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Possible Derelict Colony Discovered

November 16th, 2007 | Category: News

Location: Daylid, Rheagent System

“It’s why we do this job, really,” says Colonel Evanci Ameer. Colonel Ameer was just finishing up his shift on the space station Terin VII when his monitor went on the fritz. “I wasn’t surprised because we’d had a few bugs in the system lately,” he says, but they hadn’t been bugs. Daylid, a cold, non-populated planet without even a starport, has been under consideration for mining since it was officially adopted into the Vast Empire; the Terin VII has been used to monitor possible volcanic activity and its effects on possible mining operations to come over the last four years. The crew of the space station, however, is composed of students and staff in connection with the Universities on Mangol, and they became a little curious when the bug in their system persisted; a topographical scan of the exterior surface was arranged and performed to note any changes, possibly caused by volcanic activity. They found more than minor surface changes, however…

The results of a topographical scan revealed underground caves, possibly a milenia or older in age. While openings and apertures can be naturally constructed by the elements, these appeared to have been man-made and logistically placed to traverse a steppe range fifty kilometers in length. Used to observing changes in the surface due to wind erosion, the crew members of the Terin VII were ecstatic to have discovered any sign of former inhabitance on a planet they’d been watching for years. “Of greater question is this,” says Ameer, “who built them and how?” When asked what had changed to help distinguish the cave openings, the Colonel reported that significant seismic activity had actually caused one of the immense caves to collapse. Initial intel reports the caves to be some thousand feet in diameter; a search team is being sent to further distinguish the details of both the cave and the means from which it was created. Ameer and his cohorts from the various Mangol academies believe that if discovery can be made of any fossilized tools or skeletons, than there could, in fact, be massive discoveries made regarding both human and alien space exploration over a millenia ago, especially regarding those unknown groups from the wild regions. While the mining operation is still under observation, research in the years to come looks promising and will probably be a primary function of the Terin VII before long. “Oh yes- very exciting. If nothing else, I atleast I can view our men at work on the surface; should make for a good substitution in place of the old holos.”

T’si Ryder

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Naval Ranks: Part Two of Three – Commissioned Officer Ranks in the Squadron

November 16th, 2007 | Category: News

Congratulations are given to you, if you have made it this far. IF you are at this place, you stand as a Top NCO, Chief Warrant Officer Warrant Officer. You have gone through the changes of the Navy. From a Crewman in the Vast Empire Imperial Naval Academy, to a Member of a Star fighter Squadron. You have progressed through the Aviators and Senior Aviators Exams. You have been a Flight Leader, taken the Minor Exams, and the Master Aviators Exam. You have progressed through your new path, either in a squadron or beyond one. You gave progressed to become a Chief warrant officer, the highest rank a flight leader can achieve without commission. For the sake of the article, that commission comes now, for in this article your journey is going to continue.


Now, you wished to continue your journey, but alas, the enlisted ranks are gone, where to now you may ask yourself. The next step is to get a Commission and become an Officer of the Vast Empire Imperial Navy. The first commissioned rank is the beginning of a path that requires more activity with every step. Ensign, a rank made for people who wish to not only fly, but also command. This rank is the beginning, where you take the Officer Examination courses, for becoming a Squadron Leader. It will earn you Fifteen Thousand Imperial Credits as a flat rate for the rank, not counting any pay you receive for the may of other opportunities available in the Vast Empire and the Imperial Navy. This rank is a foothold for the next rank up the chain, Second Lieutenant.


Now, behold the ability to become a squadron leader. You have the rank of Second Lieutenant, and all the responsibilities that come with it. You may now command a squadron of twelve pilots, you lead them to victory, defeat, promotions, medals, or even if you fail death could occur. That is an element that by now needs to be jammed into an officer’s head, every action has a consequence, and some consequences are the death of a pilot caused by a bad command call. This needs to be taken into account, but also should not stop you functioning. Fear at this point has become a necessary thing in decisions. The best quote I can find for it came from Star Wars: Republic Commando Hard Contact (page 207) it read,

“There is nothing wrong with fear.
You need never be ashamed of it, as long as it does not stop you functioning.
Fear is your natural warning system; it keeps you alive so that you can fight.

Show me a man who isn’t afraid, and I’ll show you a fool who is a danger to his entire ship.”

However, this is getting off the point, of Second Lieutenant, and Squadron leader. With the responsibility, it earns Seventeen thousand Five hundred Imperial Credits.


Next, you would continue up the chain until the rank to the Rank of First Lieutenant. This rank only slightly varies from the last, with its same responsibilities, only different pay. The pay for a First Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy is Twenty Thousand Credits. Though this rank did not differ much, the next step throws you out of a squadron and into a Wing Command Position. Lieutenant Commander, the minimal rank for a wing commander that places you in command of every squadron active in the Imperial Navy Wing you are assigned to. However, you can also have this rank as a squadron leader. It pays at a monthly rate of thirty thousand credits. Next you will have reached the apogee of squadron ranks, Commander.


The rank of Commander involves simple but major changes; it is the highest rank a squadron commander can achieve. However, most people of this rank have moved onto Wing Positions. It pays a whopping Forty thousand Credits and requires major activity, from planning stories to posting in them. Reports galore and Responsibility grows. This is the end of the journey in a squadron. The next journey take you to the Commissioned officer Ranks of a Wing Position and above to Grand Admiral.

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