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Viper Squadron: Sailing & Prevailing Through Rough Waters

July 11th, 2008 | Category: News

Straining. Both mentally and physically. Operation Typhus truly threw its weight on Viper Squadron; it surely lived up to its diseased name. Pilots were lost- Anden Beliam was injured, as well as Tomas, Hunter-Morrell was transferred over to Kaph for aiding purposes, and Phineus Gage even lost his right hand. Not all things were lost, however. Blue-Leader, formally of Kaph Squadron, was sent over to replace Hunter-Morrell, and has proven to be a very ambitious and determined addition. To replace the gaping whole Sir Beliam left behind, CPO Gage was promoted to Executive Officer. A new recruit, Kotaro, also known as Fenris, was recruited to fill the whole that the loss of Flight 3 left behind. It seems as though things have certainly been looking up.

Ibram Tyrol, Viper’s Commander, has handled the bumpy, gravelly terrain with utmost professionalism. Between losing key members, and gaining new ones, he has kept the ship from sinking as well as possible, floating atop the rough waters, traversing unscathed. His leadership combined with his maturity has made him a prime example for young, ambitious pilots to look up to. Commander Tyrol is certainly the best captain for Viper’s sea faring boat, which at times, has been beaten down to a sad canoe, yet somehow, Ibram manages to pull the ship back into the port.

A ship cannot be successfully sailed by one person, however, and Commander Tyrol surely has a strong crew behind him. Starting with Phineus Gage, the ambitious yet sometimes immature Executive Officer. Phineus, better known as Sicario, has been with the Navy since December of 2007. Sicario went on a temporary hiatus from March to June, yet has been showing promise since his return. Other strong members, such as Fulfiller, Aleia, Mira, and Ryno, make life a little bit easier. Their hard work certainly garners them recognition, without them, Viper would surely be dead before the ship even sank.

Where would Viper be without new meat? Where would anyone be without fresh recruits for that matter? Certainly, losing the battle against the ice bergs. However, thankfully, new up and coming pilots such as Arkan-Thran, and Kotaro, set up the navigational routes for this venomous, green ship. As with life in this increasingly difficult galaxy, things are bound to get rough, but Viper is a prime example of a Squadron that just won’t go away, and never gives up.

What’s on the horizon for Viper Squadron, you ask? Well, the up coming months look promising. Activity is growing, a new mission is forth coming, and with Ibram Tyrol at the helm, the sun will certainly begin to rise, shedding light on the darkened course Viper travels. As long as the hard working members stick together, and continue to let their bond grow stronger, Viper will undoubtedly be here to stay, and prosper in the Vast Empire.

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