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The Scout Trooper

January 05th, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars


So how come you’re not a scout trooper?”
“Once I put the helmet on, I couldn’t see. I sideswiped a cadet and caused a pile up that destroyed twelve speeder bikes. I was kicked out of the Trooper Corps.”

―Anonymous Stormtrooper on why he wasn’t a Scout trooper


Ok. So the scouts got their butts whooped with the rest of the Empire by those furry little teddy bears. However, out of all the armor that one could wear the Scout had the better end of the deal….Flexability wise. It was made to give the best movement during combat. Also it is one of the extreme few that the trooper could actually sit down in without a problem.

The Scouts armor consisted of two shoulder, two upper arm, two writs, the front and back plate, two knee and the helmet.Also add in the belt, TD (thermal Detonator)belt box’s and Balaclava. The scout also wore a black under suit,a groin-flap and a pair of white boots with tanned bottoms.Their helmets view plates capable of locating energy emissions and motion tracking. The helmets also gave the trooper night vision as well. Let’s go over the more finer details other then listing them.

The cummerbund or “diaper” is an essential piece of the costume. This is an item made from white fabric (generally heavy duty material) that extends from under the chest armor to the crotch. They completely wrap around the lower torso. The codpiece portion goes from white to a black piece of wide nylon webbing (think of a thong) that connects to the back of the piece. Also noted that camel toe is a common side effect to wearing these.



The Balaclava is what most scouts wear in their uniform. This is a “hood” that covers the head and makes sure that hair or skin will not be seen peeking out from under the helmet.The vest is another item that is used. It is not essential, however, some scouts do use them. Heres a few pictures from the film with it.

post-5-1144558114.jpg      post-5-1144558160.jpg

As far as weapons go the scout is lightly armored. Most just use a small pistol that’s carried in the boot holster. Some however would use a Blaster Carbine or a Rifle if they chose. The Scout in itself may not have the best armor or even camouflage, but they sure as heck made up for it with their flexibility and speed. Yet they still couldn’t take down those pesky ewoks! For more information of the finer details of the scout you can go visit Biker ( A Detachment of the 501st Legion)


Quote was taken from the Wookieepedia and the pictures were uploaded from my computer and were from Biker

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Melee Weapons

January 03rd, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars


Probably one of the more useful weapons in the Star Wars Universe. While the blaster and other such weapons are good for major combat and or fire fights, it is also good to have a few of these in hand. One can’t just depend souly on such things. If the weapon malfunctions the situation can turn deadly for the user. Also, if the opponent uses Melee Weapons they may have the advantage over say a blaster for close-range combat. There are many different kind of Melee weapons such as follows…

The Vibroblade – These range anything from swords to ax’s and normally in the hilt there is a ultrasonic piece of equipment that made the weapons(s) vibrate at an extreme rate. So even the slightest hit could do some major damage.


Electrostaff – These had electromagnetic pulse-generating tips and were lightsaber resistant. Most people recognise these from Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. Used by the MagnaGaurds that Obi-Wan and Anakin fought against during the clone wars. Not the greatest melee weapon out there sense theses were more used for blunt-force.


Stun baton – These look more like a short stick to beat on someone. It is a short range weapon that requires that the user have to get close enough to touch his/her opponent. It would then give off an electric shock to stun them. So it was used more to control someone. Much like in real life with say a tazer.



There’s many more different weapons out there. These are just a few of them listed. Each one has it’s personal uses and range of pain or death. The use of such weapons can be found just about anywhere in the Universe.

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Star Wars or Anime?

January 02nd, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars


What’s better? Anime or the wonderfully epic story that George Lucas has given us all? Each has it’s perks and for some there’s no question about having to ask such a thing. However, let us compare them and see…

Anime originated from Japan as many have known. Anime started back in the twentieth century but didn’t really hit the United States until 1980’s when the Gundam series hit. Other shows soon followed such as Dragon Ball Z and Sailor moon. Now today more and more shows are more like the Japan animation. With shows such as Pokemon, and Inu Yasha as many people’s favorites. There’s a never ending stream of merchandise to be bought over many stores and even online.


