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Wait! Don’t go in there! Thats the…Meat grinder.

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Okay then. I’m writing this article for any newcomer’s to the VE. It can be a very confusing place when your a fresh piece of mea….I mean cadet.

So, here we go. You found the link to this article, congratulations. Bet your wondering what to do next? Well here’s the answer? See that little red box with a white cross through it in the top right of your screen? Looks really appealing doesn’t it? Just sat there, begging you to press it? Well, now’s your chance. Just hover your mouse over it, thats it. Ok ready? On three you click that little left hand mouse button.


Alright that’s the idiots gone. Now for the serious article. Well, kinda. Any of you who are fortunate (unfortunate?) enough to know me well know I hardly do anything seriously.

But, just for this article, I shall concentate.

I’m starting this tutorial thingy from the point where you have just passed out of the Storm Trooper Academy, or the Naval Academy. Whichever one you left, you will of been placed in a squad (or squadron, in the Navy’s case). If you don’t already know which squad(ron) you are in (I didn’t), now’s your time to find out.

The Navy side is easier to figure out, the only squadrons actively running are Kaph and Nazgul, plus Shazam is pretty good at taking your hand and leading you through everything. I don’t expect many Navy member’s to get lost.

You Corps however, it’s slightly more difficult. Cosmic has to run around finding you a squad, which depending on activity levels, might take a while. Regardless, take the opportunity to have a look through all the various squad topic’s, and check out the general stuff that goes on inside them. Squad topic’s aren’t taken seriously, they’re very light hearted places. Just don’t post in another squad’s topic, it tends to get them a little mad.

Alright, you’ve found your home in the VE. Now what? If you’re lucky, the man/woman in charge has arranged sending out a welcome e-mail to you, which will detail all the finer points of the squad. Rely on that e-mail more than this, I can only offer general advice, your SL/SC will know far more about what your supposed to do than I. Only exception is if your a Wraith, in which case this e-mail will come from myself, and I hardly ever know what I’m doing.

Alright! Now, you should be settled into your squad, and you should spend some time getting to know your squadmates. Make sure you know who to go to if you have a problem, on what day reports should be sent, and know of your squad story. If you keep those three pieces of information in your head, you should be alright.

Your ID line! I almost forgot. This is a really scary piece of gibberish for most newcomers. But don’t worry, it will begin to make sense in time. The best advice I can give for the long term is to look it up in the handbook and create it yourself, it’s valuable experience. However, it’s far from necessary. The easiest thing to do is copy the ID line of another member of your squad(ron), and change only what you need to. In most cases, that will be your callsign and your rank. And if you were unlucky enough to copy a person with awards, please make sure you take them out, or it could get you in a hell of a lot of trouble. Awards are normally bracketed.

And now, aside from your squad, what else can you do in the VE? Well there’s the pay per click directory. Filled with lots of buttons to press, which magically spew out money! Well worth a try.

For the gambler, there is the stock market! Dont worry, you only gamble your (sometimes) Hard earned Imperial Credits, not your real money. All of these links can be found on the Vast Empire homepage.

What next? The world my son (or Daughter)

Kanderin Draken
VE Journalist

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