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A View From the Bottom [Darr-Rann]

July 12th, 2008 | Category: News

 Ah yes, Darr-Rann, aka Demonic. He’s been here for three years, and has been apart of all three divisions of the Vast Empire. I wouldn’t say he’s at the bottom of the VE, but hey, we’ll keep the series intact. Enjoy, I know I did.

Sic: Darr, you’re a member of both the Army and the Navy. Is it difficult keeping up with both? Do you have a favorite of the two?

Darr-Rann: Hm. That’s an interesting question. I’ve actually retired from the Navy before, because it became to much – I only came back recently, to start up a privateering idea I got. I cant really say I have a favorite, because they really are two different beasts. I’ve probably been more dedicated to the army, considering I’ve been there longer, but I did create my army account first.

Sic: Now, you also do work for the VEEC, care to elaborate on exactly what it is you do?

Darr-Rann: Ah, yes, the R&D department. Well, for a while, Riqimo and I have been planning on restarting the “Pure Engineering” part of the engineering corps. He’s currently on an extended leave of absense, but we’ve been placed as “Chief Engineers” in the new Research and Development department. Basically, we’ll be doing coding projects for the VE. To join, you’ll have to talk to me – A reasonable knowledge of programming or graphics/art is required.  We’ll eventually have an apprenticeship program for people who want to learn, but that’s further down the road

Sic: You’ve managed to work your way up to Ensign in the Navy, First Sargeant in the Army. How much effort and time did you have to put in to attain these ranksing, and how proud of you of them?

Darr-Rann: heh. Well, I’ve been here over three years. I just kept at it. The Navy one came rather quickly, when I look at it. I’ve been double promoted at least a couple of times. There was the Elite Squadron competition (Where I won Top Pilot), and taking on Captaincy of the Tiamut, so my navy carrier has been kind of high-velocity. With the army, I just stuck around, doing work here and there. If you keep at it long enough, people notice. I’m proud of my accomplishments, but I know there are plenty people above me. I’m not emporer of the VE yet 😛

Sic: Haha. You started the so-called “Elite” Reaper division. Tell us, where did the idea spring from, and our you at all a little disappointed in the lack of posts?

Darr-Rann: Well, I was thinking about the navy, and how I wanted to get back into it. Personally, I like Demonic as a character better then Darr-Rann. Better developed. I was thinking about the Tiamut, and what to do with it, and suddenly the idea of Piracy came to me. Well, privateering, to be precise. I talked to some people about it, and Jegora decided to take on getting the project set up with the brass.  He came up with the idea of adding Reaper, an elite squadron, to the mix. I thought it’d be pretty fun. Reaper’s recent performance has been dissapointing, but when I start up the new story I expect that to change – It’s an elite squadron, and membership is a privilege. Still, we’ve got a pretty good bunch of guys, so I dont imagine it should be a problem when we get the ball rolling

Sic: Ok, you’ve been here for 3 years so far, and have checked in over 1800 posts. What is your fondest memory about your time here? And regarding the VE, what is your favorite, as well as least favorite part?

Darr-Rann: Hm…That’s a very good question. Fondest Memory… I dunno – Making Friends here, I guess.  It’s the people that really make the VE what it is. My favorite part is probably sitting around, chatting with everyone. My least favorite part… when the VE goes through tough times. When recruits are slow, and the squads are struggling.

Sic: Do you have any upcoming plans, relating to story writing, or progressing even higher up the chain of command?

Darr-Rann: Heh. Well, there’s the Privateering story and Phantom when the army is doing a bit better, and I work out a good roster for it. If opportunities arise higher up the chain of command, I’ll give it a shot, but I dont know of any at the moment 😛 and I’m not hoping for someone to leave so I can get a promotion

Sic: Phantom? The Army equivalent to Reaper? So, would you say you’re carefully ambitious?

Darr-Rann: I’m also planning for a new Chardev. Phantom is kind of the equivilent, but to be fair, Phantom was around first 😛 Phantom is kind of like the VE’s version of Splinter Cell. Stealth based On-Field intel and assassinations. I’m kind of like the Lambert – I guide the troops through their missions and give them orders. Though you cant chose to shoot me in the fourth story 😛

Sic: haha. Very intriguing stuff, makes me want to get Celota up to work a bit more (my Army Char.) So elaborate on this new CharDev you have planned for us.