AnimeNation is the best and leading source to get anything a person could want in the Anime World. T-shirts, key chains, snacks, drinks exc… The list goes on. Manga is available as well and you can even find items that you couldn’t’t get in a store. If it’s information your after.. other then using the on-line Wiki there is the Anime News Network.

There are hundreds of sites linking to different Anime talks, chats, and even conventions. On more then one occasion I’m sure someone has seen someone dressed up in some sort of costume from a favorite series. Going to a convention is one good way to see them. Not only would you find Anime costumers but others as well from a vast sea of fantasy and Sci-fi. Anime has taken such a foothold that it has been expanded to draw up favorite characters to see what they would look like if they were anime. Such as the Futurerama gang and Star wars.

futurama_as_anime.jpg       swmeb1.jpg

Which now comes to the next section and another popular part of the World. Star Wars! Who would have imagined that back when the first movie came out that it would explode to become such apart of the American culture and the culture of many around the world. Video games, TV shows, Conventions, toys and clubs. Heck former President Ronald Reagan had used the name Star Wars for the Strategic Defense Initiative until the name was changed in 1993 by Former President Bill Clinton. Just like the anime, there is as much to buy out on the market for Star wars as anything else. With mass roll playing forums and even on-line games such as Galaxies’s and Empire at War.

Back in 1997 Albin Johnson started the now world wide costume fan group known as the 501st Legion or Vader’s Fist. What started out as a small group became so large that it expands in countries such as Japan and Asia. Members of the 501st Legion often make appearances at casual, promotional, and charitable events. A non-profit group the 501st also has close ties with the Lucas film.

picture-053.jpg     4qi8l6h.jpg


The Legion itself also has it’s territory assigned. The united States for instance has the states assigned in groups to for a Garrison. Each Garrison has a name and their own set of on line boards to communicate. A few examples are Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. They are grouped together to form Star Garrison. Florida is known as Florida Garrison but has several squads due to how large/long of a state it is. The main on-line source for the 501st is :

From that site there is access to find the links to each Garrison. The Legion is well known and has been around now for ten years and is still growing. Recently, Two new Garrisons were formed in the United States. Alabama broke off to become their own Garrison and Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi became MidSouth Garrison. The Legion has also helped influence the Star wars universe as the name was taken to be added to the Clone group in Revenge of the Sith and in the Battlefront II game. Because of the what Star Wars has done for the world and the impact of this group there has also been done a special documentary about them. Called Heart of an Empire it has shown in film festivals across the United states and was aired at the last years Star Wars convention.

Anime or Star Wars? Both are great and have lots of world influence. Both have impacted peoples lives in either small or great doses. There is much more information then can be put into words on how a person feels about each. Some like one or the other. What is decided is based off each person. Anime junkie, Star wars geek, or both. This isn’t even half the information that could be found, as to place it all would be a very large book indeed.


Pictures were taken off my computer and found off of google images. The actual real pictures are from actual charity events that I attended.

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Better then Twi’leks?

January 01st, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars

Another zeltron female


When you’ve been in this business as long as I have, you learn a few things: Nothing’s more dangerous than arguing with a Wookiee, nothing’s more foolish than gambling with a Jedi, and nothing’s more alluring than a Twi’lek dancer. But I’m here to tell you that last one is wrong. If you like your humanoids flexible, svelte, enthusiastic, and in multiple shades of red, then the most beautiful people in the galaxy are on Zeltros. Who needs Twi’leks?” ―Ruudi Buundaz 

 Zeltron female

As quoted there by the near human species called the Zeltron. Thee most physically visible trait that separates them from the humans is by their skin and hair. It ranges in different shades of red, from almost white to pink to deep red. Humans considered them Highly attractive. Even the near humans and others alike agreed


Zeltrons are also be considered a new species based of the human genre instead of being  considered another sort of alein.. They possessed three traits.The first was that all could produce pheromones ( chemicals secreted by one life-form to influence the behavior of other lifeforms, most often to attract members of the opposite sex. Prince Xizor of the race of Falleen is another that has this abailty.)

