he would even consider forming an alliance with an organization so much smaller than itself. The PCM has even recruited some of Corellias most prized assassins for their own ranks. Many fear that with the help of the PCM, the Human League may grow too strong to touch, just as the PCM Alliance itself has. One good thing out of all of this is that yes the resident Imperial government is friendly with the VE, and has not wanted to form any kind of Alliance with the PCM, or really with the Human League for that matter. They have agreed to investigate this matter further and report anything they find worth telling.
Xavior is now halfway across the galaxy on his way to the best prison possible in our galaxy. Officials want to make sure that Xavior does not escape, or be able to have anyone break him out. He is sentenced to life, with absolutely no chance of bail. He will be placed in a specialized Maximum Security section of the prison that will ensure he will never see another living being again. Officials wanted to make sure that all his crimes for the past few decades will not go unpunished, if that is possible at least. But they can at least try right? The Empire now waits to see how the PCM Alliance will be affected by the capture of their leader. Will it crumble, or will they elect a stronger more effective leader? Well one thing is sure they will probably fight for the sacred position and hopefully send the organization tumbling down. The Empire has already prepared to send troops in to help the Corellians so that nobody gets hurt.
The Corellians do have one thing to say out of all this and their words were these, “It was not easy to bring down Xavior, many died in the line of duty to bring down such a deadly criminal. But we are glad to have able to have done such a task for the rest of the galaxy.” Now as you can imagine not all Corellians were that glad to see Xavior captured, but the resident Imperial government was however very glad to have caught him. The Empire is grateful to Corellia for bring down Xavior, for we have been trying to that very thing for decades. Nobody can predict how this will affect Corellia where a lot of their population is involved with the Human League, which is then tied with the PCM Alliance, who in return supplies them with everything. Although we don’t like it the Human League is a big part of Corellia, and taking out the very thing that helps the PCM who in return helps them Human League.
This could seriously damage their economy if you think about it. But, however, the VE has agreed to help their Government when need be. This is quite a relief for the Corellians and perhaps it will strengthen our ties with them. But as you probably know only time will actually tell though. Hopefully we can help Corellia get themselves back on their feet. The Empire does do some trading with the planet and it would be a shame to lose all of that because of what all this has done to them. Well that concludes this article for now. We will have the next update on the growing situation soon. In other news keep on the lookout for the wanted Kale Anon, the Empire wants him in as soon as possible.

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