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VE Today – Why Did You Join?

October 06th, 2007 | Category: News,VE Today

– What is the VE Today?

– What does the VE Today mean to you?

– What does the VE Today mean to others?

These questions, and a few others, have been given to your VE Today authors so you, the Vast Empire, may see the personality behind the articles… perhaps put a soul behind the chunks of text you see on a weekly basis.

The questions I asked were the following:

1. Why did you want to join the VE Today?

2. What personal qualities do you have that you believe can benefit the VET?

3. Were there any inspirational individuals that provoked your interest in becoming an article writer?

4. Do you plan to write articles weekly, bi-weekly, or just whenever you get around to it?

5. For those thinking about joining the VET Team, what advice would you give?

6. Do you plan to participate in any of the other VET activities? (Web/Graphics design, etc.)

7. What suggestions do you have that you believe may benefit the VET?

8. What did you eat for breakfast?

Max Fagron

1. I would like to join the VET to write lighter material, to get a break from day to day squadron writing and to make readers laugh.

2. I think that my writing skill may help the VET and I hope that my strange sense of humor will make people laugh.

3. I think Riqimo (Doc) inspired me wih his funny articles and made me want to write the same.

4. I plan to write at leat once a week, and more if possible.

5. I would say:

“Be funny, be thoughtful, be cool and be a damn good writer!”

6. I’m not sure if my system would support graphics design, but if i can participate in it or anything else of the kind, I will give my utmost.

7. I believe that more comic relief stories would give the VEt a friendlier air, and a story every week about each squad/squadron’s Story Post Site( a sort of “News on the March” sorta thing) and its progress would raise awareness about the big picture of the VE as a whole(especially during stories like Phase II).

8. Weetabix


1. To relieve my boredom…. and i have been searching for a place to write about various star wars topics for some time now.

2. My writing skills, as well as an advisor to any real life situations. However I do not reccomend growing close to me ­čśŤ hah, joking

3. Not really, only myself.

4. Once i find a proper subject to speak upon, weekly at the least.

5. Be sure you are ready to commit to the writing. Do not join to just get credits, you should write articles because you WANT to.

6. If they need my skills, yes I will help with what is within my capacity.

7. I do not know the system perfectly well yet, So i have no advice at this time.

8. I do not eat breakfast. It is a meal for the weak.


1. Clever ideas that didn’t have much use elsewhere.

2. All the little things that make me Snipes.

3. Me? Maybe H.S.T, he was quite the journalist.

4. On my own illogical and unknowable schedule

5. Wait for me to dissapear.

6. Who knows.

7. Haven’t been here long enough to have any idea.

8. Green eggs and ham, Sam I Am.

Kanderin Draken

1. Although I like it a little less than storywriting, formal/informal articles are what I’m probably best at writing. Plus I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands, the VET means I always have at least one thing to do.

2. I can get on well with most people, I’m not afraid of working hard, and I’m a decent writer.

3. I’m not sure how big they are over there, but the ‘Kerrang!’ magazine, surprisingly, has some awesome writers. They’re articles are genuinely funny, and the first time I picked up the magazine I was surprised at just how talented they were. It’s what I am for in my writing, a well written piece which makes people laugh.

4.Whenever I get around to it. Some days I have no time whatsoever, some days I have four or five hours free. I’ll do as much as I can.

5. Keep an eye on the comnet. Say if your writing something about a new squad, you should think about the people you want opinions from. If its a Wildcard Squad, Rizzit would probably be the best person for a comment. For the training purposes, probably Cosmic. Don’t run it all on your own opinion basically, make sure you get a range of people’s views.

6. I’m not a very good artist, so I wont be on the designing side. I am learning to code though, so the web might be an option in the time to come.

7. Genuine ranks might go down well. For example, you already have your ‘(VE-Army) Corporal’ tag underneath your avatar, maybe you could add a VET version. It makes the role more distinguishable, which makes it more attractive in turn.

Ranks? Umm…
Coffee boy/girl
Junior Reporter
Senior Reporter
(That took me about twenty seconds to think up, its far from what I’d really consider. Just an example really.)

8. I skipped breakfast this morning. I got up late and had to rush out of the house for college. Nah actually, thats an excuse. Even if I was up on time, I normally skip breakfast. So sue me :p.


1. I like to write, and this will give me a chance to jump outside the story writing that we usually do.

2. Good writer(for a public high school student).

3. Karl Marx, George Orwell.

4. Weekly, once I get my internet working.

5. Have a good grasp on essay writing.

6. Graphics design.

7. Have articals presented through a newsletter.

8. Reheated day old domino’s pizza sold at school for lunch.


1. I joined in my sleep it would seem, so my motives are unknown to me. I do enjoy writing and something other than Squad Stories would be a nice change.

2. I’ve been told that when I write, I’ve got a very distinct voice. It’s hard for me to use that voice in Squad Stories (who knows why), but I imagine in article writing it will be easier.

3. Uhh, I’m not to familiar with famous article writers. However, the late Kurt Vonnegut Jr. is source of inspiration for all my writing.

4. We shall see how things go, but It will probably be when I get around to it. Unless I get some awesome idea for a weekly/bi-weekly thing.

5. Speaking English is definitely an asset.

6. I don’t have any graphic designing software. If there are any free ones you know of I’d be willing to get into the long self-teaching process. Graphic designing is always something I wished I could do.

7. None at the time.

8. Ooo, caught me on a good breakfast day. Hash-browns, Eggs and Advil.


1. To be able to write articles for the VE

2. Major Gaming and Technology, expect to see some articles on that stuff from time to time.

3. IDK 0.o

4. Mostly whenever i can get around to it

5. Be creative, creativity goes along way to making a great article.

6. 0.o Other VET activities, hmm…. probably

7. Add the VET to Imperial Trade :p

8. Bagles and Mountain Dew


Thanks to those that joined the VE Today, participated in this questionnaire, and to those who will join the VE Today in the future.

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