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Weekly Squad Feature: Wraith

November 09th, 2007 | Category: News

This week our squad feature is the Wraith squad. This squad specializes in Special Operations. Headed up by Gunnery Sergeant Arnaut, this squad is fully staffed and ready for action. Their Motto: “When Staring in the Face of Death, We See our Reflection.”

The Q&A Session:

Squad: Wraiths

SL: Arnaut

ASL: Kanderin Draken

1) History:

a) When did your squad get founded?

Way too long ago.

b) How has it matured over that time?

Does getting drunk count as maturing? ‘Cause the rate at which we’re able to do that…well, let’s just say Snipes has the record down to thirty-six seconds.

We have more people now? I guess? When I first joined, it was Virius, Snipes, and me. And that was it.

c) Where do you see it in the future?

I could probably see the squad as still as part of the VE. There’s a chance that we could split to form our own rogue group or something. If we do stick around, we could possibly become a really active squad. Eventually. Maybe.

2) How would you rate your squads’ activity level?

When people want to write, they write, and activity is good. Any time else, we have big lags. I give it a seventy-five point nine oh two (75.902) out of 100.

3) Any funny stories or in-squad jokes about the members?

We’ve had about three people eaten by our pet gurrcat already.

4) What is your biggest need right now as a squad?

Activity, but that could be said for every squad. Activity and beer. That’s what Wraiths run on.

5) What is the coolest thing that has ever happened in your squad?

We went insane. No joke. It was the best thing that ever happened to us.

6) Which other squad would you most like for your squad to team up with on a story?

DD or Eclipse. I guess…I know Aph pretty well, and Riq and I are cool :afro:

7) If you had a choice between any superpower in the Star Wars Galaxy, or just to have Carrie Fisher tied up to a floating bed like Jabba the Hutt had (same age as in the movies), which would it be?

I would have to cut myself in half and choose both.

Men like power and women. Never, ever make a man have to choose between them. ‘Tis cruel :p

There is our Q& A

I wish that I could have done a bit more research on the Wraith Squad. There is no website for us to peer into.

I would like to say that this is one of the funniest Q&A’s that I have had so far.

Arnaut, you are right about never making a man choose between women and power, but I think with one comes the other, so…

I hope that you enjoyed this squad feature. I know it was brief, however I hope that it hit the highlights of the squad and provided you with a better understanding of the Wraiths.

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