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The Imperial Services: What They Are

July 06th, 2008 | Category: News

If you load up the main Vast Empire Page and look on the left hand side, you will see the following: General, Divisions, Logistics, etc. When you look at logistics you will see Battle Board, First Galactic Bank, etc and you may wonder “What are they?” That is what this article is about, it describes everything from the Battle Board to the richest members of the First Galactic Bank Fortune Guild, everything that you need to know about these services are in this article-and I mean everything.

Battle Board:

Lets kick this article off with the Battle Board, the Battle Board is the heart of interactive online gaming of the Vast Empire, on the Battle Board you can challenge another member to XvT, JK, and many other games that vary from multiple platforms. To start off a Battle Board experience you would need to be challenged by another member in a online multiplayer game, if you accept this challenge you and the member that challenged you would need to agree on the terms of playing (Cheating is strictly prohibited) and then you two have a fun match against each other. Once this match ends and a Victor has come forth you and the member that challenged you would submit the a statistical outcome from the game, the Battle Board would then put the statistics that you and the other member entered into the Battle Board and reflect it in your gaming profile.

Useful Battle Board Links:
Battle Board News/Home Page
Battle Board Rules
About the Battle Board

The First Galactic Bank:

Commonly refereed to as FGB, the First Galactic Bank is were you wire Imperial Credits (ICs) or your own possessions to other members, change your account info, and view the Fortune Guild. The First Galactic Bank’s Wire Transfer function (On the site it is referred to as ‘Wire Funds’) is were you may wire Imperial Credits to other members of the Vast Empire, first you would need to click the ‘Wire Funds’ link on any of the First Galactic Bank Pages, and then a page will come up displaying a drop box (Only if you click the box). If you decide you want to wire funds you would need to select a member from the box, once you do that you will need to type your password in the given box, and the amount of funds, and you may also add comments to your transfer. Once the transfer is completed email notifications will be sent out, to both the sender and the receiver.

The Fortune Guild is were only the wealthiest in all Vast Empire, Force Elite Soldiers, and many other Group’s lands are allowed to be displayed. At the top of the page there is a sorter that allows you to sort the members from different groups. Currently at the top of all the groups, and the Vast Empire group is Supreme Moff Kadann, his balance stands above one billion Imperial Credits.

Useful First Galactic Bank Links:
First Galactic Bank Home Page
Account Services
The Fortune Guild
Your Possessions
Wire Funds/Transfer Products

The Imperial Center Store:

Arguably the most renown and notable Service in the Imperial Network, the Imperial Center store was started back when Coruscant was a little town with a well. At the Imperial Center you can buy a wide array of items, from the Acclamator I-Class Assault Ship to Imperial Urinal Cakes, at the Imperial Center you can buy almost everything (They explicetly state: ‘Imperial Center is a store, not a slave market. We will not sell lightsabers, Mandalorian armor, Spaarti cloning chambers…’). The staff of the Imperial Center will gladly help you with any questions you have regarding the problems, and will help you find anything that they have in their shelves. Currently, the most popular item is Imperial Urinal Cakes.

Useful Imperial Center Links:
Imperial Center Main Page
Imperial Center Section Capital Ships
Imperial Center Section Personal Items
Imperial Center Section Droids
Imperial Center Section Starfighters
Request an Item

Imperial Vigil Enterprises:

The Imperial Vigil Enterprises is the main manufacturing plant for the Vast Empire, the Enterprise builds all of the weapons, spacecraft, and armor that the Vast Empire and her divisions wear into combat and out of combat. They cater to large companies in bulk, such as the Imperial Center Store (See Above). They do not cater to civilians, this is because of the reason that civilians do not order in bulk, nor do they need to. Imperial Vigil Enterprise’s site shows the Completed Orders, Manufacturing Orders, and Pending Orders.

Useful Imperial Vigil Enterprise Links:
Enterprise Home
Imperial Vigil Enterprise Orders
Imperial Vigil Enterprise Completed Orders
Imperial Vigil Enterprise Manufacturing Orders
Imperial Vigil Enterprise Pending Orders
Imperial Vigil Enterprise Outlets
Imperial Vigil Enterprise Products

Impericare Benefits:

Impericare Benefits is were you may decide wether you want a mansion, or a one room apartment. It provides a vast amount of giant options for your Imperial Needs. Some such needs are dental, were you may have Standard Dental Plans, or a Huge Expensive plan. Or Vision plans, were you decide what type of vision care you may have.

Useful Impericare Links:
Impericare Home
Impericare Dental
Impericare Health
Impericare Food
Impericare Housing

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