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Star Wars Role Playing

November 26th, 2007 | Category: Star Wars Role Playing

So, you are sitting in front of your computer, browsing the World Wide Web for Star Wars Role playing organizations. It can be a long search of almost unlimited amounts of sites. Believe me, we have all been in that situation, but after reading this article, you shall see there is a solution. The Vast Empire is a Star Wars Role playing Organization that was created in 1998, that’s founds itself on the basis of Fan Story Writing, Gaming, IRC, and many others.

The Story of the Vast Empire takes the role of an Imperial Faction during the Thrawn Era (Nine ABY). In this time, the galaxy is split into Factions, still locked in the state of war. The Emperor has been dead for Nine Years; the Empire has split into Factions fighting for control. Grand Admiral Thrawn rose to power and has control of the Imperial Remnant, the main faction in the Galaxy. Meanwhile Across on the other side of the Galaxy, Grand Moff and Dark Lord Kadann has formed an equally formidable force of his own.

Joining the Vast Empire is easy, just go to the Vast Empire Application and go to the “Join the Empire Now” Link at the Bottom of the page. Once you fill out the necessary information, you get your choice of Division. Your Primary Choices, through others will be available later, are the Storm trooper Corps or the Imperial Navy. In the Storm Trooper Corps, you will do everything from Stealth Recon, to Attacking New Republic Bases, to Guarding the Kitchen for your Barracks. In the Imperial Navy, you will go anywhere and everywhere enemies of the Vast Empire try to hide in space, Fight off New Republic and Pirate Fighters and keep the peace allowing for a safer travel through space. The Choice is yours

Regardless of the Division, you will progress from a trainee to a member of a squad/squadron and then into command positions. Along the way, there are many other opportunities to go different ways. There is the Engineering Corps, home of the Vast Empire Today. In addition, there is the Dark Jedi Order, home to the elite of the Writers in the Vast Empire. Neither of those two side divisions are required, but they allow people to continue their story in new and exiting ways that the main divisions cannot do.

Through Story, you build you character, their personality, their soul. You are in Direct Control of how they act, talk, behave, and how their do their duty. The galaxy is changing and your character can have a direct effect on the balance of Imperial control over it. Millions of star systems are at stake, an almost endless amount of lives hang in the balance. The New Republic, the Pirate Forces, the Imperial Remnant under Thrawn. The work of a trooper/pilot is cut out for them, never a moment where there is no conflict. If it is not a Raid on an outpost, it is an attack on trade routes. The Galaxy is always changing, evolving, growing.

Through Gaming, you can show you competitions, and your skill in the battlefield. Almost all Star Wars Game Titles are supported by the Vast Empire, along with a few non-Star Wars Games. At times, there are competitions that go on, anything from the Outer Rim War to the Elite Squadron Competition and many more.

Through the IRC server and its many channels, you will be able to communicate with the Vast Empire’s Members, gain knowledge, plan gaming matches, coordinate Story Posts; it is limitless as to what you can do. With channels ranging from Squad/Squadron to channels for gaming and general communication; IRC is a major element of the Vast Empire that every member should use.

The Imperial Network is the keystone that ties it all together, with its many elements. It has many sites in the network, all with different purposes.

* The Main Vast Empire Page, where VE News is displayed along with links to the other pages
* The Storm trooper Corps and Imperial Navy websites, where Division Specific News is displayed along with links to Division Pages
* The VE Wiki, a newer element that has grown into a crucial part of the VE
* The First Galactic Bank and Roster, where Account information is stored. Along with The List of Squad/Squadrons and lists of members to them.

* The Imperial Center Store, where members can purchase, using Imperial Credits, items like blasters, armor, and star fighters.

* ImperiTrade, the stock market of the Vast Empire. Stocks Vary with activity and other misc. things.

* And Many More

There are many Star Wars Role Playing Elements awaiting you in the Vast Empire, the galaxy is waiting; but are you ready for it.

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