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Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyer for Sale?

September 11th, 2007 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing

One of the most deadly weapons of the galactic empire and its remnants, the Eclipse class super star destroyer, has been in use since Zero ABY. It was manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards, but mostly came into use Six years after the battle of Endor. The first of its class, the Eclipse, begun construction at the Kuat Drive Yards orbiting Kuat in Zero ABY. The majority of the ship, including the axial super laser and other weapons, was completed in Four ABY, the entire time crime lord Tyber Zahn had been watching and planning for the right moment. In Four ABY he took the moment by surprise and launched an assault onto the Kuat Drive Yards. He had coveted the Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyer Eclipse for four years now, and he wanted it. Though the axial super lasers were not as strong as the one that was on the death stars, the axial super laser could destroy a capital ship or rip through a planetary shield and leave the surface as a dead wasteland. Also this particular Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyed suffered from constant axial super laser breakdowns, which caused later models to lower the power of the axial super laser in an attempt to fix these breakdowns.

But Tyber Zahn overlooked these problems and attacked the Kuat Drive Yards during another assault, but the other assault was one by the Rebel Alliance. He managed to hijack it during the battle, and his original plan was to steal the ship and the valuable data onboard the databanks of the Eclipse. He then had control of the most powerful starship in the galaxy and used it against the forces of the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance during the battle. He destroyed much of the forces of the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance, and forced the Rebel Alliance to jump to hyperspace and retreat. Though the Galactic Empire did not retreat, instead they called in reinforcements to attempt to retake the Eclipse. The reinforcements were not able to do much before Tyber Zahn activated the axial super laser and fired onto the Imperial forces, and left the Consortium fleet to destroy the rest. While he had control he downloaded all the data out of the databanks and then left the Eclipse for the empire to recapture before leaving the system. He knew that the biggest and strongest starship in the galaxy was too big of a target for an underground organization to control.

The Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyer is one of the largest capital ships ever built. It boasts a massive sixteen thousand meters in length. It has five hundred fifty Turbo laser batteries, and five hundred heavy laser cannons, and that’s only the laser based weapons. It also has two hundred fifty concussion missile launchers and seventy five ion cannon turrets. But sometimes destroying the enemy is not the objective, which is why it has weapons on it to destroy you, but also ones to stop you. It also has the features that allow it to make rapid hyperspace jumps at a moments notice. It has a Class Two Hyper drive system, along with a Backup Class Six Drive. Even outside of hyperspace it has the speed to dominate a battlefield in space. It can cruise at a maximum of Sixty One MGLT, this allows it to fill the role of a High Speed Battleship along with it’s many other roles.

It can also be used as a mobile command center for the empire. It can hole massive amounts of ships, vehicles, and troops. It has the capability to hold Six Hundred TIE Interceptors and Ninety Six TIE Bombers, and still have docking ability for Lambda T-4a Class Shuttle Craft and similar craft. It also can carry a ground force that could take control of any planet in its path. With One Hundred Fifty Thousand Ground Soldiers along with One Hundred All Terrain Armored Transports (AT-AT). It also carries five prefabricated garrison bases, for establishing a foothold on a planet and giving a base for the troops. Also with its Six hundred Thousand metric ton cargo capacity and ten year consumables, this ship has the ability to wonder the space watching, waiting; waiting for the order to strike, where it will jump out and dominate all in its path. It can operate on a skeleton crew, with only Eighty Eight Thousand Five Hundred Crew Members, and still pummel a Mon-Calamari Cruiser to oblivion.

Its strong might and sleek design makes it a frightful sight when it jumps out of hyperspace into your local system. Once you saw it though, there was no chance of escaping; The Eclipse class was fitted with Ten Gravity Well generators along with seventy five ion cannons. It could impede your hyperspace jump capability of stop you dead in space. Its One hundred tractor beams can then either pull you into the hanger bays for inspection, or boarding, or tear you apart by pulling all over until your ship bursts. This makes it one of the most powerful, fast, and also one of the largest star craft in the galaxy today.

You may be asking yourself, why this information matters at all. The reason may shock, scare, and surprise you. The Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyer was recently located on the Holo Net, listed for sale. It was discovered by Imperial Holo Net Security Forces that there was a Holo Net auction for an Eclipse Class Star Destroyer, with a starting bid at Ten Billion Imperial Credits. Through tactics, which they would not disclose for security reasons, they were able to trace the auction to a Housing Station orbiting Abrae. Recently released information states that the man who was running the auction, a former Imperial Naval Officer, was attempting to make the money to pay off a variety of transactions, bounties, and loans. He is currently in transit to an undisclosed Imperial Prison Colony, listed, where he awaits an Imperial Court Hearing to determine what exactly he will be sentenced for, though it is expected that he will receive no less than life imprisonment on an imperial penal colony. The auction was taken off the Holo net, and currently all credits put into the auction by potential buyers are being used as evidence in the case. After the hearing the credits will be returned to they buyers, unless it is determined that there was a malicious intent of gaining this craft. The Imperial Holo Net Security Forces had this to say,

“Recently our investigative squads located a fraudulent auction on the Holo net auction channels. It was found that an Eclipse Class Star Destroyer was listed for sale at a massive amount of imperial credits for the starting bid. This action was taken down by our forces, and the auction posted was arrested, he currently awaits a hearing. There we will determine his imprisonment location and time. We currently have no more details for the media, except that any credits that were placed on this auction are being used as evidence and will be returned after the hearing unless it is found that the buyer had malicious intent.”

It is currently unknown when the hearing will begin, nor is it known who exactly bid on the Eclipse Class. But it can be speculated that any bidders will most likely be contacted by imperial security forces soon. The Imperial Holo Net Security Forces also urge citizens to report any outrageous or impossible auctions, similar to this one, to them immediately. They also urge you not to bid on the fraudulent auctions no matter how tempting they are. They also assured citizens that they will release more details as time passes, and that they have nothing to worry about. Details about Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyers can be found at the Holo Net Link Below.

Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyer on the ICS

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