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News on the March!!!

September 16th, 2007 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing

Life on the front lines isn’t easy, as any of our brave boys will tell you! But our fine soldiers and flyboys keep going strong, through all thrown their way. And now, with the largest battle of many of their lives looming over them, it seems that the Stormtrooper Corps and the Imperial Navy are about to get the test of their career. The Phase II Joint Mission is set to be a great trial for our armed forces, but they shall no doubt, come through victorious. Throughout this battle I shall be giving you, dear readers, direct coverage from the frontline, including squad by squad/squadron by squad/squadron reports, the overall success rate of each division and of the VE as a whole. So,without further ado, here is installment number one of “News on the March!”


Dark Dragoons

Yes these brave boys were one of the first to fight, their objective being an MC-90 in the New Republic shipyard. Led by squad commander Yillis, they have bravely battled their way to their target, with only one casualty, Sergeant First Class Zafo, who has been recuperating well.Now awiting further orders, this squad seems to have done admirably well.


Wraith squads target was a shipload of alchoholic beverages intended for Republic consumption. But no drink for the enemy today, no sir! Wraith squad has appeared to have boarded the ship and it is, although somewhat shakily, making its way towards the enemy fromation.


Raiders squad is a multi-enviroment squad, meaning that they often operate under zero-gravity conditions. Today was no exception as they swooped down upon the Golan II fire platform,exploiting a gap in the Republic shields that shall no doubt pove to be their un-doing!Reports from this section of the battle field are sketchy at best, although it is known that Raiders are close to their objective, which is to take the bridge and disable defensive systems. We’ll keep you updated folks!



As an elite squadron, Kaph has a lot of pressure on it to be the best, but, according to predictions, this squadron shall not dissapoint. As I write this, pilots from Kaph are taking off from the SD Rishi, and are heading to battle.


Nazgul squadron is currently undergoing flight simulation training, readying themselves for the battle ahead. No doubt that they’ve got an ace up their sleeve.

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