The secondwas that they could  project their emotions into their target or whatever. Thus adding a type of control on the subject (kinda scary). The third is their empathic ability, allowing them to read and even feel the emotions of others, becoming highly useful in certain situations.


 Their home world of Zeltros is known as a luxury world “party planet”. If anyone wasn’t having a good time on Zeltros.. well lets say they would know it and make sure whatever was wrong was taken care of. In other words.. perhaps the best sort of correction that one could have..


Now their culture is at most very interesting.The Zeltrons are highly influenced by sexuality and pursuit of pleasure in general. Most of their art and books were devoted to it.. It was natural to them then to many others who probably found their way of life to be revolting.. If their different shade of skin color or hair wasn’t an indication that you have ran into one of the species, their clothing certainly is a dead give away. They dress in high wild colors for the evening such as bright shades of diffrent neon colors that would hurt the eyes; as well as wild patterns and shapes on their clothing.


A few of the most famous Zeltrons are as follows:


Luxa –Luxa

Worked for the Exchange’s branch on Citadel Station over Telos IV. She was a high-ranking member who reported directly to Loppak Slusk.

Dani -adventurer and a master thief as well as once was a once a member of the Rik Duel gang


Unnamed Zeltron Sith General of the Dark Underlord – member of the Black Knights under the command of the Sith Lord known as the Dark Underlord, he faced Mandalorian mercenaries who intruded upon the Underlord’s fortress on Malrev IV.

Unnamed Zeltron Sith General of the Dark Underlord




So the question asked in the end, are the Zeltrons better then the Twi’leks? You as the reader will have to decide….



Quote, pictures and way  the order of the topic was posted  taken  from

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A Little Fact/History of the Blaster

January 01st, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars

Now we all know what a blaster is. A  really cool weapon that fires out  blaster bolts from a  power cell.  It is the most common weapon used in the Galaxy. The oldest known type of blaster was used by some kind of old droid. The model is not known but it was  employed by the Rakatan Inifinite Empire. That weapon was actualy considered the best and up-to-date when it was made.

Other then that the oldest blaster by far was the tripple Blaster. It worked by using three separate blasters connected to the system,and fired at a target. However by the rise of the Empire these weapons had become extreamly rare. Prior to this weapon beam tubes were used.They consisted of backpacks with a hose coming out of the side. All of the equipment that was used to create the blaster beam in the backpack and was fired out of the hose. By the time the Empire had rosen to power the blaster in itself was the most commonly used weapon. Not only did the military use  the blaster but also by civilians as well for protection. Places such on Tattooine over in the Cantina were these items were supposadly not allowed. Actually,  it was commonly  shoutd out “No blasters” when a fight broke out. Not that anyone ever listened to begin with

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~To know a Gen’Dai ~

January 01st, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars

This would be one species that is probably the most intresting by far. The Gen’Dai were a seemingly immortal species with distributed nervous and vascular systems.  They Lacked  the vulnerable vital organs that most races needed to survive.  These included the brain, lungs and naturally the heart.  The species was even known  to take  major hits that would kill most anything else  and survive. Among one thing they could survive was total dismemberment. So unles someone could vaporise them  they would live. Though many of the species if taken that hard of a hit it eould be a while before they could get up and fight. They would go into hibernation until the major injuries would heal or be regenerated.

Now no one knows were the homeworld is or was. It had been lost a long time ago. It’s also not stated wether they live on one planet another. That information seems to have been lost. Most of this species are non-aggressive save one name that comes up in the history chronicles.  The average years of life that a Gen’Dai can live is up to four-thousand years. Some can even live and have been known to live up to seven-thousand years making them look  as if they are immortal. Because of this as they age, their minds would weaken and would be left open for mental diseases. Another intresting fact is due to the nature of their nervous systems, they had very good senses, and are able to feel a Human‘s heartbeat from ranges of up to 200 meters.