Darr-Rann: heh. Well, it’ll be about Demonic, my navy character. Darr-Rann’s storyline has kind of been dealt with in Losses of Vandetta, so I want to go into exploring Demonic’s past He’s an Orphan, has no clue what world he’s even from, much less who his parents are.. It’s gonna raise alot of questions about his origin, and I think people who read it will find a few surprises along the way

Sic: Yet again, you intrigue. Do you plan on making Demonic a larger part in the Navy post-wise? Or is this just for yourself?

Darr-Rann: hm… Well, technically, Demonic isnt even in the navy right now, story wise. He left a while ago to find himself. He recently made a deal with the VEI/Navy. They’re supplying him with fighters, supplies, pilots, and intel and in exchange, he’s taking up privateering missions for them. Hitting certain targets, getting intel for them. Giving them a cut of the profits. This will really expand Demonic as a character. It’ll have an impact on him navy-wise, but it’ll be alot more towards the personal aspects

Sic: Do you prefer Personal Stories as opposed to Squad stories?

Darr-Rann: hm… They’re different kind of things. Squad stories you get to hang out with a group, do group stuff. But with a personal story, you have alot more control of the plot and character development.  Though it’s alot of fun if you have a friend along for the ride too. I’d say I probably prefer Personal Stories, but I love the squad stories too

Sic: Speaking of, have you collaborated on a personal story with anyone? Do you plan to?

Darr-Rann: Well, Losses of Vandetta with Ae (Though she was Hellra/Evani at the time) As for the future… stay tuned 😛

Sic: Hah, thanks for leaving us hanging, I get a whole lot of that. How is it being a ComNet Marshall? What are your main responsibilities and how much time do they take from your day?

Darr-Rann: Oh, in the VERPG?

Sic: Yes, sir

Darr-Rann: my job is really just to keep out topics that dont belong and regulate random RPGs people spring up without getting approval. Just a reminder to people, if you want to start an RPG here, you need to come see me first. Otherwise, I’m deleting that post 😛

Sic: When did I give you permission to talk to people? ;P Alright Darr, we’ll begin to wrap things up here. Tell us about your involvement in the FES’ Shadow Army

Darr-Rann: oh, that. I joined on a whim, never really did anything 😛 lol. I really have no involvement.. It appears they linked up the accounts nicely though…

Sic: haha, nice. Favorite band?

Darr-Rann: Favorite band…. Oh, god, I have no clue :P. I’m really lame in that I like to listen to music from video games and stuff like that. I guess you could say my favorite “artist” is Nobuo Uematsu. I dunno, I’m lame like that 😛

Sic: haha, good enough. Well, that’ll be all Darr. Thanks so much for the time

Darr-Rann: No problem.

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A View From the Bottom [Verkur]

July 12th, 2008 | Category: News

A second interview from my View From the Bottom series, this time featuring the fan favorite, Verkur/Paradox. A good friend of mine, and a collaborator as well, it was my extreme pleasure to have this time with him.


Sic: Awesome, Verk, thanks for giving me this opportunity

Verk:  No problem Sic

Sic: Firstly, you have characters in both branches, Navy and Army. Is it difficult to write for both simultaneously while also having personal stories up?

 Yes and no. There are days when I can easily write up a decent post for all of the stories I am currently in. And then there are days were it can become a bit overwhelming

Sic: I can understand that, trust me. You’ve been in the VE for enough time to know the great things, and the bad. In your opinion, what are the best things, as well as the worst things about the VE?

Verk:  I would have to say, the best part of the VE is the community on which it thrives. If it wasn’t for the people who dedicate their time to write the posts for the stories we partake in, or the time to setup events and add new features, the VE would not be what it is today. As for the bad, I have not really experienced anything that I really disliked. However, if viewed from my position as the ASL of Jester, one of the things I dislike most can be the lack of interest of some of the new recruits. For instance. Reports are can become an annoying issue to deal with, yet it only takes a few minutes to complete. Reports help not only the squad leaders, but it helps the command staff to know whats going on so that fun events such as competitions can be planned accordingly.

Sic: Ah, yes, recruits, we love em and hate em. Now aside from your duties with the Army and Navy, you also are the co-founder and writer of Sith Reborn: Path of the Fallen, as well as Life of an Assassin. How do you go about planning a collaboration?

Verk: Well, the first, and most important part of any story is how it starts; with an idea. For Life of an Assassin I wanted to give others an insight into the past of my army character. Each post will be it’s own story, and each a new assassination. So after I think of an idea, I try to build up details around it. Some of these include where I am going and who the target is. Most of my planning does not even take place at my computer. Most of the time I am going about my day, and when a thought pops into my head, I try to tell the story to myself, sometimes as if I truly was my character and I was doing the things I write about.

