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Storm Trooper Squad Features: Iron Horse

October 25th, 2007 | Category: News

I am interviewing each squad to get a more in-depth look at who they are and what they are made of. I have sent out questionnaires to the Squad Leader for each squad and will feature a different squad each week.

Our first squad is newly reformed, and has taken the initiative with this series of features. And without further a due…Iron Horse.

The first squad in existence, Iron Horse has a long history. They are formerly the “Elite” Squad, wearing the blood red armor, setting them aside as the best of the best.

The squad was disbanded some time back, but has returned with a mission to restore itself to its former glory. The Elite Iron Horse.

Their Motto: “Don’t run…You’ll just die tired.”

Squad Name: Iron Horse

Squad Leader: AlanRJ

Assistant Squad Leader: None

1) History:

A) When did your squad get founded?

The squad was newly reformed on 29th September 2007

B) How has it matured over that time?

As it has only been open for under a month it is hard to answer this one, I will say that it has seen new members and is evolving with more members posting on the story

C) Where do you see it in the future?

To be a very productive squad and for people one day to say that the Iron Horse squad is the best squad within the VE.

2) How would you rate your squads’ activity level?

Presently poor. At the moment most members post on the story once a week. We also have two members one definitely AWOL and the other a possibility.

3) Any funny stories or in-squad jokes about the members?

GK-874 being sent out on an assignment naked. To distract the guards he was sent out to them without his uniform on, sadly he was not wearing anything under the uniform and so he went out to the guards naked. Thankfully they thought he was raving mad and took him inside their base.

4) What is your biggest need right now as a squad?
More productivity from its members

5) What is the coolest thing that has ever happened in your squad?

Having so many members in such a short period of time

6) Which other squad would you most like for your squad to team up with on a story?

Originally coming from the Paladin Squad, it would be really great to have a story interacting both squads.

7) If you had a choice between any superpower in the Star Wars Galaxy, or just to have Carrie Fisher tied up to a floating bed like Jabba the Hutt had (same age as in the movies), which would it be?

Carrie Fisher tied up to a floating bed. – ‘nuff said.

a) Why (or which super power if you answered that way)?

[Not answered, so I refer you to the above ‘nuff said.]

b) Are you married, or a heterosexual female (because this could have a lot to do with your answer) (this is totally optional and will be excluded if you are offended)?

[Again, unanswered, so I refer you to the above ‘nuff said.]

Thank you Alan RJ for the interview. I would warn the other squads that you were coming for their rankings, but that may ruin the element of surprise.

Keep your eyes on Iron Horse as they move to build back up and regain their former position. Good luck to you Iron Horse, and beware all who make enemies of the Vast Empire.

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