The most well known Gen’Dai was the bounty hunter and CIS commander, Durge. One of his more intresting  quotes gives a little more on how he looked at the universe.


I was once buried alive—for 60 years! If that didn’t kill me… if the Sith and the Mandalorians and the Bloodboilers of Kragis couldn’t kill me—then you won’t kill me!“―Durge



Durge was a bounty hunter in the galaxy for a good number of years. Two thousand years to be more precise. Durge was able to survive several near-death situations  due to his species regeneration and his armor that was highly enhanced. But that’s getting ahead  so we need to start from his early life and work on how he became involved in several major wars and made a name for himself.


In his early life Durge was in great Physical shape but he also had a natural aggression uncharacteristic of the Gen’Dai species. When he had watched some bounty hunters in action this had  filled him with love or a lust for the hunt. He would then one day leave his tribe and had ventured out to be trained under various bounty hunters. It wasn’t until he met the Madalorian training master Jaing, who taught him everything  he needed to know in the feild of the madalorian combat and tactics skills.


At some point, Durge was  approached by a doctor  who offered to complement their bodies and armor suits with advanced cybernetics. Durge traveled to his  lab on an unknown planet, where he was  introduced to a woman who  who had been disabled to the point where she needed cybernetic enhancements to function. The female had talked Durge into taking in the same technology that kept her alive. Jaing was also there with Durge and both decided to take the risk and let them have it done. Thinking that it would make them more powerfull in battle the risk as a whole was worth it to them.After recovering, Durge and Jaing tested out their new abilities in a sparring match.As they were battling, a group of Mandalorians loyal to Ung Kusp attacked. The doctor that had initially brought them to the lab ordered them to fight the Mandalorians to pay back the debt they owed.In the middle of the battle Jaing was taken out and thought dead by a thermal detonator.Durge, thinking that his friend was dead had left to chase after the remaining Mandalorians, more specific Mandalore himself. After he had left the doctor had gone to Jang who was now dying and revealed to him that the whole point of them being there was to spark a war with the Sith and all the Mandalorian clans.


Further exploits

Durge fought for the Sith in the New Sith War. He faced  several Jedi in combat and learned  their techniques. Durge then became experienced at killing them. In order to avoid the Jedi reprisals, he  went into hiding after the Sith’s defeat at the Seventh Battle of Ruusan.

 He however, did continue  to hunt under a series of aliases and false names, earning the ire of the Bloodboilers of Kragis. Yet his most fateful mission came in 100 BB. Durge was hired to kill the then-Mandalore. Durge compleated the mission , but was captured by the Mandalorians and tortured. In the amount of time they had him the torture  slowly drove him past the edge and into insanity. Durge eventually was able to escape his captors but it took alot of time to regenerate. Nearly a century, and sixty of the years he spent buried underground.

Once he resurfaced, Durge ended up hired by count Dooku to go hunt down Boba Fett. iIs search ended up with him on Tattooine a couple months down the road. By that time Durge ended up taking another bounty by Jabba Desilijic Tiure. He eventually met up with Fett and tried to kill him. Not suceeding as the young man escaped he went back to Jabba and found out that the Hutt had assigned Fett to the same bounty he was on! After knocking Fetts helmet off Jabba halted the fight. Jabba, wanting to give Fett a short lead on the bounty gave Durge another task to hunt down combat archanids, while the young hunter left. In the end they both met up as Durge had quickly took care of the first task.The chase led them both into the heart of Libkath’s operations. After a long  fight, Fett fired at an air tank, blowing up both Durge and Libkath. Needless to say Fett became his number one on his list afterwards.

