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A Sharper Look On Grand General Talon’s Past

July 02nd, 2008 | Category: News

Today, Grand General Talon, a veteran of the Vast Empire and her divisions opened up to a Vast Empire Today reporter, describing the past state and present state of the Vast Empire, and many other interesting things about the Vast Empire, including a sneak peak on Chapter 9! The veteran is currently retired from the Vast Empire Army and the Vast Empire Navy, but is currently active in the High Council and the Dark Jedi Order. Talon, commonly known on IRC (Internet Relay Communication) as Chesh has recently returned from overseas, and the Vast Empire as a whole is glad to welcome him back into the community. Many of the younger recruits do not know much about Talon, only noticed him a few times from looking at old ComNet posts, hopefully this interview will give you younger recruits some idea on who he is:


Blue-Leader: Since you just returned from overseas. What is your outlook on the Vast Empire currently? Have any of the divisions changed from what you last remember them to be? The people inside them?

-Talon: “The active members change quite often. Being here eight years means lots of time to watch the member turn arounds. There are the ones that are marginally active throughout that time, but the ones that are super active normally come and go. The Vast Empire is definitely on the upswing of activity though, it is good to see.”

Blue-Leader: What plans do you and the other command staff have for progressing the Vast Empire Story line?

-Talon: “We’ve been trying to bring the Vast Empire past the Thrawn timeline for some time now and break away from the Expanded Universe’s more strict items. One little spoiler I will mention is that we would like to keep Thrawn alive so that he could come back later into our timeline.”

Blue-Leader: Can we get a possible sneak peak on some ideas for Chapter 9?

-Talon: “The Vast Empire is still making its push toward Coruscant in an effort to reclaim our capitol from the New Republic. Part of the storyline is fixed, but the Empire’s progress largely depends on the support we get from the troopers and pilots. One thing that the Vast Empire’s members don’t understand a lot of times is that their actions dictate the extent that we are able to continue our push. Acitivty means more worlds conquered.”

Blue-Leader: What is your background and how did you progress to your present position? Have you had a rocky path to your current position? A smooth one?

-Talon: “I started out playing Jedi Knight on the Zone. Trigit, who was a First Sergeant at the time, found me and had a request. I was doing some slight mercenary-esque work and part of his payment for me was directing me to a really cool Jedi Knight mod that was made by Darth Haun. I started poking around the web site and found out that the Vast Empire wrote stories as a branch of the Empire. I signed up in the Army as Talon. I was originally placed in the Panther squad, but quickly moved to Iron Horse under TJ. TJ and I brought a level of activity to the squad that the Vast Empire had been lacking at the time and the first Elite title was given out to Iron Horse. Right around this time, I joined the Dark Jedi Order as well as the Navy under the callsign Claw. Shortly after joining the Navy, PJ (TJ’s alternate nickname) and I brought Viper the Elite title as well. My first command position was under Trigit as the A:CoT which I held for about two weeks before he stepped down from his position. I was given the position of CoT as a Second Lieutenant. I was also made the Training Officer in the Navy under Atrus during this time. I reached NXO before stepping back down to more of an advisor position in the Navy, but continued up the chain in the Navy to AXO and finally Prefect. By now I was in the Dark Council of the Dark Jedi Order and on my way to the Deputy Grand Master’s chair. By the time I made it into the Operations Officer position, I was Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Order. I have sat there for some time, but have enjoyed my positions. As for the smoothness of my time here, I’ve had my fair share of rough patches, but its shaped me into a better leader dealing with difficult bosses and subordinates.”

Blue-Leader: What was your first impression about the Vast Empire when you heard about it?

-Talon: “My first impression was that this was a very well put together group. Even Kadann’s old design looked good back in 2000. I went into the IRC channel and saw all of the higher ups that I later worked with as gods of their domain. It’s rather funny to hear the same thing out of people today as they join.”

Blue-Leader: What is your favorite part about the Vast Empire and her divisions? Your least?

-Talon (Favorite): “I would have to say finding that group of people that you can plan out a really great story with and even surprise yourselves when you don’t plan it, but you’re thinking along the same lines. Once the story is done you can look back and say, ‘That was a lot of fun.'”

-Talon (Least Favorite): “My least favorite part is the feeling of “playing daddy” that sometimes comes around when I have to do my moderator duties in the IRC channel and ComNet.”

Blue-Leader: How many divisions have you been part of in the Vast Empire? And how many of these divisions are you still an active member of?

-Talon: “I’ve been a part of all of the divisions. I’m retired from the Army and Navy. I am the Operations Officer of the High Council, Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Order, and the CEO of the Engineering Corps.”

Blue-Leader (8.1): What are some of the most difficult problems that the Vast Empire have faces? What about the Army? The Navy?

-Talon (8.1) “Well, we’ve had at least three run of the mill mutinies that I can think of. There have been the attempts to discredit members of the High Commands in various divisions. The biggest problem that the Vast Empire has ever faced is lack of activity. There have been some pretty low lulls in its history and I hope I never see it as bad as it has been.”

Blue-Leader (Followup 8.2): May you go further into the mutinies against the members of High Command?

-Talon (8.2) “I would like to refrain from naming names, but there was one member in particular that had been around for a very long time. Longer than I have. He didn’t like that his circle of friends that used to run things had dwindled. He saw me as some sort of ring leader against him and tried to get me fired by stretching truths and spreading discontent.”

Blue-Leader: Did you ever think about leaving the Vast Empire? Have you?

-Talon: “There was a time that I seriously considered it. See the “playing daddy” comment for further explaination. I also had personal issues at the time that were bringing me down, so that didn’t help. Aside from bouts of inactivity due to being in the US Navy, my eight years have been consecutive though.”

Blue-Leader: What did you eat for breakfast today?

-Talon “A pepperoni Hot Pocket, breakfast of champions.”

And there you have it folks, Talon. This man has been through the most drastic times of the Vast Empire, and has still come out in one piece. He has gone up against a false mutiny, being a IRC Moderator, and just being around when someone needed his help. I would like to give special thanks to Grand General Talon for his time, High General Cosmic for his ideas, and the Engineering Corps.

I am Blue, thanks for stopping by.

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