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The Scout Trooper

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So how come you’re not a scout trooper?”
“Once I put the helmet on, I couldn’t see. I sideswiped a cadet and caused a pile up that destroyed twelve speeder bikes. I was kicked out of the Trooper Corps.”

―Anonymous Stormtrooper on why he wasn’t a Scout trooper


Ok. So the scouts got their butts whooped with the rest of the Empire by those furry little teddy bears. However, out of all the armor that one could wear the Scout had the better end of the deal….Flexability wise. It was made to give the best movement during combat. Also it is one of the extreme few that the trooper could actually sit down in without a problem.

The Scouts armor consisted of two shoulder, two upper arm, two writs, the front and back plate, two knee and the helmet.Also add in the belt, TD (thermal Detonator)belt box’s and Balaclava. The scout also wore a black under suit,a groin-flap and a pair of white boots with tanned bottoms.Their helmets view plates capable of locating energy emissions and motion tracking. The helmets also gave the trooper night vision as well. Let’s go over the more finer details other then listing them.

The cummerbund or “diaper” is an essential piece of the costume. This is an item made from white fabric (generally heavy duty material) that extends from under the chest armor to the crotch. They completely wrap around the lower torso. The codpiece portion goes from white to a black piece of wide nylon webbing (think of a thong) that connects to the back of the piece. Also noted that camel toe is a common side effect to wearing these.



The Balaclava is what most scouts wear in their uniform. This is a “hood” that covers the head and makes sure that hair or skin will not be seen peeking out from under the helmet.The vest is another item that is used. It is not essential, however, some scouts do use them. Heres a few pictures from the film with it.

post-5-1144558114.jpg      post-5-1144558160.jpg

As far as weapons go the scout is lightly armored. Most just use a small pistol that’s carried in the boot holster. Some however would use a Blaster Carbine or a Rifle if they chose. The Scout in itself may not have the best armor or even camouflage, but they sure as heck made up for it with their flexibility and speed. Yet they still couldn’t take down those pesky ewoks! For more information of the finer details of the scout you can go visit Biker Scout.net ( A Detachment of the 501st Legion)



Quote was taken from the Wookieepedia and the pictures were uploaded from my computer and were from Biker scout.net

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