I will sharpen my teeth upon this boy’s bones!” ―Durge, referring to Boba Fett 

Not long after that blast he was back to work. This time he was paired up with Asajj Ventress on one of Naboo’s moons. They tested a new chemical that became very effective on killing Gungans and thus then started to plan for a full scale effort against the Gungans on Naboo. Soon after a strike team with Jedi Obi-wan, Anakin, Glaive and  Zule Xiss arrived to invistigate. Durge, who was very eager to battle Jedi again revealed himself to the Jedi and even clubbed Obi-wan down with his magna bolas. Durge continued to attack the three other Jedi despite having been stabbed in the gut with a Lightsaber. Seconds later he was shot in the eye by one of the clones and was forced to call Ventress in for backup. As she fought Obi-wan he was preparing to to shoot the Jedi in the head when he was attacked by one of the other Jedi and sustained yet again another Lightsaber wound. Ventress then ordered him to flee and make sure that the swamp gas plan went as planned. Yet when he got back he saw the shuttles meant to bear the toxin destroyed. Angered that the plan was foiled by the clone Mandalorian Alpha-17 he threw him into the fire. Anakin Skywalker then  hit him from the side with his own magna bolas. Shocked and injured, Durge fled the battle, vowing to kill Skywalker later down the road.


You know, it’s been over a century since I killed a Jedi… and today, I’ll get to kill four of you. Add that to the Gungans I already murdered, the hostages I’m going to kill later, and all the Naboo who will die tomorrow, and it’s a damn good week.” ―Durge 



After that defeat both Ventress and Durge knew the Jedi would want to find the source of the swamp gas. So they set up a trap on volcanic planet Queyta. To lure in the Jedi they used the antidote for the gas to lure them into an abandoned factory on a lava river, filled with Skakoans. The Skakoans were strapped with explosives and they thought that whatever the Jedi threw at them they could kill between them and the creatures in the lava. The Jedi did show up and as soon as they were known  Durge shot one of the Skakoans, causing a mass explosion and severely damaging the factory, sending it sinking into the lava. One of the Jedi used the force to absorb most of the explosion and took her own life to do it. In the end only one Jedi remained, Obi-Wan who had the antidote…


Near the end of the Clone Wars Durge was able to Lure Obi-Wan and Anakin into a trap in the Karthakk system.Kenobi was  searching for  Ventress, whom Anakin had defeated earlier in the war. Near the planet Maramere, Durge took a large number of battle droids and  killed the entire crew of a ship. Kenobi was then lead  into believing he would encounter Ventress on the ship.

 Both the Jedi  Boarding the ship,where  they started to head towards the bridge, where they were almost blown up by a thermal detonator. Obi-wan took a hard hit fromt he explosion and then  Durge immediately appeared,attacking the wounded Jedi. He was stopped by Anakin , who used the Force to impale Durge on hundreds of jagged metal pieces. He  shrugged this off as if it wasn’t a big deal , but was electrocuted from behind by Kenobi. Durge then started  to trigger some of the many explosive devices with which he had placed all over the ship.As Obi-wan ran off to look for clues to Ventress’s whereabouts Anakin started to fight Durge one on one.

Durge naturally was stronger then Anakin and overtook him. Yet he was severly hurt  when the Jedi  used the Force and sent  a large amount of the explosives at the Gen’Dai. One of the explosions took of his helmet and that sent him over the edge and into a dark fury. Anakin used just that and ended up forcing Durge into an escape pod. Again, using the force he was able to jetoson the pod and guide it into the Maramere’s star and thus defeated  Durge. 



Now it wasn’t clear but some say that durge hadn’t really died. 1.5 ABY a group of scientists were were assigned to “Project Durge,” an attempt to repair a grievously injured being. The scientistswern’t told any information as to the origins of the life form. One of the scientists  was astounded at the way the being was recovering once they had started to put the thing back together. Sccess fufilled as they  revived “Project Durge,” yet they couldn’t restore it to what it looked like before. They then equiped the being with a suit of heavy battle armor. “Project Durge” eventually escaped  and started collecting bounties once more. After beating one of Boba Fett’s associates to a bounty, the bounty hunter  ordered his associate to track down “Project Durge” and destroy it. Doing as he was orderd he defeated “Durge” on Naboo. Boba though had a feeling that he hadn’t seen the last of Durge.



