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Operation: Iron Sweep

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Recently, Dreadnought Serenity and her counterparts have returned from a brutal and costly Operation on the edge of Vast Empire Space, they have returned from the Yetton System. The System holds Outpost: Viverro, a listening outpost that sent a distress signal. The following information has been taken from the log of multiple Kaph Squadron members, and was presented during the initial briefing:

“Recently, the Vast Empire Imperial Naval High Council received a Code Zero Alert from the Vast Empire Naval Listening Outpost Viverro. This alert matches recent alerts from other systems of hostile forces attacking the outposts, and attempting to take over the area. The Outpost is lightly defended from hostile forces, with only Two Lancer Frigates and a TIE Interceptor Squadron as its garrison. It is not equipped enough to fight off the hostile forces that were detected from the outpost the first time it detected the Hostile Fleet.”

The information above was taken from the log of Zhar Bacredi, who at the time was positioned as Kaph 2. The information above was what sparked the Operation and the initial formation of Task Force: Iron Sweep. When the Task Force was sent on their way to the Yetton System, the Dreadnaughts Lobo and Serenity were accompanied by a large force of Lancer Frigates, the infamous Corellian Corvettes, Carrack Cruisers, and the venerable Kaph Squadron. This mission marked Kaph Squadron’s first mission since their re-opening, as their previous mission had been a training mission to help the new pilots, this was the new Kaph’s first real mission. The Task Force entered sublight speeds just off of Vectra, the Naval High Command headquarters. The initial approach would take two days, and give all the crew members a time to get briefed on the mission.

During the first hour, the four Squadrons attached to the Task Force (Kaph Squadron, Devil Squadron, Twilight Squadron, and Crimson Squadron) were briefed on their upcoming mission. On the Lobo Kaph and Devil Squadrons were briefed by their respective leaders, Ensign Fox and at the time Warrant Officer Second Class C-3PX2. While on the Serenity Twilight and Crimson Squadrons were briefed as well. They were told that an unknown warlord force was in the Yetton System, and they were to rid the system of that force. At the briefing, the forces of the unknown Warlord threat were read as:

– Dreadnaught (Flagship) Ć¢ā‚¬ā€œ Identified as the Amaranth
– Carrack Cruiser
– Lancer Frigate (x3)
– CR90 Corvette (x4)

The Task Force easily outnumbered the mere force of the Warlord, but the Task Force leaders speculated that the Warlord’s ships had modifications that could make them a deadly threat to anyone, even this venerable task force. And soon after that, the Executive Officer of Kaph Squadron, whose name is not being released at this time was replaced. He was soon after given the position as Flight Leader.

Two days later, the Task Force arrived in the Yetton System. Immediately a shuttle was sent to Outpost: Viverro to see if it was defendable, or should be evacuated. It was chosen to be defendable, and soon after the shuttle left the Outpost. But halfway through the shuttle’s flight to the Lobo, it was brutally shot down by warlord TIE/D Defenders. The Outpost, which was housing Kaph Squadron at the time for a briefing then received a small signal, one that died shortly thereafter. Kaph Squadron was immediately alerted of this, and set out to fight. When they reached the Shuttle’s debris field, they saw 5 TIE/D Defenders. They immediately began to battle them, and shortly after the TIE/Ds were destroyed. Warlord forces soon entered the system, but for unknown reasons left minutes after they entered, only to leave four CR90s in their wake, along with 45 TIE/D Droid starfighters.

These starfighters would prove deadly for the four Squadrons, and Devil Squadron was almost entirely taken out. Except for a few members which were transferred to Kaph Squadron. Eventually the TIE/Ds would be taken out, with a cost of course, almost all the squadrons had suffered losses, except for Kaph who had merely suffered injuries. Kaph Squadron, and the other three squadrons then headed for the enemy CR90 Corellian Corvettes, after the enemy lost two of their CR90s the warlord re-entered the system. But unfortunately the Warlord Flagship, collided with the Lobo, destroying both ships and moving the Serenity to the flagship. The next dilemma that happened was the loss of the Vast Empire Lancer Frigates, and then the rest of the Warlord forces were allowed to retreat.

The aftermath of this Operation, was a large question: “Are we safe?”. Many people are wondering that, as the Ios, Bannth, and Yetton Systems were all brutally hurt in this wake. The Ios and Bannth systems will take years to recover. And Naval High Command has issued alerts to all neighboring systems about this warlord threat.

I am Zhar Bacredi, thanks for stopping by.

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