Sic: The Army and Navy are truly quite different, do you prefer one to the other? What do you like most about each?

Verk: I prefer the army. Mostly because I have been there longer. I think though, that as time progresses, I will come to enjoy each equally. One thing I really enjoy about having a charcter in both divisions, is the fact that it keeps me busy, and I can usually find something to do, whether it be a personal story or a squad story. On top of that, I also get to write alongside not only some of the best writers, but some of the best writers from both divisions.

Sic: Where did the name Verkur come from?

Verk: Most of the time I am able to come up with names by myself. Then there are times where my brain just won’t comply, so I find myself some help. In my search for a name I liked, I decided to go to an online translator that has served me well in the past. I picked a language to translate to, and then just dropped in a few words to see what happened. In the end, I came across the name Verkur, which in icelandic means pain. Pretty fitting for an Imperial name in my opinion.

Sic: As do I. Verk, you’ve climbed the ladders of the Army, working your way up to ASL. Tell me, how much responsibility comes with being a high rank. What do you like and dislike about it?

Verk: Well I wouldn’t call Corporal a high rank. As for the responsibility part, I help Kami, the squad leader of Jester, run and manage the squad. One of my main things I have become accustomed to as ASL of Jester, is handing in an unpgarded version of the normal Report. This “upgraded” Report gives the post count for the story our squad is currently in, who has handed in their reports, and any suggestions I might have. One thing I really like about being ASL, is that I can take a more direct approach with advancing the soldiers in Jester. A sort of min project I started with the squad is trying to get everyone to create their own wiki page. Yet, even with this responsibility, I have yet yo find anything I dislike about my position.

Sic: Alrighty, we’ll finish things up here. Do you have any future plans, or certain goals you up to reach in the upcoming future?

Verk: One of my major goals for the future is to join the Dark Jedi Order. That is one goal I would really like to see come true, and I will do whatever is necessary to get accepted….

Sic: Sounds good. Favorite band?

Verk: Disturbed, Just like me =P

Sic: Not bad, thanks for the time Verk!

Verk: Don’t put that last part in there {laughs} No problem Sic, glad I could help

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Behind the scenes with Major General Rizzit

July 12th, 2008 | Category: Interviews,News

Now, here is an exclusive interview with Major General Rizzit, the Army Company Commander.  


Hunter-Morrell: Has there been any major changes?

Rizzit: Well, I want to say no: having just returned not too long ago, I can’t fairly make that call. I’ve seen a few command changes in Storm and I’ve seen some more guidelines become rules and being enforced, but aside from that, no not really.

Hunter-Morrell: What is the status of the division?

Rizzit: I would say the status of the army is uprising. I have high hopes for what the future brings especially if things continue the way they are going. Currently, we have six squads practically full. Two platoons that continue to challenge each other to be greater. Of the full squads, each of them push activity to the brink. I don’t think there is enough praise for them, but that isn’t to say that we haven’t seen better time for dealing with the times that we are….I would say that this is an extremely good overall result we are seeing.

Hunter-Morrell: Has there been any changes in the number of recruits joining the army?  

Rizzit: An interesting question. Recruits fluctuate and therefore we never really have a set number that we can say join every month. I think the real number is the number of recruits that leave the academy.

Hunter-Morrell: So, what about the recruits you just mentioned? The ones that leave the academy.

Rizzit: I think it would be safe to say that it has diminished somewhat from about say 6 months ago?

Hunter-Morrell: Are there more members quitting than joining?

Rizzit: No. Unfortunately, members do leave us. Its usually never a happy time for either side of the spectrum. There used to be a time when we had people refusing to leave. But now, our numbers are just at the point where people are coming in and it still seems a bit dwindled.

Hunter-Morrell: You may not have as many recruits coming in as you did before, but what recruits you do have are so much better at writing and have the needed general skills that make a good member on here than some of the past members.

Rizzit: I disagree with you. It is true that some of them have a hell of a good style of writing, but some of the old veterans could still run circles around them. Though, this newer variety of troopers has developed a new habit which the platoon staff has called “quote-posting”.

Hunter-Morrell: What is your opinion on the current state of Vast Empire? The Army?  

Rizzit: Like I said earlier I do have high hopes for the Army. Things show a lot of promise, but as far as the current state of things…I still feel they could be better. That really isn’t to say anything on any one person or thing because we all have lives, but things just aren’t how they used to be.

There it is. The interview with Major General Rizzit. I hope it has been an enlightening experience. I have to thank Rizzit for giving me a chance to interview him.

Until next time everybody. Goodbye.

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