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Mascots and Emblems;Do they Really win us over?

November 23rd, 2007 | Category: News

We all know about logos and slogans. They’re meant to make us buy a product, they’re meant to be appealing. But are they really? Some advertising companies really come up short. Correllian Brewery Co. , who are popular amongst many of us VE troops. But why? Their latest advertising scheme thats why! Their picture of a Lady Storm trooper convinced any of us male buyers to go out and try this (delicious) beer for ourselves. Do we need this beer? Of course we do! And when a beautiful woman holds every bottle, it’s all the better! Another company that uses great advertising is Imperial Engineering. The Vast Empire Army buys all their vehichles from there anyway, so I hear you asking “Why do they need Advertising then?” Listen good people, and I shall explain.

    Before the Vast Empire approached Imperial Engineering, in a buying bid, that comapny was known by the name of “Snotnose Enterprises in the Engineering Field Thingy…” That’s no lie readers, and they couldn’t think of a better name. So, they came up with an idea. “Let’s find a cute animal and use it to market War-Vehichles!” And, loe and behold, what is the cutest creature in the Universe? Right! The Ewok! Snotnose Enterprises released posters with their name side by side with the Ewoks cute face, and soon, Kadann approached with a bid. See? Isn’t that face adorable? Well…..not really….but you get my drift. The company made millions, and the VE got a contingent of vehichles, all over one poster design.



















Of course, there have been bad advertising designs too. Take Gammorrean Matress Co. Their latest try at a catchy poster design ended up looking like this:                                 


Now really? Would this convince you to buy a bed? To me it conveys the sense that a pig has been sleeping on my mattress…..never again.

All in all we are suckers for advertising, and untill we learn to control ourselves, we will become slaves to the big corporations!

 Mmmmmmm….gettin’ a little thirsty…..think I’ll grab a Corellian……

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