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Down With the “Sicness”

July 16th, 2008 | Category: News

Today I sat down with Cheif Petty Officer Sicario. He is the Executive Officer as well as the Flight Leader of Flight two in Viper Squadron, one of three squads that make up the Vast Empire Navy. Not only is Sicario an accomplished writer, but he is the newest, but still a wonderful, Executive Officer to the VEN. Now, may I present you with CPO Sicario.

Stormz: How long have you been in service to the Vast Empire?

Sicario: I’ve been here since December 14th I believe, of 2007. I suppose I still qualify as a newer member, though my ambitious nature sort of balance’s that out. I plan on being here for a long time, there’s so much that needs to be done, and I hope to be one of the leaders in getting those things completed.

Stormz: What is your current role in the VE/Navy?

Sic: Trying not to get in trouble 😉 Honestly, I’m the Executive Officer of Viper Squadron, as well as Flight Leader. Basically, I handle the smaller problems among our pilots, make sure my flight keeps active, and help Ibram with whatever he needs. And let’s face it, I’m the hotty of the group 😉 Also, I am currently an Ink Slinger in the VEEC, journalism is sort of my passion as well. I had an Army character, though due to my business in the Navy, I haven’t gotten into it too much.

* Stormz laughs.

Stormz: How long have you been the Executive Officer?

Sic: I’m coming up on my 4th week as Viper’s XO, and I plan to remain here for many more weeks to come.

Stormz: What has been your most rewarding moment as both a Naval Pilot and Squadron XO?

Sic: Great question. As simply a pilot, my most rewarding moment was to discover I passed my SAE with distinction, I felt quite proud after that. Now, as Viper’s XO, easily the most rewarding is to work under Squadron Commander Ibram Tyrol. He has a great mind and a firm grasp on exactly what he wants. It’s also quite rewarding to see such great interaction between the squadron both in posts, and in personal conversations.

Stormz: I must admit that it is very inspiring working under a knowledgable Squadron Commander.

Sic: Indeed, he keeps me going.

Stormz: How do you feel the lastest operations went as a whole for the Navy?

Sic: Well, personally, I feel Viper’s Operation: Typhus could have run on longer. With a few more posts, I think it could’ve have been far more exciting than it turned out to be. But that’s the biggest downside to the VE, real life comes first. Anden Beliam, Tomas, both had to exit Typhus prematurely, and that hurt post numbers. But Viper isn’t the only one, Reaper has had a bit of a lack in posting, and Kaph has had a switch in its members. Overall, I think we’ve done alright, though we’ve certainly done better.

Stormz: Are there any upcoming goals for the VEN’s newest XO?

Sic: Certainly are. As with other new pilots, I have those smalled, everyday goals. But my biggest as of now, is to be recognized as an elite, and to hopefully make it into Reaper. I also decided to not post anything short of two-thousand words, and that has proven to be a bit difficult, but a fun challenge.

Stormz: The latter is quite a feat.

Sic: Yeah, thanks, it’s taken a lot of hard work.

Stormz: How do you approach your goal of posting nothing shorter than two thousand words?

Sic: Well, as with all my posts, I think of how I want to end it, and work from there. If I get an idea in mind for how I want Phineus and others to cone out in the end, then I can fill in the rest. And basically I sit here in my chair, occasionally glance out of my window, and completely engross myself in the Star Wars universe. I imagine that I -am- Phineus, and that the world around me is in a galaxy far far away. After that, I just write. It just sort of comes to my mind. I’m really motivated to write these posts, and that certainly helps. It also helps a ton when the people around you give you a lot to work with, and I have some excellant people around me.

Stormz: what interests you more, Personal, Flight, or Squadron stories?

Sic: That’s a good one. Hmm. They all have their ups and downs, clearly. I think it’s a tie between Personal and Squadron. I get to carve Phineus’ story and mold it the way I want, without any restrictions, in my personal stories. But with Squadron missions, I get to interact with some of my favorite VE members, and that is never dull. For example: in my next post in Uprising, I’ll be taking Ryno under my wing as it were, trying to help him cope with everything and realize his potential, and that is fun to write. So yeah, Personal and Squadron stories take the cake.

Stormz: That is great. There is no substitute for excellent squadmates. What would you say was your “big break” that hoisted you out of the Flight Member Position and into the Executive Officer’s seat?

Sic: Haha, in all honesty, Anden Beliam and Tomas going on leave. I was primarily promoted due to what I call, “next in line status.” If you read my old work from prior to my hiatus, and compare it to my new stuff, it’s clear to see I wasn’t worthy of an XO position. But I continually strive to prove my worth, one of the reasons I post 2K words at a time.

