Oct 3

Think You’re a Bigger Geek than the Rest of Us? Prove It!

Category: Star Wars Trivia

Last night we were introduced to a whole new level of immersion into the Vast Empire. Grand Moff Kadann introduced to us Star Wars Trivia.

Who was the first character to die in the Star Wars Movies? How many lights are on Darth VaderĂ¢â‚¬â„¢s stomach plate? Who was hiding in the closet for the shower scene in Episode III? (Ok, there was no shower scene).

If you think you know the Star Wars Universe better than the next person, there are plenty of credits in it for you.

Grand Moff Kadann is passing IC’s out like candy. One person won 500,000IC’s just hours after the trivia was conceived! That Trooper, who will remain anonymous, reported that it was the easiest money they had made since the JK2 Tournament!

One lucky winner got 1,000,000 IC’s.

The rates seem to pay at 100,000 IC’s per right answer, first to get it right.

So blow the dust off of your Storm Trooper Armor, stop using your DVD of Episode I as a beer coaster, and bone up on your trivia facts! You never know what question may make you rich!

Need a new AT-AT? Looking for money to start your very own sniper droid army (to protect your brand new refresher booth of course)? Well look no further!

Get in on the Star Wars VE Trivia at http://comnet.imperialnetwork.com/topic/8822/page/0/.

Hope to see you there!

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