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The Pirate Threat

October 14th, 2007 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing

There is a growing danger in the surrounding systems of the Vast Empire. Before you even begin to think it, no, it is not the New Republic or even planetary rebellion; it is the threat of Piracy, and it is beginning to make an impact on Imperial Trade and Transportation. Our systems are not safe from these criminal enterprises trying to make a profit by hijacking cargo and stealing ships. More recently, the Vast Empire’s Trade Convoys have come under siege by Pirate Forces. The allure of credits attracts people to their cause, which in turn costs the Imperial Tax-Payers millions of Credits in rebuilding and replacing ships and cargo. The Vast Empire is being forced to also pay millions of credits in the costs of building defenses for stopping this pirate insurrection. Theses attacks force them to build armed defensive forces on peaceful trading planets, to build space defense fleets orbiting planets with little to use to anyone. They must build these forces only if to keep the imperial presence in the areas. The troubles that these pirates have caused to the Imperial People have only become more visible in the recent weeks

      Recently, a Vast Empire Bulk Transport Convoy, made up entirely of Bulk Freighter Class Transports Crafts, was sent out to go and re-supply Out-laying Imperial Colonies and Outposts. It was scheduled to make a pass of Rakata Prime, when all contact with the Convoy was lost. The last message received from the convoy was an emergency distress signal. It read as following:

     “To any Imperial Friendly ships, this is the Vast Empire Transport Convoy Omega; we are under siege from unknown pirate forces. We are declaring a Code Zero, and are asking for re-enforcements, we are an unarmed convoy and are taking major damage. We have been driven off our original course and we are unsure of our location. Our last known coordinates place us somewhere near the planet ****** *** (location censored from public transmission).

     Though the exact location of this convoy is unknown, as shown above the Vast Empire Naval Command does has a last known location, in which to begin a search for the missing convoy. However, it is unknown how the situation will be handled. Nonetheless, this is just one of many recent pirate attacks in the outlaying systems of the Vast Empire’s Influence. One month ago, a medical supply convoy was attacked and destroyed near Rakata Prime. This leads most to believe that the majority of pirate activity is located in the space near and around Rakata Prime. The problem that faced now is that the area surrounding Rakata Prime is home to Imperial Colonies and Outposts that are in dire need of supply, and these pirate attacks leave the area defenseless to New Republic Expansion. This would throw the balance in the systems, putting power into the hands of the New Republic and Pirate Criminal Enterprises.

     The Vast Empire Imperial Navy declined to give a statement onto how they plan to handle this, but it can be expected that in the coming weeks, ad the attacks continue, action of some kind will be taken. Our Sources in the Vast Empire Imperial Navy tell us that the matter is being discussed inside the leadership of the Imperial Navy, and they may reach a decision very soon, at which time they will release a statement and beginning their operations to handle the situation.

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VE meet VESA

October 14th, 2007 | Category: News

A new group has recently emerged from within the Vast Empire. No, I’m not talking about Iron Horse, or a Galaxies division, or Phantom. I’m talking about the Vast Empire Smokers Association (VESA). The VESA is a collection of a few beings who take a true delight in the offerings of the tobacco plant.

The group has its origins in a handful of troopers who realized they had a common interest and wanted a place to converse about brands, methods and what everyone else is missing out on. It has evolved into a productive and contributing part of the Vast Empire, if not a growing one.

Now how exactly has the VESA contributed to our fine group, you wonder? Well. . . the VESA has added to the VE in a few ways that are very important to improving life in the Vast Empire, at least in the realm of modern comforts. The group is responsible for the introduction of the Imperial Lung Blaster cigarettes as well as the Imperial Zippo. Both are available in large quantities at the Imperial Center Store. (Go. Buy. Now.) Also these members offer a nice, social atmosphere inside #cancer for other carcinogenic enjoyers to relax and unwind over a nice Lung Blaster at the end of a hard day.

We got a chance to talk to a few of the members at the VESA to see what they had up their sleeve next, Imperial cigars? Cigarette holders? Beer cozies?

“Well, we were thinking maybe a VESA condom, we feel that this would really increase our credibility in the health department” Sniping101 was kind enough to share his thoughts. Although we’re not sure he was in any state to legally have thoughts. “I was thinking a VESA walker, like maybe ‘VESA-ST’ or a ‘VESA-AT’, get our logos out there and just all around show our Imperial pride!”  He wouldn’t shut up. “Or maybe a really big, AHGCK!” We finally tasered him.

Finally we caught up with the other members of the VESA board and were able to get some marginally more credible information, not to mention better smelling.

“Well, we’ve been thinking about expanding into liquors and luxury consumables, with the council’s permission of course. We believe that the quality we have brought to the smokes industry should not be exclusive to those who hate their lungs.” Chairman Eviscares informed us.

“Yes, we have some future products in the works, but we’re really waiting to see how people respond to our polling. If there’s enough interest we have a few ideas to take this even further.” Secretary Hashi Shiyun said, batting his eyelashes.

“We don’t want to pursue this if there isn’t any interest though. . .”

“Yes we do!” Snipes woke up.

“. . . So we’d appreciate some feedback on our poll and in person.” Eviscares continued.

Our interviewee’s were at this time whisked away on important army business and the interview could not be continued. However, it seems that in the luxury consumables the great void that has filled the Vast Empires life will soon be filled, viewers willing. So please folks, hit up our poll, and please, please don’t vote no.

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