Stormz: I was in your same position so I know exactly how you feel. Could you explain the current mission that Viper squadron working on?

Sic: Sure. Uprising is a clear cut mission, at least so far. There is a Rebel uprising in the Epsilon system, and we’re called in as reinforcements. Our job is to take the Rebels down, basically bombard them as best we can. I particulary like this idea, and hope the squadron can blossom with this story

Stormz: I see, sounds like a very exilerating story. Kaph’s story also takes place within the Epsilon System, is this a joint operation?

Sic: As far as I’m aware of, no. But then again, Ibram keeps a good bit of info to himself, so even I get surprised.

Stormz: Very well hehe. How far along are you into this new mission?

Sic: I think we only have 7 or 8 posts up. Strictly Character Development at the moment, though within a few more posts, we’ll be airborne. The biggest problem is that our Squad currently has a lack of activity. Blue is on leave, Aleia and Arkan haven’t been seen, so there’s that. But if everyone gets back soon, we’ll get it going.

Stormz: I think we can all relate to the effects a few people have when they are inactive or on leave.

Sic: Yeah, it certainly takes a big toll on the entire squadron.

Stormz: That it does. You mentioned earlier that you are aiming to become a part of the newly organized “Reaper” squadron. Can you expand on what it is they are? Also, what exactly do they do?

Sic: Well, they are a bit of a “hush hush” organization at the moment. But from what I understand, it’s chock full of the Navy’s elite posters. Veteran guys who can hold their own under any and all circumstances. I believe I fit the criteria, just need to keep up my work and get noticed.

Stormz: I know you are busy so I will ask only one more question. What is your lastest personal story called and what is going on in it?

Sic: It’s called Acidic Love, and it’s the sequel to Rodian Raiders. Acidic Love is going to be a long one, as it has so much to set up. At first, Phineus gains some answers to the questions he’s been having, and discovers a bit more than what he bargained for. He finds out that he is the heir to the Gageus Family fortune, and gains his own droid army, capital ship, and possibly his own moon. Then, he discovers that his fate goes hand in hand with that of hundreds others. Lives are in his hands, both friends and foes. And it really puts a lot onto his young, naive shoulders. He’s been forced to grow up far quicker than anyone should, and now he needs to accelerate even more. He treks out on many adventures to discover the complete truth of what’s going on. Death, and life, come about. He makes strong friendships, and stronger enemies. As the title implies, he falls in love. However, he falls for the enemy, a spy sent to “woo” him, making him drop his guard, and she then attempts to take his life. Now, this destroys Phineus. The woman he loves turns out to be an assassin, and he has to personally kill her. It’s not an easy decision, clearly. But it’s his life or hers. But at first, he thinks of gladly giving up his life so that she can have hers. But sense snaps into him. Overall, Acidic Love will be full of twists, betrayal, friendships and love.

Stormz: Sounds like an intriguing story. I can’t wait to read it. Not only is it action-packed but it is going to be a somewhat romantic story, not seen very often within the Vast Empire. Well I thank you for your time Chief Petty Officer Sicario. Do you have any thing you would like to say in order to finish up this interview?

Sic: Thanks for having me, Stormz, was my pleasure.

Stormz: The pleasure was all mine.

This is Stormz saying goodnight. You stay classy VE.

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Dark Jedi Order Update

July 16th, 2008 | Category: News

The Application Requirements have been modified slightly. One element has been added to the current list of requirements. The new Application Requirements is as such:


1) At least 6 months of consecutive active membership in a division.
2) Have a letter of recommendation from at least two people above you in the chain of command, preferably your immediate unit commander and either a wing/platoon commander or a member of your division’s HC.
3) A roughly one-page writing sample. This can be in the form of either a link to a topic in which you have heavily participated or a completely independent writing sample, we don’t have a preference. We just want some easy way of taking a look at something you’ve done.
4) Must maintain a minimum of at least 4 posts per week in your respective division. The minimum of 4 posts per week must be consistent for each week.


People NOT giving Letters of Recommendation:

Who to send your applications to/who the LoR’s need to be sent to:

For the moment, please send your applications/LoR’s to the above recipients via ComNet Message Center.

It may take us a few days to take a look at each applicant (especially since we’re anticipating quite a few for the next few weeks). It will take time to read over and evaluate writing samples and to make decisions on who we accept or reject. Keep in mind that, if you are rejected, you may reapply after a two month period, but we will likely have expected you to improve in some respect (which we may or may not tell you).

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