So have we trule seen the last of this Gen’Dai? Agreeing with Fett I am sure somewhere out there the bounty hunter lays in wait. Probably regenerating and waiting for the perfect time to come back to his blood lust for killing. All I can say is that these are intresting creatures  and god willing no one in the VE ever has to face them. Taking in all read here it would take a lot of fire power to even kill on of these guys. Making an enemy from one such as Durge wouldn’t be a good idea…..

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Wanted: Han Solo Dead or Alive

December 31st, 2007 | Category: News,Star Wars,Star Wars Role Playing

The Vast Empire has put a bounty out on Han Solo, a Smuggler with known ties to the Rebels. His ship is a YT-1300, heavily modified. We now know that he has compartments in his ship big enough for people to hide in, so be on your guard Bounty Hunters.

Ship’s Name: Millennium Falcon

Chewbacca, a Wookiee smuggler,
Lando Calrissian
Past History:
Worked for Jabba the Hutt (Fired)
Pilot for the Ylesian Dream
Used to be an Imperial Pilot (take caution in the skies)
Smuggler (Started on Nar Shaddaa, worked for Jiliac the Hutt and Jabba The Hutt
Han Solo stopped an invasion at Serpico. The Imperial Army tried destroying Serpico by smashing another planet into it to destroy the local Wookiee population, Han evacuated the Wookiees and got away safely. There was only 1 casualty, his faithful friend Chewbacca.

Reward for Dead: 10,000 Credits
Reward for Alive: 50,000 Credits

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Rules of Sabacc

June 21st, 2007 | Category: Gaming News,Gaming Tips,Star Wars

Sabacc is a card game played with a deck of 76 cards in the Star Wars Universe. The odds are that if you talked about playing it in your posts, you probably don’t know how to play it. If you did, think of how your posts might be able to be expanded into much higher quality and detail!

Basically, there are four suits: Staves, Flasks, Coins and Sabres.

Each suit has 15 numbered cards. These are:

  • 1-11
  • Commander (12)
  • Mistress (13)
  • Master (14)
  • Ace (15)

As well as these, there are 16 ‘face cards’, 2 of each. They are:

  • Idiot (0)
  • Queen of air and darkness (-2)
  • Endurance (-8)
  • Balance (-11)
  • Demise (-13)
  • Moderation (-14)
  • The Evil one (-15)
  • The Star (-17)

The object of Sabacc is to get the highest total equal to or below 23, or above negative 23 (-23) Getting a hand above 23 or below negative 23 or 0 is called a bomb-out and requires the player to pay a penalty to the Sabacc Pot. He must equal what is currently in the hand pot and put it in the sabacc pot.

There are two pots in the game of Sabacc: the hand pot and the Sabacc pot. The hand pot is won whenever a player wins the round. The Sabacc pot is only won when a player’s hand is a ‘pure Sabacc’ (which is a hand totaling 23 or -23 exactly) Note: In case of a tie, 23 beats -23) Another Sabacc pot winner is an Idiots array or Literal Sabacc which is the Idiot card and a two of any suit and a three of any suit, (ie 0-2-3). By having one of these hands or any other special hand due to certain rules, the player wins both pots.

At the beginning of each round, The dealer deals out two cards to each player, who then must ante by placing a credit into both the hand and the Sabacc pot. (Only to the sabacc pot if it is empty ie someone won it last hand.) The person to the left of the dealer starts first and he goes through all phases of his turn before it is anyone else’s turn. After each hand, dealership moves to the left.


