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Better then Twi’leks?

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Another zeltron female


When you’ve been in this business as long as I have, you learn a few things: Nothing’s more dangerous than arguing with a Wookiee, nothing’s more foolish than gambling with a Jedi, and nothing’s more alluring than a Twi’lek dancer. But I’m here to tell you that last one is wrong. If you like your humanoids flexible, svelte, enthusiastic, and in multiple shades of red, then the most beautiful people in the galaxy are on Zeltros. Who needs Twi’leks?” ―Ruudi Buundaz 

 Zeltron female

As quoted there by the near human species called the Zeltron. Thee most physically visible trait that separates them from the humans is by their skin and hair. It ranges in different shades of red, from almost white to pink to deep red. Humans considered them Highly attractive. Even the near humans and others alike agreed


Zeltrons are also be considered a new species based of the human genre instead of being  considered another sort of alein.. They possessed three traits.The first was that all could produce pheromones ( chemicals secreted by one life-form to influence the behavior of other lifeforms, most often to attract members of the opposite sex. Prince Xizor of the race of Falleen is another that has this abailty.)

The secondwas that they could  project their emotions into their target or whatever. Thus adding a type of control on the subject (kinda scary). The third is their empathic ability, allowing them to read and even feel the emotions of others, becoming highly useful in certain situations.


 Their home world of Zeltros is known as a luxury world “party planet”. If anyone wasn’t having a good time on Zeltros.. well lets say they would know it and make sure whatever was wrong was taken care of. In other words.. perhaps the best sort of correction that one could have..


Now their culture is at most very interesting.The Zeltrons are highly influenced by sexuality and pursuit of pleasure in general. Most of their art and books were devoted to it.. It was natural to them then to many others who probably found their way of life to be revolting.. If their different shade of skin color or hair wasn’t an indication that you have ran into one of the species, their clothing certainly is a dead give away. They dress in high wild colors for the evening such as bright shades of diffrent neon colors that would hurt the eyes; as well as wild patterns and shapes on their clothing.


A few of the most famous Zeltrons are as follows:


Luxa –Luxa

Worked for the Exchange’s branch on Citadel Station over Telos IV. She was a high-ranking member who reported directly to Loppak Slusk.

Dani -adventurer and a master thief as well as once was a once a member of the Rik Duel gang


Unnamed Zeltron Sith General of the Dark Underlord – member of the Black Knights under the command of the Sith Lord known as the Dark Underlord, he faced Mandalorian mercenaries who intruded upon the Underlord’s fortress on Malrev IV.

Unnamed Zeltron Sith General of the Dark Underlord




So the question asked in the end, are the Zeltrons better then the Twi’leks? You as the reader will have to decide….



Quote, pictures and way  the order of the topic was posted  taken  from http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Zeltron

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