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Phantom? Someone call the Ghostbusters!

October 13th, 2007 | Category: News

We can’t have been the only ones that have noticed the recruitment posters popping up in the very darkest corners of the VE bases. At least we hope not, as that might mean Snipes has managed to spike our water again. Bad thing’s happened last time that happened, we still haven’t managed to get the g-string off of the flag pole…

Back to the point. These mysterious leaflets give away very little. They mention little more than a few words about looking out for ‘courageous, fresh and incredibly abled recruits’. Not to mention their somewhat intimidating portrayal of ‘A very rewarding, if dangerous, career boost’. It would be starting to sound like an advert for one of the cheap smutty call lines which are far too common around our office. I mean the office next door. Ahem.

The most revealing piece of information we could find on this advert, was a comlink number. We ran this through the VE’s database of numbers, but it wasn’t linked with any individual, or organization within the military. So we rang it ourselves. A man with a very young voice answered, although he spoke with a calmness that we presumed was way beyond his age. The conversation went a little like this. The man’s words are in italic.

“You’ve rang about the advert yes?”


“Your rank and name, if you please”

“Errm… Lance Corporal Bob Jeffries”

“Alright, now what do you really want?”

“It’s the VET”

“I had a feeling you were going to be calling. I’m not going to tell you much, but be happy I’m actually still speaking to you. We’re an organization known as Phantom, we’re a special ops team involved with many galactic operations. I can’t give you any information on who we are, how many we number, or where we are based. We are however recruiting, and anyone interested in joining us should get their way over to our meeting room. Out”

Harsh words spoken with acid. We had a check around the VE bases we knew of, and could find no such trace of a ‘Phantom Meeting Room’. Our only idea is that he was referring to their conversation topic on our own Comnet. We, for reasons we were somehow expecting, are locked out of it.

So, now is your chance loyal VET readers! For the sake of the VET’s superiority, we are asking the readers out there who feel themselves capable of meeting the Phantom Prequisites to get into their squad topic. We are guessing the recruitment details are within.

Good Luck!

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