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Delta Squad, a Look into History

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This squad of Clone Troopers consisted of four clone troopers, RC-1138, RC-1140, RC-1207, RC-1262, their base of operations was on Kamino, and they were instrumental in numerous battles, mostly Battle of Genosis and Battle of Kashyyyk.

Each one of these troopers had a nickname:

RC-1138 was Boss, the Leader of the Sqaud
RC-1140 was Fixer, The Slicer of the squad
RC-1207 was Sev, The Sniper of the Squad
RC-1262 was Scorch, and the Demolition Man of the Squad
Their training was hard, because they were trained by a Mandalorian named Vau, who thought the only way to be trained was hard, so he broke their backs, figuratively, everyday. Whenever Vau thought a trooper wasn’t as fierce or hard as they could be, he made them fight another squad mate or himself. The only commando to ever chose Vau was Boss. Vau’s training worked, even though he was a vicious and ruthless leader.
Their first mission ever was in the Battle of Genosis. They were all flown in separately, and each squad had to team up before they completed their main objective, kill Sun Fac, the Genosian leader. Boss and Scorch teamed up first, and decided to go into a Hive that was supposed to house Sun Fac. They had to blow up a vent to get into the hive, and as the did they found another of their squad, Fixer, who was rampaging and was killing numerous droids. They fought their way to a balcony in the complex, and after fighting, they climbed down the balcony, finding their team mate Sev, who was killing enemy soldiers, something he excelled at.
They killed all resistance, and entered a room that was directly next to way they were. Sun Fac saw them enter, and fled to his ship. The Delta Squad began to fire at many droids in the room, when done with them, they began to shoot down Sun Fac’s ship, killing him when it came down. After that, they had to clean up another squad’s mess since they failed at blowing up a droid facility. After blowing up the facility, they stole launch codes and stopped a lot of CIS ships (Confederacy of Independent Systems) from leaving.

Their next mission was to investigate a mysterious ship that had disappeared and then reappeared into known space. The ship in question was the Prosecutor, an Acclamator-Class ship of the Republic. They were once again dropped off individually so they could cover a larger area. They quickly discovered that the ship had been taking over by Trandoshans (reptilian species that is now in the Slave business) Two of the 4 squad members were captured, but saved by Boss and Fixer quickly. They destroyed the Trandoshan resistance, and prevented CIS members to board the ship. Later on, they would discover that the Trandoshans were going to sell the ship to the CIS to get Battle Droids.

A later mission was the Battle of Coruscant, this mission wasn’t actually authorized, and were put into Omega Squad, a less competitive squad, and Delta Squad had trouble adapting to the atmosphere. The mission was successful and the Terrorist attack was unsuccessful. Another mission was an easy dismantle mission, no big deal for a squad such as Delta.

Their last known mission was the Battle of Kashyyyk. The squad was supposed to gather intelligence on the area and for enemy activity. Once again, Trandoshans were helping CIS members, so they had to destroy them, and free any wookiee they found. They found many wookiees, including Tarrful, the Wookiee Leader. The CIS had reinforcements come, and it took 4 turrets to take the ship down. This mission was the same mission where Sev was attacked, and captured. The squad wasn’t sure whether to save their squad mate and brother or follow orders, they picked following orders, since brotherhood came second, Duty came first. After leaving the planet, they were told the real reason of their mission, it was to find a way to invade a planet.

This is a brief history of the squad.

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