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Star Wars or Anime?

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What’s better? Anime or the wonderfully epic story that George Lucas has given us all? Each has it’s perks and for some there’s no question about having to ask such a thing. However, let us compare them and see…

Anime originated from Japan as many have known. Anime started back in the twentieth century but didn’t really hit the United States until 1980’s when the Gundam series hit. Other shows soon followed such as Dragon Ball Z and Sailor moon. Now today more and more shows are more like the Japan animation. With shows such as Pokemon, and Inu Yasha as many people’s favorites. There’s a never ending stream of merchandise to be bought over many stores and even online.



AnimeNation is the best and leading source to get anything a person could want in the Anime World. T-shirts, key chains, snacks, drinks exc… The list goes on. Manga is available as well and you can even find items that you couldn’t’t get in a store. If it’s information your after.. other then using the on-line Wiki there is the Anime News Network.


There are hundreds of sites linking to different Anime talks, chats, and even conventions. On more then one occasion I’m sure someone has seen someone dressed up in some sort of costume from a favorite series. Going to a convention is one good way to see them. Not only would you find Anime costumers but others as well from a vast sea of fantasy and Sci-fi. Anime has taken such a foothold that it has been expanded to draw up favorite characters to see what they would look like if they were anime. Such as the Futurerama gang and Star wars.

futurama_as_anime.jpg       swmeb1.jpg

Which now comes to the next section and another popular part of the World. Star Wars! Who would have imagined that back when the first movie came out that it would explode to become such apart of the American culture and the culture of many around the world. Video games, TV shows, Conventions, toys and clubs. Heck former President Ronald Reagan had used the name Star Wars for the Strategic Defense Initiative until the name was changed in 1993 by Former President Bill Clinton. Just like the anime, there is as much to buy out on the market for Star wars as anything else. With mass roll playing forums and even on-line games such as Galaxies’s and Empire at War.

Back in 1997 Albin Johnson started the now world wide costume fan group known as the 501st Legion or Vader’s Fist. What started out as a small group became so large that it expands in countries such as Japan and Asia. Members of the 501st Legion often make appearances at casual, promotional, and charitable events. A non-profit group the 501st also has close ties with the Lucas film.

picture-053.jpg     4qi8l6h.jpg


The Legion itself also has it’s territory assigned. The united States for instance has the states assigned in groups to for a Garrison. Each Garrison has a name and their own set of on line boards to communicate. A few examples are Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. They are grouped together to form Star Garrison. Florida is known as Florida Garrison but has several squads due to how large/long of a state it is. The main on-line source for the 501st is :


From that site there is access to find the links to each Garrison. The Legion is well known and has been around now for ten years and is still growing. Recently, Two new Garrisons were formed in the United States. Alabama broke off to become their own Garrison and Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi became MidSouth Garrison. The Legion has also helped influence the Star wars universe as the name was taken to be added to the Clone group in Revenge of the Sith and in the Battlefront II game. Because of the what Star Wars has done for the world and the impact of this group there has also been done a special documentary about them. Called Heart of an Empire it has shown in film festivals across the United states and was aired at the last years Star Wars convention.


Anime or Star Wars? Both are great and have lots of world influence. Both have impacted peoples lives in either small or great doses. There is much more information then can be put into words on how a person feels about each. Some like one or the other. What is decided is based off each person. Anime junkie, Star wars geek, or both. This isn’t even half the information that could be found, as to place it all would be a very large book indeed.


Pictures were taken off my computer and found off of google images. The actual real pictures are from actual charity events that I attended.

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