  • BETTING HAND: The player whose turn it is has the choice to bet. If he doesn’t the game moves to the next phase. If he does bet, then all other players must meet the bet or drop out in which they must pay the Sabacc pot two credits to do so
  • CARD PHASE: The dealer then asks each player if they would like an extra card (Just like Black Jack) The players can refuse, but if they except, they cannot trade it or throw it back – they must keep it. If they bomb out then they out of the game and have to the pay the bomb out penalty.
  • POKER PHASE: (note this only happens once) The next player has his/her turn for the two phases and so on until all players have done the two. Once the last player has finished the card phase, the dealer then asks all the players if they would like to trade any cards. The players may trade any cards but cannot simply give some back. Once this phase is complete, it never happens again in the hand.
  • CALLING PHASE: After the poker phase, they player whose turn it is, asks if any player would like to call the hand. When the hand is called, everyone has to place their cards right side up on the table and declare what they have. A player can only call during the calling phase of another player, not their own. If the person who called the hand does not win the hand, he must pay a penalty of two credits to the Sabacc Pot. If no one calls the hand, then the game returns to the betting phase and the game continues (excluding the poker phase)
  • WINNING A HAND: When a hand is called, the person with the highest card value wins the game. The player can also win if all other players fold In which the player only gets the hand pot. If two or more players are tied, they must compete in a sudden demise in which the dealer hands each another card. Which ever hand is the closest to 23 (or -23) without bombing out wins. If they have the same after a sudden demise, then they split the pot.
  • WINNING THE SABACC POT: To win the Sabacc pot, a player must have pure Sabacc or an idiots array. An Idiots array beats a pure sabacc, but if two or more players have the same special hand, then a sudden demise commences like above. (note: that a special hand, like any other, can only be declared when a hand is called.


Besides the standard rules, there are different versions which alter small parts of the game. You don’t have to play them, but if you do, you must obey the instructions given. These rules are also used for Random Sabacc. (note for all the special hands, your hand can only have the number of cards involved in the special ie you cannot hold four cards if you want to win the force array (three cards), it is not allowed) All special hands must be below 23 or above -23.

  • Rebel Alliance Rules: -During the poker phase, you can trade no more than two cards. -During the card phase, you can only take two cards. -The special hand is called the Force Array and consists of A master of any suit and any two cards of the sabre suit. (must be below 23) Queen of air and Darkness = 5 Endurance = 10 Balance = – 3 Demise = – 7 Moderation = -15 The Evil one = -12 The Star = -8
  • Imperial Rules: -During the poker phase you can trade three cards only, no more, no less. -During the card phase, you can take only one card unless you have the evil one, then you can take two. (you must prove to all players that you have the evil one) -The special hand is called the Death array and must have the evil one, demise and any 12 – 15 card. The Queen of air and darkness = – 11 Endurance = -8 Balance = -5 Demise = -18 Moderation = -2 The Evil one = -14 The Star = 5
  • Corellian Rules: -During the poker phase you can trade any number of cards you wish. -During the card phase you can take one or three cards -The Special hand is called the Profit Array and consists of Endurance and any two cards of the coin suit The Queen of air and darkness = -8 Endurance = -5 Balance = -7 Demise = -2 Moderation = -5 The Evil one = -11 The Star = -2
  • New Republic Rules: -The Poker phase and card phase are the same as normal – The special hand is called the Justice Array and involves Balance, a sabre and a commander The Queen of air and darkness = -9 Endurance = 8 Balance = 5 Demise = -11 Moderation = -14 The Evil one = -2 The Star = -13
  • Corporate Sector Rules: -During the Poker phase, only one card can be traded -During the card phase, you can take one or two only -The Special hand is called the Monarchy Array and consists of the Queen of air and darkness, The Star and any coin card. The Queen of air and darkness = -4 Endurance = 7 Balance = -9 Demise = -10 Moderation = -13 The Evil one = -14 The Star = 5

Random Sabacc is the same as Sabacc except that at random time intervals, the rules change, from what they were to something else i.e. standard to Corellian. It is a game of chance because A winning hand one moment will become a bomb-out the next. If the rules change while the hand is being called, all hands must change to the new rules.

If you are playing Sabacc in your next story, be sure to draw the ‘Idiot’s Array’ and win a nice starship, or maybe a planet. Best of luck, and may the cards be with you.

