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Weekly Squad Feature: Jester

November 19th, 2007 | Category: News

This week our squad feature is the Jester squad. Jester is under Storm Platoon and specializes in Armor and reconnaissance. Headed up by Platoon Sergeant Kami, this squad is ready to go at a moments notice.

The name and motto may imply that this squad is nothing but a joke, but the rebels run when they see Jester on the battlefield.

Their Motto: “Stop me if you’ve heard this one…”

The Q&A Session:

Squad Name: Jester

Squad Leader: Kami

Assistant Squad Leader: Eviscares

1) History:

A) When did your squad get founded?

In ages past 😉 [This answer seems to refer to when the group met, as the squad formed a few months ago]

B) How has it matured over that time?

Jester has always been renowned as the home of the slightly unusual, yet highly literate members of the VE

C) Where do you see it in the future?

Maintaining its reputation as a capable recon squad

2) How would you rate your squads’ activity level?

Great, considering the squad was non-existent a few months ago

3) Any funny stories or in-squad jokes about the members?

Merrick will not hesitate to kill you if you offend her. Is that not funny?

[All be warned!]
4) What is your biggest need right now as a squad?

A holiday, somewhere tropical. And beer… lots of it. [I hear that is what the Wraith squad lives on…beer.]

5) What is the coolest thing that has ever happened in your squad?

We exist. That is extremely ‘cool.’

6) Which other squad would you most like for your squad to team up with on a story?

Any willing to tolerate our unusual antics

7) If you had a choice between any superpower in the Star Wars Galaxy, or just to have Carrie Fisher tied up to a floating bed like Jabba the Hutt had (same age as in the movies), which would it be?

Carrie Fisher doesn’t do it for me. Strap a young Harrison up to the floating bed and we’ll see how I go.

[I see here the obvious limitation in my reasoning. Thanks for helping me learn that one Kami!]

a) Why (or which super power if you answered that way)?

b) Are you married, or a heterosexual female (because this could have a lot to do with your answer) (this is totally optional and will be excluded if you are offended)?

I fail to see why a female being heterosexual or homosexual has anything to do with this questionnaire. Or how being female or male impacts upon the answers to simple questions.

That’s my answer

[I must again point out that I did not consider this aspect well enough when writing the questionnaire, however being a heterosexual female may change the answer to the Carrie Fisher question, as I admittedly should have modified it to include the master of Solo-ness, Mr. Harrison Ford]

I would like to thank Jester squad for answering the survey and allowing the VE Today to feature them for this week,

Unfortunately this is the last survey that has been returned to me. If I am able to spark a bit more interest in the survey again, I will be back with more squad features, otherwise, I will see you next week with another story. Thanks.

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