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Is this the end for Yillis?

September 21st, 2007 | Category: News

Unless you have been living down a burrow for the past few days, you will have undoubtedly become aware of the new scandal that has swept over the VE like a wave sweeps over a shore. In a shock decision yesterday, Gunnery Sergeant Yillis, who has been a member of the VE Army sice March 2005, resigned from service as leader of Dark Dragoons, a squad he has led for just over a month. His resignation is apparently down to his own personal dissatisfaction with the High Command. Now, I know that you, our dear readers, are saying to yourselves,:

      “Its just a squad leader, no biggie.” And I would generally agree. However, there are a few factors that mark this out from an everyday resignation. For one, Yillis is, or was rather, a leader of a squad, and not only that, he has now left them up Phase II creek without any squad-leader paddles. Another thing that has become of this is that it has the Army on the edge of a schism like what happened earlier in the month in regards the Navy. In Yillis’ resignation letter he cites the sources of his anger as Grand General Fury, General Cosmic and Colonel Merrick, saying that they are “Too busy, too cold and ignorant,” respectively. In a return post, General Cosmic states:

    “Honestly, I don’t care if you don’t respect me, Yillis.As to why you don’t have that respect, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s my character, the fact that I’m a Christian, or the fact that I keep having to remind you that you can’t say “f**k” all the time in mIRC……I’ve worked my ass off in the VE for 7 years, so if you don’t have even just a little respect for anyone by that fact alone, then I would be most interested with how you define “respect”…….As far as the happenings in the Corps, we know exactly what’s going on. I’ve kept my own tabs, and I know you haven’t sent in any reports……And don’t you even start touching the topic about what you think Fury has or has not done……..”

Another attack on Yillis came from Brigadier General Rizzit, who had also been the butt of many of Yillis’ remarks.

    ” Now that I’ve actually had a day to recover from the SHOCK of you actually having the nerve to post this, I’d like to say something here. First off, while I agree with Fury you’re not totally wrong, I also need to say that you’re not totally right either. It’s been said here before, but while Fury is busy, he DOES chip in a lot around here………..Also, I think Cosmic is right: you really don’t have much (if any) respect for anyone. This post you made proves his point. I’ve also recieved in your time here a good number of logs with complaints about you.Normally, there’d at least be some logic in this move that it could at least be seen where you were coming from wether you were right/wrong but some others had no explanation whatsoever. These logs contains various insults which show a blatant disregaurd of respect for anyone or anything, and what’s worse: they weren’t in PM they were PUBLIC!!!!!”
       Vicious stuff. And, with the numbers of posts growing each day on both his leave post, and on his Resignation letter, Yillis’ resignation may prove to be the most famous, if not infamous of all resignations of recent times.

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