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Star Wars Secrets!

June 13th, 2007 | Category: Star Wars

During the making of the three Star Wars films a few slips, cock-ups, and tricks made it into the films. Next time you’re watching any of the films, look out for the following.


  • Cut and Droid
    When Artoo first gets put into the Jawa’s Sandcrawler he looks around at the array of creatures there with him. Look carefully as he turns and actor Kenny Bakers face can be seen inside the bubble on Artoo’s head.
  • C-3PO robot self-abuse
    On Tatooine, Luke is trying to clean up Artoo. An excited C-3P0 is seen staading behind them. What is he doing with that rag?
  • My Aunt Beru is a Ventriloquist
    Have you ever noticed that when Luke’s Aunt Beru speaks her lips aren’t in synch? George Lucas had her lines dubbed because the real Beru’s voice was “too deep”.
  • Drink problem
    Just after Ben and Luke bargain with Solo and Chewie for transport aboard the Falcon, the camera fixes on a pair of Stormtroopers walking their way. In the middle of the screen a “mousy” alien lifts a drink to his mouth. Unfortunately, he misses and hits his chin instead.
  • Greedo?
    By freezing the frames right before Han blasts Greedo to pieces in the Cantina, you see the actor who plays Greedo replaced by a really bad dummy that explodes. It’s thinner and taller than the actor, has a different jacket, and isn’t holding a gun!
  • Cardboard awards
    At the end of the film when our heroes (Ahem – their heroes ~Doc) receive their medallions, there are rebels on the extreme left and extreme right of the screen who don’t say much. They are all cardboard cut-outs.


  • Four seasons in one day
    During the outdoor scenes at the battle of Hoth, the weather miraculously changes from shot to shot As the battle progresses the sky is blue and cloudless, then clear with some clouds, then very grey and overcast.
  • Who left that bloody thing there?
    When Luke blows up the AT-AT, watch its rear left leg. Just before it falls, a stick pops up from the ground to send the entire thing crashing to the ground.
  • Spud missiles
    The special effects crew often placed little ‘inside jokes’ into the film that were too small to be seen in the final cuts. In the asteroid belt sequence – when Han rushes up to the cockpit of the Falcon – fans claim one of the asteroids is actually a potato.
  • See-you 3PO
    On Bespin, after C-3P0 has been dismembered and his parts are spread on the conveyor belt, Chewbacca enters the ‘junk’ room to collect his remains. In the close-up scene of Threepio on the conveyor belt, you can see the camera and several of the crew reflected in his head.
  • I’ve got one just like that!
    After Lando announces on the public address system that the city is under Imperial rule, chaos breaks out and people run everywhere. The man with a light brown tunic who runs by is carrying an ice-cream maker belonging to George Lucas.


  • ttuH eht abbaJ
    Just after Artoo plays Luke’s hologram at Jabba’s palace the film is actually running backwards. If you look closely you can see the smoke from Jabba’s pipe moving downwards and back into the pipe. The bubbles in his ‘bong’ are also moving downwards.
  • See what I mean?
    After Luke grabs the plank and jumps back onto the skiff, he flips in the air, and then grabs his lightsabre, which Artoo has shot over to him. Watch Han in the background. He is supposed to be blind after being frozen, but he seems to be following the action very closely.
  • Can you feel the force?
    During the scene when Leia gets shot outisde the Imperial bunker, she leans back, and Han rushes over to see if she’s alright. But while pushing Leia out of the line of fire, his hand accidently clutches her left breast. Oops!
  • Lando butts In
    Just after Chewie is taken away by the guards in Jabba’s palace we see Lando. Just before he pulls his mask down to show viewers who he is, he hits his head on the ceiling and his head jerks backwards.
  • Space walk
    An enduring legend of the Star Wars trilogy is said to happen somewhere in the space battle above Endor. Many have claimed that during the tedious shooting of the complex space battle, special effects jokers brightened up their day by secretly adding a rogue tennis shoe to the rebel fleet.

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