Oct 3

Does Our Dark Lord Have a Man Crush on Ewan McGregor?

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There is some speculation about Grand Moff Kadann having a man crush on Ewan McGregor. After some researching, this reporter is here to dispel some of the rumor, and leave a question lingering in your mind.

There are reports that there were several questions posted on Star Wars Trivia about Ewan McGregor. After some research, this reporter was able to discover the truth behind this claim.

There were in fact four questions asked about Ewan McGregor, not the character Obi-Wan, but the actor himself. They read as follows:

“Who portrays the younger version of a character originally played by Sir Alec Guinness? (Actor name)”

“What Episode I star was six years old when the original Star Wars film was first released?”

“What Episode I star is the real-life nephew of Dennis “Wedge Antilles” Lawson?”

“What Episode I star has been called “the biggest thing out of Scotland since argyle socks”?”

What was the answer to all of these?

That’s right! Ewan McGregor! Is this a hint to the true feelings of our Dark Lord?

You must be the judge.

There are also rumors that Grand Moff Kadann calls Ewan McGregor “Ewie” while imagining them roaming the galaxy together, crossing sabers with whoever stand in their way, but this is all unconfirmed speculation.

There are several questions that yearn to be answered though:

If this really were a man-crush, would “Ewie” be our Dark Lord’s Padawan?

And is “Ewie” even worthy of our Dark Lords tender affections?

I’ll let you be the judge, but I believe that this is one piece of gossip that we all must keep an eye on.

(Disclaimer: This article is meant to be in good fun, and is not meant to be an insinuation about Kadann or his personal life. If you can’t laugh at this, or take offense, then you should seek counseling immediately or grow a power mullet and start saving for an ‘83 Firebird.)

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