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A Rising Star….Dust: New Band Rising in Popularity

September 17th, 2007 | Category: News

Star Dust: A New Hope For Music Everywhere

Reported by journalist: Rike Malen

A new band has been signed by Big Blob records called Star Dust. They are a Bith and Twi’lek band which were discovered on Tatooine. They were signed two cycles ago after performing a stellar performance at a cantina in Mos Eisley. The band has been playing the cantina for 2 years and never thought they would ever get past that stage and were okay with it. The band was really surprised when Jimmiea, a hut music producer, gave them a two year tour and 5 holodisc contract.

The bands members are the following:


Gunn-Hafia- Flute
Helvene Gregga- Drums
Ullta Yatlspeck- Key board


Gweni Hellva- Dancer
Talia Ju- Dancer
Jakcle Runs- Singer

They are now heading for Coruscant where they will finalize their contract and receive their first pay check.They will beproduce their first cd and then go on tour while working on their second. The band had, had some conflict over the contract but hopefully that will be worked out soon. The first tour will be traveling to the following places:

1. Coruscant
2. Tatooine
3. Nar Shaddaa
4. Dantooine

5. Agamar
6. Kamino
7. Rhen Var

And finally

8. Elrood

They are well liked for their uncommon low pitched and louder music. They use a lot of low notes and fast beat to send a feeling of a rush into their audience, a feeling that is not much expressed in music but is much missed by some. Their lyrics are focused on the problems of everyday life and how hard it is to get a foot hold in life. The lyrics are well like because most can sympathize with them, or so the experts say. Also the two dancers, Gweni and Talia, are considered by most to be fantastic and sexy. So over all they are a great band and throw great shows that go on and on. They have been called for 5 encores at one showing at the Mos Eisley Cantina.

There is a rumor going around that dancer Gweni Hellva and the Singer Jakcle Runs are in a dating relationship but as yet it is just a rumor. Last night Gweni was spotted leaving Jackle’s apartment at midnight, leading to conclusions and questions of what they were up two in there. When asked about this in an interview today Jakcle had this to say, “No no I won’t say whether or not we are dating. I leave it at a rumor for now, and see what happens”, leaving many questions as two why he would not confirm this, and many believe it is because Jakcle wants to go public but Gweni doesn’t. This reporter though has gone beyond conclusion and into trash cans…. I mean undercover work and found that they are in fact dating not dating as of yet and our just “good friends”. After being thrown…. I mean escorted out I interview Gweni privately where she has said that she is considering dating Jakcle but fears it might interfere with the band so they have decided to wait.

So I have informed you on many things about this new band, about their deal and discovery, about their concert info, about the band members, and finally about the romantic fling going on behind scenes. For more information for check in check with my articles and to ticket information and sales will be up soon and I will note in a later article where to get those.

Once again this is Rike Malen reporting for Vast Empire Today, look out for my next article where we will find out the results of the battle of gangs in Nar Shaddaa, if in time it is over.

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